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04 April 2010

One-house Villages in Indian Desert:

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A Typical Desert House in Rajasthan...

One-house Villages in Rajasthan (India) Desert:

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We recently went on a trip to Rajasthan desert near Pokaran, somewhere between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. I kept interacting with the owner of the camel on whom we had a 45 minutes ride across the sand dunes.

I would like to share an answer that camel man gave to my question. I asked him as to where was his village. He enriched my knowledge by telling that there was no concept of village in deserts. Each family builds a house where-ever that gets a land (a plain area amongst the send dunes) and becomes the owner of the same.

I hope this is something strange concept and the way of living in desert. I always thought that humans were social animals.


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