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01 February 2014

Udaipur’s famous Kalbelia Dancer Rekha killed by her obsessed lover

Video: Kalbelia dancer Rekha performing in Udaipur

- Harish Jharia

Jodhpur, 1 February 2014,

We recently had a pleasure trip to Udipur. It was a memorable experience of our life. Our 3 day stay at Hotel Taj Lake Palace was a real unforgettable part of our trip. The hospitality extended by the hotel staff was exceptionally good and flawless. We also witnessed a folk-dance performance by a Kalbelia dancer Rekha. Rekha’s dancing talents, expressions, postures and features were unbelievably decent and beautiful. I simply wondered how a tribal girl could perform with such a grandeur without any professional choreographer’s help and Hi-Tech automated mechanizes stage and gadgets.

We had a shock of the day when we read the front page news in a newspaper about brutal murder of the Kalbelia dancer Rekha. It is reported that she was stabbed by a young man on Thursday the 30th Jan2014.

   Kalbelia dancer Rekha performing in Uaipur

Rekha was one of the best dancers in in this area of Rajasthan. She had been regularly giving her performance at this hotel and performed internationally in the US, France, Russia, Canada, Oman and Italy.

Rekha’s elder brother Sheranath reportedly said that, she was the youngest of 4 siblings and was the most talented among them. In a very short lifespan, Rekha had performed in many other countries. Her last overseas performance was in Muscat, Oman on 8th Jan 2014 and she was scheduled to perform in Milan on 8th March 2014, he said.