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15 May 2011

My reply to a Facebook Feature: The horrific morning after Babri Masjid Demolition

New Delhi, India

- Harish Jharia

Question: Which is the Most Beautiful Place in Bhopal? 

My answer: Sorry friends...! For me Bhopal is the ugliest place I ever visited in my life...

Bhopal became a death trap for me and my family on 7 December 1992.
I saw my death just an arms-length from me that I averted by a whisker. I was not worried for my life or death. I was rather scared for the safety of my wife who was sitting between my son and me on an auto rickshaw. The auto rickshaw driver Mahesh Sahu came to rescue us to a safer place.

On 6th December the ruins of Babari Masjid were demolished and on the next day I ventured out in Bhopal along with my family on Bhopal roads for catching a bus for Indore. The car-sewaks were out of Bhopal and were yet to return to the city. A huge crowd of people, furious over the Babari demolition in Bhopal, came out on the roads and indulged in attacking general public, destroying vehicles and burning motor tires on roads spreading terror on the city-roads of Bhopal.

Bhopal at night... Known for Union Carbide's Methyl Isocyanate Gas Catastrophe and post Babri riots...

Mahesh Sahu our auto driver was carrying us from one place to the other and from every direction the riot crowd came in to attack the people. Mahesh Sahu kept driving his auto, evading attacks by the crowd and finally brought us to a place where there were people on whom we could trust for our safety.

 I asked Mahesh to leave us right there but he took us to our place of accommodation in the campus of the Institute of Hotel Management. We had to stay inside the campus for 3-4 days before leaving for Hyderabad where I was posted those days.

Subsequently I watched out in the media that politicians started fighting in the MP legislative assembly and in the courts for the riots that held on 7th and 8th December 1992 after the return of car sevaks...

No one bothered about the riots that broke out in the early hours on 7th December 1992 in the forenoon...

This happens only in India... where the natives of the republic of India live under threats... where politicians ignore the majority population and even brand them as communal... 

Any ways... thanks Mahesh Sahu for saving our lives… Mahesh, If you happen to spot this message… please contact me… because you are the savior for the life and honor of my family…


14 May 2011

Digvijay addresses Laden as 'Osamaji'

New Delhi, India

- Harish Jharia

Indian Muslims will never welcome this respectable address to the biggest terrorist in the world. Because, terrorists do not spare Muslims while materializing 9-11 or 26-11 types of inhuman terrorist activities. 

Politicians should stop issuing such statements in so very confusing tones just to inflate Muslim vote bank... 

This is going to bounce-back... 

03 May 2011

United States avenged 9-11 terror attack by killing Osama Bin Laden: India reacts in subdued tone as if we have forgotten 26-11 terror attack on us

 26-11 Terror attack that we have forgotten 

Osama Bin Laden has been assassinated by US commandoes. This news has brought unprecedented wild exhilaration among the people across the globe. All the TV channels and newspapers are brimming with reports on this issue, but, the reactions from Indian authorities are subdued and just casual. Politicians and minister first kept an unexpected silence for many hours and then a foreign ministry official read-out a written statement that had nothing new for the TV viewers to watch. 

Indian politicians are more worried for the Muslim vote-bank that might crash if they comment positively about Osama’s assassination. Politicians should remember that it is a coincidence that Osama Bin Laden was a Muslim. That dose not means that all the Indian Muslims are the sympathizers of him and other terrorists. Politicians should have faith in Indian Muslims. They are the citizens of India and are equally worried about the atrocities committed by terrorists, because Muslims have also lost lives of their men, women and children in terror attacks. If Indian Muslims are not treated as patriotic Indians there is more probability of losing the vote-bank. 

    Ajmal Kasab languishing in Indian jail

Uttar Pradesh Congress leader and state in-charge Digvijay Singh has criticized the reported burial of Al Qaida leader and the world's most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden at the sea. According to an agency report, Singh has said, "However big a criminal one might be, his religious traditions should be respected while burying him." 

Not only politicians, a film producer and director Mahesh Bhatt has just avoided commenting on this issue. He rather wanted to know what is going to be done with another terrorist (?) George Bush.  It is better known to Mahesh Bhatt as to how a US president could be tagged as terrorist. We expect much more responsible statements from celebrities. 

         26-11 Terror attack that we have forgotten 

It is relevant to mention that Mahesh Bhatt has produced and directed a play based on the incident of shoe hurling at George Bush. The journalist Muntadar al-Zeidi who hurled shoes at Bush is reportedly being invited to India for watching this play. 

We should remember that if we do not support the war against terrorism then we will be left alone in the world. The world community will not co-operate us in addressing our problems relating to the deep rooted terrorism existing in India. Terrorism is not a local and inland issue… it is a deadly global threat against mankind. 

 26-11 Terror attack that we have forgotten 

We do not have guts to accomplish missions as done by the US. We always find excuses for not taking appropriate actions that a sovereign republic is supposed to do.  If we do not rectify our ways then it would be impossible for us to resolve the Kashmir problem, which is the result of our political and diplomatic disastrous failure. 

We should never forget that millions of Indian citizens have been driven away from Kashmir and left to their fate to live the life of refugees in other states of India. 

When are we going to wake from our eternal sleep.  


Osama bin Laden killed by US SEAL Commandos in Pakistan at midnight between 2-3 May 2011:

                      Osama Bin Laden

The entire world was caught unawares and could not believe on their eyes when US President Barak Obama declared to the world through the electronic media TV that the most dangerous terrorist on this planet- Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US commandoes at midnight between the 2nd and 3rd May 2011.  

Osama Bin Laden who was the mastermind behind the 9-11 terrorist attack on the twin world trade towers, Pentagon and a few other places, leaving 3000 thousand innocent men, women and children dead and even more injured in addition to the loss of properties worth thousands of billions of dollars on 11th September 2001. This was the most cruel and inhuman terror disaster ever committed by humans in the world’s history. This terror attack was planned, funded and executed by Al-Qaida headed by Osama Bin Laden.

George Bush was the president of the US at that time when this historic terrorist attack was executed by Osama Bin Laden’s men. The US president promised to the people of the United States that the terrorists who were responsible for the massacre and devastation will be captured and punished in an appropriate manner. Bush left no stone upturned in pursuit of assassinating Osama Bin Laden for avenging the 9/11 catastrophe. But he and his successor Clinton missed by whiskers as Osama Bin Laden slipped, many times, out of their reach well before they could capture or kill him.

9/11 Terror attack on US world trade towers and Pentagon 

US president Barack Obama also took over the mission initiated by his predecessors and succeeded in assassinate him with the help of 4 helicopters and 79 SEAL commandoes who finished the task in 40 minutes flat. The commandoes invaded the fortified mansion in Pakistan’s Abbottabad city where Osama Bin Laden was hiding. On having cornered Osama, the commandoes asked him to surrender. But, Osama opened fire on them by using one of his wives as a shield. The commandoes then fired him in his head at close range and he succumbed to that shot.  

US authorities have issued a statement to the media that the body of Osama Bin Laden has been buried in the sea with all the Islamic religious rites. It has also been mentioned in the electronic media that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have declined the US offer for accepting the dead body.   

This is a matter of great satisfaction and relief that by the elimination of the most dreaded terrorist, the human race on this planet has been saved from even more cruel acts suspected to be committed by him. 

The world need not be scared of the threats that have been publicized  by Al-Qaida as an aggressive reaction to the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, because the danger will always be there as long as the last terrorist exists on this earth.


01 May 2011

US President Barack Obama Declares: Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden killed in Pakistan

Almost 10 years after the 9/11 terror strike, Al Qaeda mastermind and world's most dreaded terrorist Osama bin Laden was today killed by US forces after being hounded in a special operation in Abbottabad in Pakistan. Bin Laden, 54, is dead and his body is in US custody, President Barack Obama announced today at half past 11 Sunday US time as crowds outside White House chanted 'USA, USA'.