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15 August 2012

Happy Indian Independence Day 2012

Happy Independence Day 2012

Discover Life wishes a happy 66th independence day to all the Indians living in the republic of India and to those who have settled in foreign lands across the globe.

India has progressed extremely well in the fields of education, science & technology, and urbanization in the last 65 years of independent India. Nevertheless we are identified in the world with the tags of corruption, black money and poverty. 

The Indian prime Ministers use to read out the stereotype lectures every year from the ramparts of the Red Fort swearing for eradicating poverty from India. But India continues to be a poor country. It is a different matter that most of the Indian politicians are officially declared as billianaires and about 20 odd business houses enlisted as the richest in the world. 

Look at the flag bearers of Indian tricolor national flag. They do not have clothes to wear, food to eat and shelter to live.

Jai Hind… Vande Mataram 

Harish Jharia
Discover Life
15 August 2012


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