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29 January 2013

Delhi Gang Rape: The Entity of ‘Minor’ and ‘Juvenile’ Should Be Defined Differently

© Harish Jharia

The Juvenile Justice Board has declared the sixth rogue rapist as a juvenile / minor. Eventually, the rapist who took active part in the gang rape and attempt to murder of a 23-year-old physiotherapy student in Delhi will be tried as a juvenile. As a result of this verdict the hardcore pervert rapist who brutally mutilated the victim’s body during the gang rape and actively participated in attempt to murder would face a maximum of three years sentence in prison if at all convicted.

The shocked victim's father said when he watched the television news "A sudden current ran through my body in disbelief. I can't believe this," he told reporters... "How can they declare him a minor? Do they not see what they did?"

It is reported that the Juvenile Justice Board has reached to this conclusion after checking the date of birth of the rapist in his 10th class certificate. They also called the current and the erstwhile Principals of the school, where the rapist studied, and asked about the genuineness of the date of birth and the 10th class certificate. 

The following points come to our mind on watching the procedure followed by the Juvenile Justice Board to conform / counter check the genuinely of the date of birth in 10th class certificate:
  1. If the 10th class certificate was the legal testimony for date of birth; then, what was the necessity and justification of calling the current and the erstwhile Principals of the rapist’s school?
  2. The 10th class certificate is issued by the Board of Secondary Education in the State capital. Therefore, the school Principal’s statements do not carry any validity.
  3. If any school authorities were to be consulted; then, that should have been the school where the rapist was first admitted in class one. 
  4. In addition, the hospital should have been consulted, where the rapist was born. 
  5. If the rapist was born at his home in any village, then, the village watchman / Patwari should have been called to conform the correct date of birth along with their books. 
The following points come to our mind on observing the success progress of this case regarding involvement of a minor / juvenile in a gang murder: 
  1. Why at all a minor should be considered a juvenile?
  2. Why not the entity of a ‘minor’ and a ‘juvenile’ should be differently defined?
  3. A minor should have adequate protection in his civic life and for that he / she could be qualified as a ‘minor’ up to the age of 18 years.
  4. The minors who have become threat to the society because of their heinous crimes, perverted sex assaults , rapes, gang rapes, murders etc cannot be considered ‘minors’.
  5. Humans who reach their puberty at the age of 12 cannot be considered children for another 6 years after their puberty. 
In view of the above there should be an amendment in the constitution for defining two categories of teenagers as follows:
  1. Juvenile / Child: A new category of children that is ‘Juvenile / Child’ should be defined for providing protection and specifying rights for them. The specified age of ‘Juvenile / Child’ should be up to 15 years.
  2. Minor: The existing category of minor should not enjoy the rights and protection provided for the ‘Juvenile / Child’. The minors should be in the age group between 16 years to 18 years. 
  3. The rights and protection for ‘Minor’ and ‘Juvenile / Child’ should be freshly drafted by a committee consisting of jurists, criminologists, psychologists, sociologists and doctors (Physiology, Anatomy). 
  4. The recommendations of this committee would go through the established official procedure in order to make required amendment in the constitution or / and in criminal law.  

27 January 2013

Home remedies: What is the treatment for hiccup हिचकी...?

© Harish Jharia 

Hiccup is a sudden, involuntary contraction (spasm) of the muscles of diaphragm (throat). The sound of hiccup is produced by the contractions of muscles and snap-shutting of vocal cords. Hiccups are usually temporary and minor exasperations. But prolonged hiccups might be indications of some medical problem. 

Treatment: The problem of hiccups is usually resolved all by itself after a short period of time. Medical treatment is only required if hiccups last more than three hours or more.

Grandma’s home remedy  Hiccups can be treated simply with a pinch of black salt (काला नमक) dropped on the tongue and letting it dissolve all by itself. In absence of black salt a teaspoonful of sugar would also help. 
हिचकी से छुटकारा पाने के लिए एक चुटकी काला नमक जीभ पर रखें और अपने-आप मुंह में घुलने दें. हिचकी बंद हो जाएगी. 


Black salt (काला नमक): It is a salty and pungent-smelling mineral salt used in South Asia in foods and traditional medicines. Black salt is composed of sodium chloride with several impurities like Sulfur that give color and smell to it. The raw black salt is obtained from mines in Northern India and Pakistan in certain locations of the Himalayas salt-ranges. They are also harvested from the salt-lakes of Sambhar and Didwana in Rajasthan, India. 


Editor’s Page: Comments Of Anonymous Visitors to Discover Life Site Are Filtered to ‘Spam Folder’ By Security Software

Dear Visitors,

Yesterday morning I was just updating my site ‘Discover Life’; doing some editing, corrections and removing digital trash as a regular exercise. I also checked the comments section in the dash board just to see whether any comments have been held back by the security software of the site. 

To my surprise I found that there were approximately 300 odd comments of anonymous visitors, out of the total 616, docked in the ‘Spam’ folder. On scrutinizing the blocked comments, I found that all those comments were genuine messages left by the visitors and not spams.

Now I have removed 'Spam' tags from all the blocked comments and started replying each comment one by one. I am working overtime for acknowledging and replying messages posted by all the 300 odd anonymous visitors to 'Discover Life' Site. 

I would like to express my regrets for not regularly checking the ‘Spam’ folder in the ‘Comments’ section, as a result of which the valuable comments of the visitors were blocked on ‘Discover Life’ Site. 

I request all my visitors to keep visiting ‘Discover Life’ site, more frequently and leave comments… as many as possible. 

I assure the visitors that their comments will not be blocked any more.

Thanks indeed.

Harish Jharia
Discover Life
27 January 2013


25 January 2013

Happy Republic Day 26 January 2013: Annual Resolution for Indian Government

Happy republic day 26th January 2013

On behalf of Discover Life Site and my own behalf, I wish all the, visitors to this site, the citizens of the Indian republic and the Indians living elsewhere in the world a very happy Republic Day.
My God bless our country with all the prosperity, peace and brotherhood and induce the spirit of patriotism in the people of India
Jai Hind… Jai Bharat… Jai Prajatantra (Democracy)…

Harish Jharia
For Discover Life, New Delhi, India
26 January 2013



There is a common general belief that we should have annual resolutions for ourselves in order to correct our mistakes, improve upon our shortcoming and set goals for our future progress. 

We already had multiple resolutions for ourselves… now let us think about resolutions for the Indian Government. 

Let us jot-down some potential resolutions for the Indian government, politicians who run the government and for those who are aspiring for forming a government.

How would be the following resolutions?
  1. Let Indian government adopt a dedicated policy to deal with terrorism aggressively. 
  2. Let Indian government do away with the provision of mercy petitions of murders and rapists recommended to the President of India. 
  3. Let Indian government blacklist criminal politicians form contesting any election for life. 
  4. Let Indian government adopt a dedicated policy to deal with corruption in governance aggressively. 
  5. Let Prime Minister of India be elected by both the houses of parliament, Legislative Assemblies, Panchayats and Gram Sabhas; rather than nominated by political parties. 
  6. Let the Chief Ministers of states be elected by respective Legislative Assemblies, Panchayats and Gram Sabhas; rather than nominated by political parties.
  7. Let Indian government do away with weak, insensitive and easygoing governance activities. 
  8. Let Indian government adopt a strict policy of zero tolerance in law enforcement. 
  9. Let Indian government do away with the restrictions on jurisdiction of police stations for filing FIRs in the states. 
  10. Let Indian government establish ‘Core Policing’ in State Police Departments on the lines of ‘Core Banking’ in banking sector, so that, criminal cases could be reported at any police station in that particular state. 
  11. Let the Indian government transfer Delhi Police Department to the administrative control of Chief Minister of Delhi State.
  12. Indian government should make it mandatory for politicians, who declare their assets in the tune of 5 crore to 250 crore and more, to publicly declare the details of the source of that income. 
  13. Indian government should remove all politicians from Cricket Associations, Sports Authorities and Athletic Bodies.  
  14. Sports sector should be looked after by sports professionals only. 

Global Terrorism: David Headley (Daood Gilani) a Pakistani American Sentenced To 35 Year Imprisonment by US Court

Tahawwur Rana and David Headley (Daood Gilani)

© Harish Jharia

Jan 24, 2013

The Pakistani American and Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist David Headley (Daood Gilani) was sentenced to 35 years in jail by a US court on Thursday. He has been sentenced for 35 year imprisonment for actively participating and guiding the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. Headley (Daood Gilani) has been ordered to serve 35 years in jail, followed by five years of supervised release.

David Headley (Daood Gilani) escaped the well-deserved death penalty because of his deal with the US government for sharing secret information about another terrorist and his childhood friend Tahawwur Rana. The US attorneys argued that while there is no question that Headley's criminal conduct was deplorable, his decision to cooperate with the legal process had provided significant support to the US government's efforts to combat global terrorism.

David Headley’s (Daood Gilani) testimony helped to grab his associate Tahawwur Rana who was recently sentenced with 14 year imprisonment for providing material support to overseas terrorism, including the Pakistani terrorists group of 10, whose 2008 attacks in Mumbai, left 160 plus people dead and devastate properties worth millions of dollars. 

In the late 2005, Headley received orders from three leaders of Lashkar-e-Taiba to travel India and conduct extensive and prolonged surveillance in order to plan and implement the proposed terror attacks at denoted Indian spots.  David Headley (Daood Gilani) did such exploration projects for five consecutive times eventually leading to the ghastly Mumbai terror attacks in 2008, killing 166 plus people, including six Americans and wounded hundreds.

Headley has confessed, during the hearing, that he had undergone numerous surveillance missions in India for his Pakistani bosses. His criminal activities included videographing various targets in India, including the iconic Taj hotel in Mumbai. These were the spots eventually attacked by the 10 Pakistani Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists. David Headley’s (Daood Gilani) also admitted that he had attended five different dedicated terror training camps in Pakistan, operated by Lashkar-e-Taiba, between 2002 and 2005.   

"Headley is a terrorist" the Judge pronounced while imposing the sentence on 12 different criminal counts in a packed court room. The judge also stressed on the fact that "He commits crime, cooperates and then gets rewarded for the cooperation”.

24 January 2013

Justice Verma Panel Recommends Many Tougher Penalties for Sex Crimes in India: A Review

© Harish Jharia 

Justice Verma Committee’s recommendations about Comprehensive changes in criminal laws as published in the press:

New offences have been specified and stiffer punishments have been suggested for rapists who rape and render the victim to a vegetative state. These crimes include disrobing a woman स्त्री को नग्न करना, voyeurism छिप कर देखना, stalking पीछा करना and trafficking नारी तस्करी. Sexual misconduct also includes intentional touching, spoken words and gestures made as sexual advances. The present law provides for punishment to rapists’ imprisonment ranging from seven years to life in jail. For the first time, the minimum punishment as recommended by the committee is raised to 20 years in some cases. 
Our comment: The recommendation is welcome.

The demand for reducing the age bar for juvenile offenders has not found favor with the Justice J S Verma panel, which has cited the Convention on Rights of Child that disagrees with capital punishment or life sentence for those below 18 years, as well as the "neurological state of the adolescent brain" to support its view. "We are of the view that the material before us is sufficient to reach the conclusion that the age of juveniles ought not to be reduced to 16 years.
"Our comment: We do not agree with the recommendation. Men and women of 17 years cannot be called ‘children’ because, biologically, they attain puberty around 12 to 13 years. Eventually, they become capable of sexual reproduction at around 17 years of age. Therefore, the men and women of 17 years of age do not deserve protection specified for children, because they themselves are capable of reproducing children. There are millions of 17 year old parents in the world having children reproduced by them. 

"Neurological state of the adolescent brain" is a vague argument and needs fresh and thorough study by physiologists and medical scientists. The committee also negotiated various areas, seeking disqualification of MPs and MLAs charged with heinous crimes like rape. They also suggested measures to check Khap Panchayats and trial security forces personnel under general criminal laws rather than trying them under Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA).
Our comment: The recommendation is welcome.

Addressing a press conference, Justice Verma came down heavily on Union home secretary RK Singh for appreciating the role of  Delhi Police commissioner after the Delhi gang rape, instead of coming out with an apology. The committee also condemned Delhi Police for the lathicharge on young demonstrators in the capital after the heinous crime, which it said had scarred the image of Indian democracy.
Our comment: The recommendation is welcome.

Releasing the report, Justice Verma told a news conference that the committee has not suggested death penalty for rapist because there was overwhelming suggestions from the women organizations against it. The committee did not recommend death penalty for rape because it was a "regressive step" and it "may not have a deterrent effect"."We have not recommended death penalty as we had overwhelming suggestions against it. The women groups unanimously were against death penalty and that is why we thought that is a strong reason to respect that view particularly in view of the modern trend also," Justice Verma said.
Our comment: We do not agree with the recommendation. The suggestions from women organizations and human rights activists appear to be biased and prejudiced with the age-old cultural intolerance and humanitarian diktats. There should have been strong recommendations from Verma committee for death sentence in case of rape followed by the death / murder of the victim. 

The committee recommended various amendments to various laws and enhancement of punishments to the offenders. Nevertheless, it is concluded that the existing laws, if faithfully and effectively implemented by trustworthy law enforcement agencies, would be adequate to protect the well-being and dignity of people particularly the modesty of women.The committee also said speedy justice was necessary for right to life with dignity and recommended that systemic changes would reduce the burden of pending cases in courts. The vacancies of judges should be filled by new recruitment or by ad-hock appointments. In addition to that, new vacancies of judges should be created, in order to increase number of courts for hearing pending cases. 
Our comment: The recommendation is welcome.

Taking note of the brutality committed in the Delhi gang-rape incident, the committee suggested replacement of Section 375 defining rape by defining specific unnatural acts.
Our comment: No comment offered, as the recommendation is not understood in absence of details. 

Deliberate touching the body of women will constitute the offence of sexual assault for which punishment will be a maximum of five years rigorous imprisonment or fine or both. 
Our comment: The recommendation is welcome.

Use of words, gestures against women, which create unwelcome threats of sexual nature or advances, would invite a maximum punishment of one year imprisonment or fine or both. Our comment: The recommendation is welcome. Causing grievous hurt through throwing acid on women shall also be punished with rigorous imprisonment for not less than 10 years but could go up-to life.Our comment: The recommendation is welcome.
The following points appear to be missing in the recommendations published in the press?

What specific punishments are recommended for the rapists who sexually molest innocent children and mentally retarded girls and women who do not know as to what all goes on with them during molestation? Recommendation about this aspect has not been published in the press.

What punishments are recommended for sexual molestation of small boys and mentally retarded male victims? Recommendation about this aspect has not been published in the press.
Click Here for the original full Report:
Justice Verma’s report on recommendations for amendments to criminal law against sexual molestation of women

21 January 2013

Indian Home Minister Shinde downplays terrorist infiltration across LOC and alleges RSS, BJP camps promoting 'Hindu terror'

© Harish Jharia

Indian Congress Party has recently organized a grand political convention called Chintan Shivir चिंतन शिविर in Jaipur, Rajasthan state of India. The meaning of ‘Chintan Shivir’ is ‘meditation camp’.  As such, it was expected that hundreds of politicians of the main ruling party- Congress had converged from all around India for serious introspection and contemplation of achievements and failure of the party.  They were expected to analyze their shortcomings in the past, discover remedies for failures and eventually evolve effective policies in order to achieve success in the time to come.  

Nevertheless, Congress’s Chintan Shivir emerged to be more speculative when Rahul Gandhi was declared the Congress Vice President, elevating him to the second most powerful office-bearer post in the political alliance of ruling parties.  Rahul Gandhi’s appointment as the second-in-command in Congress is being observed by political pundits as passport to the highest seat of Indian Prime Minster.  

The latest speculative salvo lobbed by the Indian Home Minister is of course a bit hastier and quite irresponsible. The Union (Federal) Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde went to the extent of arbitrary allegations of escalating Hindu terrorism in the camps run by the main opposition party BJP and the nationalist organization RSS. His controversial statement goes as follows:

"They (BJP) are talking about infiltration (of terrorists from Pakistan across the LOC) but we have this report that whether it is BJP or RSS, their training camps are promoting Hindu terrorism," Shinde said at the Congress meeting (Chintan Shivir) in Jaipur.

"We (Indian government) are keeping a strict eye on it (BJP and RSS training camps). The Samjhauta Express blast, Mecca Masjid (blast), Malegaon blast — they are planting bombs and blaming minorities for it. We need to be careful for safety of our country," the minister added.

This is for the first time that an Indian Home Minister publicly linked terrorism to Hindu religion, whereas the government deliberately avoided using the globally established terms ‘Islamic terrorism’. Shinde directly linked BJP and RSS with groups like Abhinav Bharat, which has been charged with allegations of terrorist activities in Malegaon and Samjhauta Express blasts. 

These statements have come right from the Indian Home Minister in the backdrop of the recent cross-border gunfire by Pakistan Army, violation of ceasefire by the Pakistani Rangers, their intrusion into the Indian Territory,  killing Indian soldiers by attacking from their back, mutilating a body and carrying back the head of another Indian soldier.

Reactions on Shinde’s anti BJP, RSS comments:
  1. Hafiz Saeed seeks to exploit Shinde's 'Hindu terror' remarks, BJP launches all-out attack
  2. RSS: Shinde's Hindu terror remark has made him darling of LeT, JuD 
  3. Sack Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde for insulting terror remarks, says BJP 

17 January 2013

Pakistan creats warlike situation on Indian borders LOC: Diverting attention of people from political turmoil and domestic terrorism

 Tahir ul Qadri leading a 'Million Man March' 

© Harish Jharia

Pakistan always used a shortcut to divert attention of Pakistani people by infiltrating terrorists in Indian Territory under the shadow of cross border firing by their troops. The 26/11 Mumbai terror attack in 2008, followed by 13/7 serial bomb blasts in 2011 were still fresh in our minds when Pakistan did another heinous international cowardice crime by letting loose their rangers for invading Indian territory and killing two Indian soldiers by attacking at them from back. 

The Pakistani rangers could not dare attack at Indian warriors from front and instead, they backstabbed and beheaded one of them, mutilated his body and carried back his head to Pakistan. 

Pakistan’s cowardice melodrama was obviously a dedicated act of provocation that was designed to infuriate the people of India, the Indian government and the Indian Armed Forces. Pakistan eventually succeeded in their evil plans in inflicting injuries to the self-respect of the Indian republic. 

As a reaction to that, the Indian people ventured out on roads appealing to the Indian government and the Armed Forces for retaliating the cowardice and barbaric international crime committed by Pakistan. 

Pakistan added fuel to the fire by continuing intermittent firing across the LOC and lobbing mortar shells at fixed intervals. Pakistan’s foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar, the only active and vocal office-bearer in their government kept issuing irrelevant and contradictory statements for shifting attention of the people from LOC to the UNO. 

Hina Rabbani Khar advised the Indian government to knock at the doors of UNO rather than ordering her own armed forces to stop violating Indo-Pakistan ceasefire regime. Pakistan’s provocative tactics and plans of diverting attention of people were exposed when Pakistan Supreme Court ordered arrest of the Prime Minister Raja Parvez Ashraf in a historic judgment. 

Hina Rabbani Khar in her yet another contradictory statement proposed to have bilateral talks between the Foreign Ministers of India and Pakistan. She again avoided advising the Pakistan Army to stop cross border gunfire. 

Nevertheless, the Directors General (Military Operations) DGMOs of India and Pakistan have talked on hotline for defusing the cross-border explosive situation on LOC. Hina Rabbani Khar’s proposal for foreign minister’s talks and the hotline talks between the DGMOS of both the countries clearly exposes the communication breakdown between the Pakistan Government and their Armed Forces. 

Shortly, it was revealed to the world that Pakistan was, in fact, passing through diverse political turmoil, few examples of which are as follows: 
  1. Pakistan Supreme Court ordered the arrest of Prime Minister Raja Parvez Ashraf and 16 others, in connection with corruption cases linked to power projects and television channels. The Supreme Court’s judgment has plunged the country in a fresh political turmoil.
  2. A religious leader Tahir ul Qadri has lead a 'Million Man March' against terrorism and corruption prevailing in Pakistan, completely paralyzing the Pakistani capital.  His bold pronouncement has projected Qadri in the global headlines. His emergence eventually led to an invitation for addressing the World Economic Forum and the United States Institute for Peace.
  3. On January 10, nearly 130 people were killed and as many others injured in a wave of bombings by terrorists targeting Shia Muslims, and Pakistani security guards. The outlawed terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, who call ‘Shias’ non-Muslim, have claimed responsibility for these attacks. 
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15 January 2013

Addicted Rapist-Killer Rapes and Kills another 9 Year Girl In Shirdi After Having Released From Jail

 © Harish Jharia 

Sunil alias Pappu Suresh Salve, 32 kidnapped a 9 year old girl on December 28 2012. He raped and killed the girl near Sainagar railway station in Shirdi and subsequently buried her body in earth. The police unearthed the girl's body after his arrest on 4 January 2013 for conducting postmortem and and initiating criminal case against Salve. 

The 32-year-old rapist and killer was acquitted last year by a higher court from charges of rape and murder of a nine-year-old girl at Sinnar in Nashik district in 2003. He was again arrested on Friday for committing a similar crime.  The rapist and killer, Sunil alias Pappu Suresh Salve, was arrested in 2002 for committing three more similar crimes. 

In the 2003 Sinnar case, Salve, who is from Nashik, was awarded death sentence by Nashik district court. Nevertheless , he was subsequently acquitted of his alleged crimes by a higher court. After completing his sentence in earlier cases he was released from Nashik central jail on May 28, 2012 after which he committed the latest similar crime.

After the gruesome gang rape and heinous massacre of a 23 year girl in Delhi, many rape and murder cases are coming to light every day. It appears as if Indian cities, town and villages are apparently unsafe for girls and women.  The most shameful aspect of this scenario is that little girls in the age group between 3 years to 13 years are most affected.

The following points come to our mind on giving serious thinking to this inhuman, cruel and barbaric attitude of us Indians towards our children:
  1. A 30 year married man, who lives in the holy city of Shirdi, selling religious pictures in the shrine, cannot be trusted against child abuses, rapes and murders of small girls.  
  2. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena MNS’s allegation that immigrants from northern states like Bihar are indulged in such sex-crimes is absolutely wrong, because, Sunil alias Pappu Suresh Salve is initially a native of Maharashtra. 
  3. Such sex crimes are more likely to be committed by natives of the particular place. 
  4. Migrants from other villages, towns, cities, metros or states cannot dare to commit such sex crimes in strange places.  
  5. Usually joint-family members, relatives, family-friends and neighbors are more likely to commit such sex crimes. 
  6. 3 to 13 year girls are the main victims of the rapists cum killers because these girls are soft targets that are easily accessible.
  7. Small girls obviously do not know anything about whatever is done to them by the rapist until they feel hurt and pained physically.
  8. Small girls can be easily lured by offering eatables or with emotional blackmail. 
The following precautionary measure may be taken to avoid cases of child-abuse and such sex-crimes against small children: 
  1. Keep your children in front of your eyes as long as possible.
  2. Do not let any outsider develop proximity with your children especially girls.
  3. Never leave your children unattended or alone in your house or out there on the streets.
  4. Instruct your children not to let anybody touch their body. 
  5. Children should know that the most forbidden portion of their bodies is between their knees and shoulders. 
  6. The children should shout in their highest pitch if someone attempts to touch or fiddle with the above forbidden portion of their bodies.
  7. Children should never hide anything abnormal, happened in their day-to-day lives from their parents,.
  8. Children should not develop friendship with anybody older than them in age or built.   
  9. Children should inform their parents immediately if someone starts taking extra interest in them. 
  10. Parents should never leave their children under the care of servants, neighbors, relatives or babysitters. 
  11. Parents should be careful in selecting dresses for their small girls. 
  12. Children should not wear dresses designed like film stars, models and stage performers. 
  13. Women activists should not make hue-and-cry if social thinkers advise girls to dress up in decent outfits. 
  14. Women activists should stop unilateral onslaughts against men and society and at the same time rubbishing every single reformatory advice suggested for girls and women.  
  15. We will have to bring overall reformatory changes in civic life and governance with an open mine and without any bias and prejudice in order to stop child-abuse, rapes and killings of girls. 

14 January 2013

Crazy Ideas: Makar Sankranti Is Based On Global Scientific Astrology And Not Merely A Hindu Festival …

© Harish Jharia 

Makar Sankranti is also called 'Uttaraayan' उत्तरायण in Gujraat, India; because, 14th January is the day after which the path of Sun shifts from southern sky to Northern sky that is from Dakshinaayan दक्षिणायन to Uttaraayan उत्तरायण... 

मकर संक्रांति ही एकमात्र ऐसा हिंदू त्यौहार है जो हमेशा १४ जनवरी को ही पड़ता है...
हिन्दू त्यौहार हिन्दू कैलेण्डर पर आधारित होते हैं जो चंद्रमा द्वारा पृथ्वी की परिक्रमा के आधार पर बनाए जाते हैं. जबकि, अंग्रेजी कलैंडर, आकाश में सूर्य की निरंतर बदलती हुई स्तिथि पर आधारित होता है... इसलिए बाक़ी सभी त्योहारों की तारीखें हर साल बदलती रहती हैं, सिवाय मकर संक्रांति के...

Makar Sankranti is apparently the only Hindu festival that always falls on the same day every year on 14th January. Hindu festivals are basically calculated according to Indian Panchangas (पंचांग) that are based on Indian lunar calendar. On the other hand the internationally followed Christian calendar is based on western solar astrology. As a result of the difference between the movements of Earth and Moon vis-à-vis the ceaseless changing position of Sun in the sky, the Hindu festivals never fall on the same day of the Christian calendar, every year, with an exception of ‘Makar Sankranti’.

Read More on Makar Sankranti: 
Why Makar Sankranti (Hindu Solstice) always falls on 14th January: Solar and lunar calendars followed in western and eastern astrology respectively: 


10 January 2013

Pakistan troops attack Indian army’s patrol party, kill two soldiers and mutilate a dead body: Pro Pakistan Indian lobby keeps extending hands for friendship

© Harish Jharia

There has been a constant escalation in violation of ceasefire by Pakistan across the LOC line of control in the recent past. Pakistani troops fired mortar shells towards Indian army posts on 6th January 2013. Many of the shells landed across the LOC, close to the civilian habitation. 

Pakistani troops continued their provocative tactics by escalating the degree of hatred and brutality by intruding across the LOC in the Indian territory, opening gunfire at an Indian patrol party killing two of Indian soldiers and seriously injuring a third one. They then mutilated one of the dead bodies.  

This attack of Pakistani troops was a cowardice act. Nevertheless, it is hard to understand as to why not the Indian government ordered their own troops to chase the infiltrators up to their own posts and take suitable and appropriate retaliatory military action?  

Indian ministers and officials should take effective and appropriate action immediately, rather than warning the enemies “not to repeat the same in future”. This is an escapist way of operating armed forces and the Ministry of Defense. 

Armed forces have their own systems of operation. They should be given freedom to take ‘on-the-spot’ decisions and retaliate against aggressions and attacks by the neighboring country, spontaneously. The Ministries of Defense and External Affairs should support the actions of Armed forces on domestic, bilateral and international levels. 

Pro Pakistan lobby in India has left no stone unturned in the pursuit of calling Pakistani singers, actors, cricketers, intellectuals and NGOs etc  to India, unilaterally in the name of peace and friendship. On the other hand the Pakistanis never returned the Indian gesture in similar spirit.  

India has emerged as an insensitive soft state forgetting repeated attacks by Pakistan army; intrusion, blasts and mass killings by terrorists trained in Pakistani camps and ignoring the safe heaven provided by Pakistan to fugitive underworld dons. 

Following are very few of the hundreds of Indo-Pak conflicts initiated by Pakistan army; Pakistan sponsored insurgents and or Pakistani terrorists:  
  1. The 2008 Mumbai terror attacks consisted of twelve coordinated gun shootings and bomb attacks across Mumbai, by Pakistani terrorists, who were trained in Pakistan and came all the way from Pakistan via Arabian Sea. The terrorists killed 164 Indians citizens, wounded 164 innocent people and devastated properties worth millions of Dollars. It has also been revealed that Pakistan Army provided technological and logistic support to these terrorists in planning and executing the barbaric killings and devastation of properties for many days.
  2. The 2001 Indian Parliament attack was a historic attack by Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists from Pakistan, on the Parliament House in New Delhi, on 13 December 2001. This terrorist attack has been recorded in Indian history books in black letters as it was a clear war waged against the Indian republic. 
  3. The Kargil War was an armed conflict between India and Pakistan that took place between May to July 1999 in the Kargil district of Kashmir and elsewhere along the Line of Control (LOC). Pakistani soldiers between 26,000 and 33,000 crossed the Line of Control dressed as Kashmiri locals on August 5, 1965. The Indian army suffered 3,000 battlefield deaths, while Pakistan suffered 3,800. The Indian army was in possession of 710 miles² (1,800 km²) of Pakistani territory and the Pakistan army held 210 mile² (550 km²) of Indian Territory. 
  4. The Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 was a result of skirmishes between Pakistan and India that took place between April to September 1965.  This conflict, known as the Second Kashmir War was fought between India and Pakistan over the disputed region of Kashmir. The first Kashmir war was fought in 1947. The war began following Pakistan's Operation Gibraltar, which was designed to infiltrate forces into Jammu and Kashmir to precipitate an insurgency against the rule by India. The five-week war caused thousands of casualties on both sides. It ended after an intervention of the United Nations UN into a ceasefire and the subsequent issuance of the Tashkent Declaration.
In a recent debate on a TV channel an ex Pakistani admiral lost his temper and reminded the channel host about the nuclear status of Pakistan. He ignored the fact that Pakistan has a borrowed nuclear capability against the much advanced self-reliant and stronger nuclear power developed by India. 

In spite of the unilateral animosity and hostility practiced by Pakistan, India continues to be a soft state and unresponsive to the aggressive treatment by the neighboring country.  In addition to the Indian government’s lackluster attitude, a pro Pakistan lobby in India is shouting slogans for maintaining peace and extending hands of friendship with Pakistan. TV reality shows are designed specifically for participation of Pakistani artists and film stars. Bollywood has also been crowded by Pakistani actors, music directors and singers; whereas, thousands of Indian aspirants are struggling in the Mumbai film industry for their first break.

Pakistani insurgents and terrorists are not a threat for India only; they are equally posing constant danger for the innocent Pakistani public. I happened to meet a Pakistani family on-board a flight from Europe to the US. They were originally hailing from Sindh Pakistan but settled in the US. They revealed a stunning fact that their 9 year old daughter had not yet visited their home in Sindh, Pakistan.  The reason they gave for the same was yet more shocking. They said that girls were not safe in their hometown and they did not take their daughter there, out of a fear of her probable abduction.


07 January 2013

Who are juveniles… Why do they enjoy immunity against sentences for heinous crimes, gang rapes and murders?

These children are juvenile (किशोर)... 
But the fully grown 16 to 18 year old are not juvenile (किशोर)...

Relevant contents of this article have been sent to the Justice Verma Commission, set up by the Indian government to recommend ways and means to combat rapes. I have submitted my suggestions to reduce the existing 18 year age specified for juveniles to a much lower age between 12 to 15 years and remove immunity to the fully grown men aged between 16 to 18 and eventually end rape impunity.

© Harish Jharia

‘Juvenile’ is the legal name for the individuals who are under 18 years of age. In other words minors are called juveniles in legal vocabulary.  Juveniles are also called minors, adolescents and किशोर in Hindi. That means an individual would be called juvenile until the last second of the midnight when he or she becomes 18 years of age.  

There are special provisions in the Indian constitution provided for protection of juveniles against any social or legal punishments awarded to them. ‘The juvenile justice (care and protection of children) act 2000’ empowers district administrations to constitute ‘Juvenile Justice Boards (JJBs)’. These boards have enormous powers even for reversing punishments awarded by courts. 

In the recent Delhi gang rape case on 16 December 2012 a 17 ½ years old minor boy played the main role of luring the victim and her male friend for boarding the doomed bus.  He is reported to have raped the girl and actively participated in all other barbaric acts including beating the couple brutally and pushing them out of the running bus; that eventually ended up in the death of the gang rape victim girl. 

In another brutal incident, a young man raped a six year girl-child, chopped her body into small pieces and threw the pieces of her body in two different toilets. The trial court awarded him death sentence for the immoral, inhuman and heinous crime. Nevertheless, he approached the Supreme Court who declared him a juvenile and set aside the conviction of death sentence. The case was then forwarded to the Juvenile Justice Board that is empowered to sentence the convict for a maximum detention of three years. 

The juvenile justice act was formulated for providing protection to children. Nevertheless, the definition of juvenile was stretched across all the teenaged minors up to the age of 17-18 years. The age of 17-18 years appears to be too much as far as it is related to the entity of ‘child’. How 17-18 year old men could be treated as children, who have already attained puberty long back and developed sexual reproductive capabilities. 

Boys and girls begin their puberty at the age of 12 approximately, when they develop male and female hormones in their body. Subsequently, they become matured and develop sexual reproductive systems in their bodies at the age of 15-16. Therefore, the childhood of boys and girls finishes at 12 and at 15-16 years of age they do not remain children any more. In fact, they become adolescent at this stage of their lives. 

In view of the above arguments, the 17-18 year old boys and girls considered as juvenile for enjoying children’s rights, appear to be unjustified. Therefore, an amendment to the constitution should be brought to disapprove the present definition of juvenile based on the age of the person    

The parameters of juvenile should be revises in the following manner:
  1. 18 year age of ‘minority’ should not be the parameter for juvenile. 
  2. One should be declared a juvenile based on the stage of his puberty he / she attains at a particular time.  
  3. One should not be considered a juvenile above the age of 15 in any case.
  4. One should be definitely considered a juvenile up to the age of 12.
  5. A suitable age between 12 and 15 could be specified as the maximum age for a juvenile.
  6. The Indian parliament may constitute a committee of experts for finalizing the specified maximum age of a juvenile. 
  7. Finally, a proper constitutional procedure may be followed for making amendments to the existing laws and the ‘The juvenile justice (care and protection of children) act 2000’

04 January 2013

Product Development-Two Piece Toothbrush: Let Us Design Toothbrush with Replaceable Bristle-Heads on Toothbrush Handle

The one-piece toothbrush now in vogue 

© Harish Jharia

The current design of tooth brushes is of an old outdated pattern that might be about half a century old concept. We buy tooth brushes costing between Rs 16/- to Rs 75/- (a few toothbrushes even cost Rs 125+) and discard them after a month as the bristles outlive their lives. The bristles lose their flexibility, become hard and spread outwards. Due to these decays and deformities of bristles, the toothbrushes lose their utility and are thrown away within a month. 

We discard our toothbrushes in spite of the fact that only 10% of the product perishes and 90% of the same remains fine and intact. Discarding a toothbrush that is 90% usable is a criminal wastage of the hard-earned money.  

I always felt pain while discarding a complete toothbrush even when only its bristles could have been replaced. Frequent discarding of toothbrushes results into disposal problems in India, because, India does not have an organized infrastructure for sorting trash and recycle the same.  

This avoidable frequent waste would result into recurring personal losses of the consumers as well as huge collective losses to the national exchequer of individual countries. These losses would eventually go to the extent of billions of dollars if calculated globally. This is because of the fact that hundreds of billions of world population uses millions of tons of toothbrushes and discard them frequently.  

Product Development:

Discover Life advises to the toothbrush manufacturers to design two-piece toothbrushes, with durable handles and replaceable bristle heads. Consumers should have the freedom to buy a toothbrush handle on which different bristle-heads could be fitted. They may discard the old bristle-heads after they outlive their lives and replace the same with new ones.  

Please do not confuse this product development item with the existing ‘two-piece travel toothbrush’ available in the market

Thereafter, toothbrush handles and bristle-heads would be sold separately in the market and the consumers will have freedom to select each part of the toothbrush of their own choice. 

Product Standardization:

Toothbrush handle and bristle-heads will have to be globally standardized so that the consumer can buy bristle-heads of their choice from anywhere and fix the same on their toothbrush handle. 


02 January 2013

Delhi Gang Rape December 2012: How to stop rapes and gang rapes in India?

Still image of the indecent rustic video of Celkon: See Sr No: 13 below

© Harish Jharia

Before exploring an answer for the question “What should we do to stop rapes in India?” it would be indispensable to explore another question that is “Who are responsible for rapes in India?” It would not be possible for India to stop rapes in India without hitting at these two entities that are the ‘disease behind rapes’ and the ‘treatment’ for the same. We cannot treat an ailment unless we diagnose the disease. 

Rape is the resultant indicator of perverted sex syndrome predominantly present in a huge population of Indian people. These perverts do not have any definite choice for gender or age of their prey. They would molest a girl or boy irrespective of their gender. These perverts are so very insensitive and hardcore rapists that they might molest women of any age. Not only teenager girls and young women are their targets, they would not even spare a few month young babies as well as ninety year old grandmas either.  They are real beasts and brutal dangers for women of India.  

The above introduction of the article is self-explanatory. Craving for rapes and the basic instinct of perverted sex is predominantly present in Indian people. Therefore, only sterner police action and speedy judiciary are not going to eradicate rapes from India. We will have to change the culture and psychology of Indian people who look at their female counterparts as sex symbols and not as other human beings.  

I do not mean that all Indian men are hawkeyed, craving for woman preys. The civilized people in India are as decent as their counterparts in other countries. They do respect their womenfolk, take care of their wellbeing and safeguard their modesty.  Nevertheless, quite a big population of men living in villages, small towns, downtowns and slums in big cities, suffer from perverted desire for eve teasing, touching and fiddling with women and molesting them.

These miscreants fiddle with women of all ages, indiscriminately whether they are strangers, acquaintances or even close relations. These inhuman beasts are as dangerous for cousins and nieces at homes as they are for strangers in public places. They do their heinous crimes anytime, anywhere and against anybody.

The recent Delhi gang rape committed on 16 December 2012 has caught the Indian government and Delhi Police at wrong foot. It has stunned and alerted all walks of civic life and the law enforcement agencies in India. It is the high time when we should explore ways and measures to eradicate rapes and gang rapes from India. 

The role of police and judiciary is to develop a sort of deterrent against occurrences of rapes and gang rapes and punish the culprits for their crimes with exemplary punishments. Nevertheless, they cannot eradicate the deep-rooted perverted sex syndrome present among the people. The people, including men and women, will have to come forward to overhaul the social fabric in order to remove this heinous criminal psych from our society. 

Men will have to change themselves and their lustful attitude against women. At the same time the women must also follow all the remedial measures for avoiding occurrences of rapes and gang rapes. 

Here are few points that could be considered for accomplishing this mission:
  1. Indian families should keep vigilant eyes on their children and ensure that they do not become preys to the perverted sexual advances of near relations, friends and strangers.
  2. Indian heads of families should also ensure that any family member does not develop perverted sex desires and eventually turn into rapists. 
  3. Heads of families should also take stringent safety measures for safeguarding their boys, girls and women against any probable fiddling, molestation and rape by insiders and outsiders. 
  4. Even homes are not safe for daughters and sisters in India. A 17 year young girl molested by bus crews on the new-year eve in Delhi, has revealed that she left her home after having raped by her brother. 
  5. In another case in Greater Noida, a handicapped girl has been sexually molested by her father.
  6. Girls and women should not venture out at night in secluded places where antisocial elements with perverted mindset might be waiting for their soft targets. 
  7. Women activists should remember that this mission is anti-rape and anti-molestation. Such heinous crimes are committed by certain categories of men that have perverted sexual craving. The entire male population should not be held responsible for that.
  8. The media and women activists should not overreact on certain comments and advices of some celebrities who are supporting this mission in their own way.
  9. Women and media are straightaway rejecting every single advice given for girls and women. They unilaterally want to change the menfolk and in no way prepared for any change for womenfolk. 
  10. Women activists even go to the extent to condemn the possessiveness and compassion of parents who are worried for their daughter’s safety and follow certain family discipline. 
  11. Families and parents should not be condemned for following codes of conduct for their children and blame them for following double standards for boys and girls. 
  12. TV channels are telecasting filthy advertisements of condoms, body sprays, and other utility items with visuals and messages showing intimate sexual visuals and low grade filthy dialogues. 
  13. Examples- 1: A mobile Advertisement featuring Virat Kohly says in a rustic language - “...मेरे पास लड़की पटाने के दो आइडियाज़ है...” (shameful…) this advertisement projects woman as a prey for flirting by men.
  14. Example- 2: In a body-powder Advertisement, a background voice says - “Just Zatak her…” (shameful…
  15. Such advertisements should be taken off from the media and be censored well before clearing for telecast. 
  16. Bollywood celebrities are posting messages on internet and telecasting comments condemning the Delhi gang rape. On the other hand, film makers do not stop featuring women in highly reveling outfits, singing and dancing in indecent manners in item numbers in their films.