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03 May 2011

United States avenged 9-11 terror attack by killing Osama Bin Laden: India reacts in subdued tone as if we have forgotten 26-11 terror attack on us

 26-11 Terror attack that we have forgotten 

Osama Bin Laden has been assassinated by US commandoes. This news has brought unprecedented wild exhilaration among the people across the globe. All the TV channels and newspapers are brimming with reports on this issue, but, the reactions from Indian authorities are subdued and just casual. Politicians and minister first kept an unexpected silence for many hours and then a foreign ministry official read-out a written statement that had nothing new for the TV viewers to watch. 

Indian politicians are more worried for the Muslim vote-bank that might crash if they comment positively about Osama’s assassination. Politicians should remember that it is a coincidence that Osama Bin Laden was a Muslim. That dose not means that all the Indian Muslims are the sympathizers of him and other terrorists. Politicians should have faith in Indian Muslims. They are the citizens of India and are equally worried about the atrocities committed by terrorists, because Muslims have also lost lives of their men, women and children in terror attacks. If Indian Muslims are not treated as patriotic Indians there is more probability of losing the vote-bank. 

    Ajmal Kasab languishing in Indian jail

Uttar Pradesh Congress leader and state in-charge Digvijay Singh has criticized the reported burial of Al Qaida leader and the world's most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden at the sea. According to an agency report, Singh has said, "However big a criminal one might be, his religious traditions should be respected while burying him." 

Not only politicians, a film producer and director Mahesh Bhatt has just avoided commenting on this issue. He rather wanted to know what is going to be done with another terrorist (?) George Bush.  It is better known to Mahesh Bhatt as to how a US president could be tagged as terrorist. We expect much more responsible statements from celebrities. 

         26-11 Terror attack that we have forgotten 

It is relevant to mention that Mahesh Bhatt has produced and directed a play based on the incident of shoe hurling at George Bush. The journalist Muntadar al-Zeidi who hurled shoes at Bush is reportedly being invited to India for watching this play. 

We should remember that if we do not support the war against terrorism then we will be left alone in the world. The world community will not co-operate us in addressing our problems relating to the deep rooted terrorism existing in India. Terrorism is not a local and inland issue… it is a deadly global threat against mankind. 

 26-11 Terror attack that we have forgotten 

We do not have guts to accomplish missions as done by the US. We always find excuses for not taking appropriate actions that a sovereign republic is supposed to do.  If we do not rectify our ways then it would be impossible for us to resolve the Kashmir problem, which is the result of our political and diplomatic disastrous failure. 

We should never forget that millions of Indian citizens have been driven away from Kashmir and left to their fate to live the life of refugees in other states of India. 

When are we going to wake from our eternal sleep.  


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