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26 August 2012

Low Casts in Hindus: We Indians violate human rights as long as we follow caste system...

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Imagine yourself in place of the man in a manhole in Channai (Madras), India 
Indian form of Apartheid: It is a clear case of Human Rights' violation...

© Harish Jharia

Name a profession and we have a caste for it. It is not essential for you to follow the profession that is depicted by your caste; yet, in spite of your present job you will be branded with the profession based caste, your ancestors belonged to. 

Harry Potter would have been fighting against social discrimination, had that character born in India. Because the 'Potters' do not belong to the so called upper-castes category in India. Similarly, former Russian head of state Stalin who ruled the USSR from  6 May 1941 to 5 March 1953 until his death, should be thankful to the almighty for giving him birth in Russia rather than in India; lest he would have been treated as an untouchable, because he was born to a cobbler (shoemaker). 

We should stop talking about democracy and human rights as long as the words dalits, low castes, shudras, and the names of a few castes that are used as abuses exist in our vocabulary.

The castes in India are also considered and practiced as upper-castes and lower-castes. People belonging to lower castes are treated, as untouchables in this modern era of corporate world and are not even permitted to enter the temples of their religion. On the other hand people of the upper caste even use prefixed titles before their names for declaring their caste with pride; whereas, the dalits would be looked-down if their inherited identity is disclosed.

In a recent TV show 'Satyamev Jayate' hosted by film-star Amir Khan, the dalits belonging to Christian, Muslim and Sikh religions have disclosed the inhuman treatment meted out to them. In today's India the low-caste Dalit Christians have their own Churches as the normal Churches are out of bounds for them. Dalit Muslims said on the TV show that they are treated as low cast and untouchables once they leave the gates of Mosques or Id-gahs. Even in Pakistan there is rampant discrimination between upper-cast and lower-cast Muslims. Similarly, Mazhabi Sikhs also face rampant discrimination in their society. 

Naturally, the social discrimination described in the preceding paragraph is specifically present among the people, converted from Hindu religion to Christianity, Islam and Sikhism and among those who are living in  India, Bangladesh and Pakistan or elsewhere.

Watch the video of Satyamev Jayate, Based on Untouchability and titled as 'Dignity for all': 
URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJ3XV_6hJac&feature=player_embedded

The system of arranged marriage is one of the core foundations of the caste-system prevailing in our country (India).  The violators of arranged marriage system are either declared out-castes or are even assassinated, if any boys and girls belonging to different castes of the same religion attempt to marry. There are reports of mob violence and riots taking place in rural areas as a result of inter-caste marriages.

Dalits (low castes) are not only found in the modern days, in Hidus, even the dalits who have been converted into other religions also are branded as low-castes. The caste based social discrimination is also used by politicians as a tool for inflating their vote banks for winning elections by unfair means. 

Thousands of years back, the local village-heads discovered and implemented castes just for keeping slaves for doing all the chores for them. We will have to remove all the castes from the Hindus and let everyone live with self-respect, dignity and peace. If we do it today we will be remembered by our future generations in the time to come.


This article / Story / fiction is written based on my personal observations. My intention for publishing the same is to provide healthy reading and intellectual entertainment and not for educating the visitors. Names of people, societies, communities and description of faiths, beliefs, and incidents are imaginary and fictitious. They have neither any relevance to the prevailing entities and traditions nor have any similarities with ongoing lifestyles, political ideologies and legal doctrines. The contents of this creative work have not been written with any intention to criticize, condemn or oppose anything what so ever present in reality in any country in the world. No literature or authentic books have been referred for writing the contents of this article. The visitors are advised not to refer the contents of this article for any research or testimony on scientific, geographical, political, civic or legal purposes. The visitors are further advised to consult relevant experts before adapting any information from this article. The author or the website are not responsible for any errors, mistakes, or omissions there in.
- Harish Jharia

25 August 2012

Clogged Drains in Delhi Result in flooding water, Traffic Jams and deaths:

     Flooding rain-water on roads of Delhi

© Harish Jharia 

This happens year after year in the Indian capital city of Delhi. Whenever it rains in Delhi… water stagnates, traffic jams and the life of people becomes hell. 

I do not want to write an article on this ongoing problem because I have already written a couple compositions, the links for which have been given at the end of this post.

           Traffic Jam due to rains in Delhi

I would rather like to list out the following points for the information of the readers and of course for the authorities to follow and get rid of this shameful catastrophe: 

  1. The main reason for water logging, flooding and traffic jams is CLOGGED DRAINS.
  2. Clogged drains do not drain out the rain water and accumulate on the roads and in the low-lying areas. 
  3. The main authority responsible for this catastrophe is the MUNICIPAL CORPORATION who is meant for providing effective drainage system for draining-out rain-water and waste water.
  4. Municipal Corporation or Committee, who-so-ever it is, should immediately clear the garbage from the drains in Delhi.
  5. Municipal corporation should have periodical inspection teams to inspect drainage system and maintain the same properly.
  6. Municipal Corporation is collecting compulsory Taxes / revenues from the citizens and it is their basic duty to provide services in return.
  7. This problem of ‘GARBAGE IN DRAINS’ exists across the country, all over India. I browsed across the internet and found that all the cities in India are extremely dirty.
  8. India should not expect effective tourism in this country, unless we learn to live in neat and clean environment. 
  9. A dedicated action plan is required to be chalked out and implemented sincerely and effectively to remove TRASH from DRAINS.
            Trash and garbage in drains
          Trash and garbage in drains

22 August 2012

Assam Riots: Clashes between Bodos and Bangladesh Migrants Rocked the Entire Indian Republic

           Map of India 
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© Harish Jharia

Assam is an Indian state situated on the other side of Bangladesh.  Bangladesh, the erstwhile East Pakistan is situated at the eastern side of India, between the Himalayas in the north and the Bay of Bengal in its south. There is narrow passage at the northern tip of Bangladesh under West Bengal and Sikkim states for the Indian people to commute between Assam and the rest of India. 

The formation of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was one of the biggest blunders committed by India at the time of seeking independence from the British rule. We agreed for the formation of East and West Pakistan situated on two ends of Indian republic. This happened, when British India was divided into many countries like India, East Pakistan, West Pakistan, Burma, other Far East countries, Sri Lanka etc rather than constituting a United States of India (USI) like UK, USA, UAE, USSR etc. 

The arbitrary division of British India has left the independent India with many inherent international problems in this region. The worst suffer of this fragmentation of this British colony was the Indian republic. India has been suffering from border disputes, with Pakistan and Bangladesh, fought many wars and still living under constant threats extremism and terrorism. 

Indian government always had a soft corner for Bangladesh, because, Bangladesh was formed with the help of Indian army. India fought a fierce war with Pakistan for the liberation of East Pakistan until they surrendered themselves to Indian Army. The reign of power was then handed over to the leaders of Bangladesh. 

Ever since, the borders between India and Bangladesh remained extremely porous and homeless Bangladeshi people used to walk across into Indian territories with almost no interference. India being more developed and peaceful country, as compared to Bangladesh, there has been an incessant influx of illegal migrants, from Bangladesh in search of jobs and better living conditions in India. 

The illegal migrants include Bengali Hindus as well as Bengali Muslims who crossover to Indian Territory into adjacent Indian states Tripura, Meghalaya, Assam and west Bengal and from here they also spread into other states of India. 

It is reported in the media that most of the Bangladeshi migrants have been issued voter ID cards and thereby declared as citizens of India. Media also believe that this action taken by the respective state governments were politically motivated for consolidating vote bank and establishing vote base. 

In nineteen seventies All Assam Students Union (AASU) launched a six-year-long Assam Agitation against illegal infiltration of foreigners from Bangladesh into Assam. This movement eventually ended in Assam Accord in the year 1985 and emergence of a political party ‘Asom Gana Parishad’ under the leadership of Prafulla Kumar Mahanta. Subsequently Asom Gana Parishad won election and formed the state government also. 

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In the year 1996 Bodo Liberation Tigers Force (BLTF), also called Bodo Liberation Tigers (BLT), was formed in the Bodo dominated regions of Assam. They demanded a separate state for Bodos to be carved out of Assam. The BLT organization came into being under the leadership of Prem Singh Brahma. Bodo movement eventually ended with formation of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) in a tripartite agreement between Government of India, Government of Assam and BTC. 

In all Assam has been reeling under constant unrest because of ethnic, linguistic, regional and religious conflicts. This prolonged unrest eventually erupted into violent clashes between indigenous Bodos and Bengali speaking Muslims. It is reported in the media that various fundamentalist organizations in India and Pakistan provoked the people of Assam that resulted in the outbreak of violence in Assam.   

The intelligence and the security establishment working under the state government of Assam and the Indian government have miserably failed in anticipating the riots in the states. There have been delays also in deployment of troops in the affected areas. 

The following points come to my mind in respect of the outbreak of violent riots in Assam: 
  1. Ethnic, religious and linguistic unrest was already there in Assam and the tensed relations between the two had become a default condition under which both the communities learned to live. 
  2. The sudden outbreak of violence was the result of provocation from fundamentalist outfits functioning in Pakistan and in various states of India.
  3. Such violence was not possible without the involvements of Indian fundamentalists who keep creating communal unrest and implementing terrorist activities in India. 
  4. Indian politicians repeatedly call Muslims as minority community rather than calling them Indians. Such political belief has developed insecurity in Muslims and as a result of the same they assemble in huge crowds on such provocations and scary rumors. 
  5. Indian politicians have also made it a habit of calling Hindus and Hindu organizations as ‘communal forces’. Such baseless allegations create yet more fear psychosis in the minds of Indian Muslims, obviously because Hindu population in India is in majority.
  6. Politicians, more precisely the Hindu politicians should stop calling Muslims as minority and Hindus as communal forces. 
  7. The state governments and union government of India should catch hold of the Indian fundamentalist outfits actively functioning on the Indian soil, rather than raising outcry of involvement of Pakistani fundamentalists and ISI. 
  8. ISI or the terrorist organizations based in Pakistan cannot implement their action plans without active involvement of Indian citizens. 
  9. Indian governments should pinpoint fundamental groups, terrorist outfits and separatist organizations in India and eliminate them.
  10. Human rights bodies and other welfare organizations in India should not rush for the rescue of fundamentalists, terrorists and separatists who are arrested by the law enforcement authorities and booked for their crimes. 
  11. The media should also project the activities of indigenous fundamentalist organizations rather than making hue and cry about Pakistan and ISI.
  12. If Pakistan and ISI are behind such riots that can be dealt-with separately by the Ministry of foreign affairs. 
  13. The law enforcement organizations, security forces and armed forces should concentrate on the fundamentalists, terrorists and separatists implementing antinational action plans under their nose and right on the Indian soil. 
  14. Forget about Pakistan… take care of the enemies openly working in India. 
This article is written based on my personal observations and on the information collected from the media. My intention for publishing the same is to provide healthy reading and intellectual entertainment and not for educating the visitors. No literature or authentic books have been referred for writing the contents of this article. The visitors are advised not to refer the contents of this article for any research or testimony on professional or legal purposes. The visitors are further advised to consult relevant experts before adapting any information from this article. The author or the website are not responsible for any errors, mistakes, or omissions there in.
- Harish Jharia

15 August 2012

Happy Indian Independence Day 2012

Happy Independence Day 2012

Discover Life wishes a happy 66th independence day to all the Indians living in the republic of India and to those who have settled in foreign lands across the globe.

India has progressed extremely well in the fields of education, science & technology, and urbanization in the last 65 years of independent India. Nevertheless we are identified in the world with the tags of corruption, black money and poverty. 

The Indian prime Ministers use to read out the stereotype lectures every year from the ramparts of the Red Fort swearing for eradicating poverty from India. But India continues to be a poor country. It is a different matter that most of the Indian politicians are officially declared as billianaires and about 20 odd business houses enlisted as the richest in the world. 

Look at the flag bearers of Indian tricolor national flag. They do not have clothes to wear, food to eat and shelter to live.

Jai Hind… Vande Mataram 

Harish Jharia
Discover Life
15 August 2012


08 August 2012

Indian Government Planning To Provide One Mobile Phone Each to All BPL Families and 200 Minutes of Talk Time For Free

Indian BPL people: need food not mobiles
               (Photo Courtesy IBN Live)

© Harish Jharia 

There are strong indications across the media that the Indian Government is going to implement their scheme worth Rs. 7000 crore for providing one Mobile Phone each to the families living below the poverty line (BPL) along with 200 minutes of local calls worth Rs. 100 for free. 

The scheme is expected to be called as ‘Har Hath Mein Phone’ is scheduled to be announced by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the 65th Independence Day (August 15, 2012). This scheme will help (?) 28 million poor people (6 million families) across the Indian republic to have a mobile phone connection for free.

As per some sources, 50% cost of “Har Hath Mein Phone” scheme will be funded from the Department of Telecommunication’s Universal Service Obligation (USO) funds and the rest of the cost is likely to be provided by the bidder who gets the right to provide mobile phone service and the USO fund. The USO fund is meant for providing access to phone services to people in rural and remote areas at affordable prices.

This is a clear case of wasting hard earned money of Indian citizens collected from them as compulsory taxes. Indian people below poverty line (BPL) neither have jobs to earn their livelihood nor do they have food to eat. The government should provide bread, clothes and shelter for them rather than tossing mobile phones at them as alms of charity. 

Mobile phones have no utility for the BPL people. These instruments will surely find their ways into the hands of the well-to-do people via grey market.

If the government is planning to extract money from the service provider for this scheme, then it is sure that the affected telecommunication company will compensate the losses from other common users by enhancing tariffs or by providing substandard services. 


07 August 2012

Prospective World Super Power India... The Super-Flop Celebrity in London 2012 Olympics

© Harish Jharia  

Why have China fielded multiple players for each event in the London 2012 Olympics? 
The simple straight answer to this question is that they are all set to prove their supremacy in the world via sports and games. 

I have watched the women’s singles badminton event, with utter disbelief, that gold and silver both the medals were won by Chinese. Moreover, the bronze won by Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal would also have gone to China, had the Indian sensation not won it. 

The Olympic Medal tally (on 7 August 2012) shows China as the leading country with 67 medals followed by USA- 64, Great Britain- 43, Korea- 22, and France- 27 with India standing at 44th position with negligible number of medals- 3, without any gold. I feel ashamed with the position of my country in the Olympic medal tally. 

I wonder what the dozens of sports organizations including the Ministry of Youth Affaires and Sports are doing in India, that India appears nonexistent on global platform of sports and games. Why these organizations are not overhauled in order to make them do their jobs for which they are kept existing at the cost of the taxpayers money.  

Following are some of the sports organizations that have failed to prove their worth in the London 2012 Olympics: 
  1. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (Govt of India): 
  2. Sports Authority of India: 
  3. Indian Olympic Association: 
  4. Hockey India (Indian Hockey Federation): 
  5. Athletics Federation of India:  
  6. Sports Authority of India:
We have been told that Hockey is the national game of India. But, the performance of Indian hockey team in London 2012 has been extremely poor. 

I found the following deficiencies in hockey played at London 2012 Olympics: 
  1. The players failed in all the departments and positions. 
  2. They could not convert penalty corners into goals. 
  3. They failed in giving short passes.
  4. They failed in carrying the ball.
  5. They failed in playing with appropriate technique on the artificial ground and hitting the balls as if playing on a clay ground. 
  6. They did not have quick reflexes.
  7. They did not have adequate stamina suitable for a global arena. 
The sports authorities on the other hand are behaving in irresponsible ways by saying that Hockey is not the national game of India. It is not written anywhere in the records. For collecting the information about the national game I browsed on the internet. I found the official site of Hockey India (this is the new name given to the Indian Hockey Federation), where it is clearly written that Hockey is the National game of India. Here is the extract of the text written on their page ‘About us’ and reproduced as under:

The text published under ‘about us’ page on Hockey India site: 

“ … The sport of Hockey is referred to as the 'National Game of India' 
HOCKEY INDIA (HI) is the new apex body of the country which has the sole mandate to govern and conduct all activities for both men and women hockey in India. 
Formed on 20th May 2009, it is the recognized National Association affiliated to the International Hockey Federation (FIH), the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and Asian Hockey Federation (AHF). 
HI with the assistance of Sports Authority of India and Department of Sports, Government of India, has drawn out a long term development programme to train players and to provide overseas exposure besides regular international competition. It is committed to getting our teams into the top six in the world… "

On extensive browsing I found that the above information is an amended version of the original one... probably “The sport of Hockey is the 'National Game of India”.  This statement has been changed to “The sport of Hockey is referred to as the National Game of India” after a 10 year old girl asked the Indian government, through an RTI (right to information) as to which is the national game of India?

The overall condition of sports and games in India is pathetic and needs immediate attention and revolutionary changes. 

I have the following suggestion to offer:
  1. There should be an independent Ministry of Sports exclusively dealing with Sports and Games only and be designated as ‘Minister of Sports’. 
  2. The Minister of Sports should also be picked up from the field of sports and games. 
  3. All the current heads of sports organizations should be replaced forthwith with suitable professionals like players, coaches, umpires / referees etc from the respective sports. 
  4. No non-sports person should be considered eligible for heading the sports bodies
  5. Celebrities like politicians, businessmen, entrepreneurs, retired officers like IAS / IPS / Defense personnel and Ex Rajas should not be considered as eligible for heading any sports organization.
  6. The performance of all the sports bodies for the last 3 to 4 Olympics should be reviewed and the faults, errors and lapses committed by them should be established.  
  7. Sports bodies should chalk out ‘short term’ and ‘long term’ plans for preparing sports personnel, capable of winning medals in global competitions like ‘Asian Games’, ‘Commonwealth Games’ and ‘Olympics’.
  8. Individual records (of faster, higher, and stronger) of sportsmen should be maintained alongside the world records all through their training. 
  9. The trainees should always be reminded at the time of training, about the world record existing in that event.
  10. In the state sports meets and national sports competitions also, the world records should also me mentioned alongside the performance mark (time / distance / weight mark) of the individuals. 
  11. Cases like 'no mark' show of Triple jumper Renjith Maheshwary should be taken seriously and should be treated sternly with ‘zero tolerance’ policy in selecting athletes for international events.
  12. Cases like Santhi Soundarajan, an Asian Games silver medalist, found working as a daily wager at a brick kiln in Tamil Nadu, should also be taken seriously. Indian government and the sponsors should make it sure that all international athletes and medal winners get respectable honorarium / royalty / pension throughout their lives. 

05 August 2012

NASA’s Curiosity Rover on Mars: Huge robotic mobile exploratory lab is all Set For crash Landing on Planet Mars on 5/6 August 2012

Compiled by: Harish Jharia 

PASADENA, Calif. — NASA had launched a one-ton rover 8 ½ months back for landing in one of the craters on the surface of Mars. After travelling millions of miles across planets the manmade most complex robotic mobile laboratory is scheduled to land in a crater on the red planet Mars. 

Its touchdown is expected to be extremely hair-raising because a huge 1-ton mass of the Curiosity Rover is going to enter the Mars surface at the velocity of 13,000 mph (21,000 kmph). After entering the atmosphere, this will be reduced to 200 mph (320 kmph) with the help of a huge supersonic parachute. Thereafter multiple rockets will be fired to further slow it down to a speed of 2 mph (3.2 kmph) for a safe touchdown on the Mars surface. 

Eventually, the expected touchdown of Curiosity Rover  is to take place on a surface, inside the Red Planet's Gale Crater at 10:31 pm PDT tonight; Aug. 5 2012; 1:31 am EDT and 0531 GMT on Aug 6, 2012.

Further scheduled program depends on successful landing on the surface of Mars. If all goes well Curiosity Rover will begin roaming soon, all around its landing site. It will investigate with the help of 10 different scientific instruments, for any possibilities; whether the Gale crater area is, or was, ever capable of supporting microbiological life in any form.

Nevertheless, Curiosity is not a life-detection mission, but its discoveries might pave ways for future discoveries along these lines, NASA officials said.

The rover will spend a lot of time investigating Mount Sharp, the mysterious 3 mile (5-km) high mountain that rises from Gale's center. Mars-orbiting spacecraft have spotted signs of clays and sulfates near the mound's base. These symptoms give indications that its lower reaches might have been exposed to some sort of liquids, probably water long ago. Curiosity mission also has plans to collect samples that might help the mars program in the pursuit of ‘Folloe the Water’ program for Mars. 

Read the detailed article: