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24 June 2010

Oily face in summers? …Just rinse with chilled water:

Crazy Ideas

Oily face in summers? …Just rinse with chilled water:

In summers and especially in humid summers the sweat-pores of our faces open and the natural face-oil oozes out of our skin and deposits on the surface.  We wipe it with hankies and with tissue-papers; yet, it makes a very little difference. Our face gets drenched with oil within a few minutes and we again feel the same discomfort.

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You may take advantage of the air-conditioner if you are driving your car. You need a couple of minutes and the oil vanishes away. It is just simple. Wipe your face with tissue-paper and turn the direction of the chilled air of air-conditioner towards your face. The chilled-air will close the sweat pores and the oozing process will stop. It will take a couple of minutes and you will feel that you never had your face covered with your natural skin oil. 

If you are in your office, college, school or at your home you need to go to your rest room. Wash your face with any face-wash or with a mild soap and rinse your face with chilled-water 
immediately after that
. This cooling will also close the pores and stop the process of oozing-oil out of your skin and you will feel fresh and comfortable. 

- Harish Jharia


10 June 2010

Crazy Ideas: Heart ailments... The 'Tall and short' syndrome:

- Harish Jharia

It is being repeatedly reported in press that people with shorter height are more susceptible to heart ailments / heart failures. This study has been reported to be funded by Finnish Foundation for Cardiovascular Research and Authors and published online in the European Heart Journal. 

Here is the link to one such report online: 
Short people at greater risk of heart disease… 

Times Of India has published this report in their 10 June 2010 edition with a title “Short people at high risk of heart disease”. They have further elaborated the report that people with shorter height of 5’ 3” and below have higher risk of heart failures as compared to the people with a height of 5’ 9” and above.  

I have the following doubts on the report published in Times of India (TOI):

  1. Height cannot be taken as a criterion for such a huge and sensitive study irrespective of gender
  2. Humans of different races have different standard / average heights. 
  3. TOI has reported ‘angioplasties’ as ‘heart problems’ where as Angioplasty is a surgery, done for opening up blocked arteries by inserting a synthetic tube. 
  4. The safe height range as reported in TOI is above 5’ 9”, the dangerous range is below 5' 3" and the people in the doubtful unsafe range are between 5' 3" and 5' 9". 
  5. I am 5’ 8” and if I trust on this report I am well within the unsafe zone. Even about 80% of Indian men women fall in this zone.
  6. This report has been published in so very casual way and is based on vague criterion. This will create widespread fear psychosis among most of the Asian people where the average height of males and females fall in the unsafe zone.

I appeal to the people having shorter heights not to panic with this report, in spite of having published in leading print media and internet. You should rather do regular exercise, eat balanced diet and have sound sleep and fun in your life. 

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09 June 2010

Crazy Ideas: Does Salt Intake Really Affect On Our High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)?

- Harish Jharia

It is a common practice that doctors advise you to reduce salt intake for keeping your blood pressure under control. I wonder if you reduce the salt intake… will the doctor stop the BP pills that you need to take every morning. 

The answer is unambiguously no…! Doctors, infact, advise us to drastically reduce salt intake; in addition to advising us to take BP pills regularly; simply because our BP would not be cured by reducing salt intake. 

I only find it absurd when this salt intake syndrome is blown out of proportions by certain schools of thoughts when they ask people to eat even salads absolutely without salt. 

In fact this misconception is based on the theory that...

"Salt intake increases water retention in our body and in blood. With this the volume of blood is believed to inflate in volume. This enhanced volume of blood increases our blood pressure marginally for a limited period of time. Nevertheless, the effect goes away once the salt flushes out with urine and sweat."

Remember that urine and sweat taste salty because this cleansing system takes away the excessive salt from our body. 

Following are the rolls of salt required for survival of our body: 
  1. Sodium content in salt is an essential nutrient that allows an organism to maintain its ionic balance and to retain water to keep hydrated. 
  2. Without salt we would dehydrate. 
  3. Salt (sodium) plays a major role in human health. It not only feeds nutritional mineral elements to our cells, it also dissolves, sanitizes and cleanses toxic wastes from our system.
  4. It is this latter function that makes salt such a healing substance.  
  5. All classic biology textbooks refer to salt as the cleanser of bodily fluids.
  6. Salt controls the amount of water within our bodies and maintains the critical balance between cells and body fluids.
  7. It also aids in the contraction of muscle tissue and serves as a vital ingredient of blood plasma and digestive secretions.
  8. I do not mean that we may take excessive salt. In fact our body will reject the attempts of eating excessive salt and eventually result in vomiting. 
Excessive consumption of everything is bad for our body and may damage our system to an extent of incurable condition and salt is no exception. 

This article is written based on my personal observations and on the information collected from the media. My intention for publishing the same is to provide healthy reading and intellectual entertainment and not for educating the visitors. No literature or authentic books have been referred for writing the contents of this article. The visitors are advised not to refer the contents of this article for any research or testimony on academic or legal purposes. The visitors are further advised to consult relevant experts before adapting any information from this article. The author or the website are not responsible for any errors, mistakes, or omissions there in. 
- Harish Jharia

07 June 2010

Visitors spotted on Discover Life:

Visitors spotted on "Discover Life":

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2. Abu Dhabi, UAE
3. Ahmadabad, India
4. Airdrie, UK
5. Aizawl, India
6. Ajax, Canada
7. Ajmer, India
8. Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
9. Alexandria, USA
10. Allahabad, India
11. Allen, United States.
12. Allentown, USA
13. Allschwil, Switzerland.
14. Alpharetta, United States
15. Alphen, Netherlands.
16. Ambala, India
17. Ambler, United States
18. Ambly, Belgium
19. Amite, USA
20. Amritsar, India
21. Anand, India
22. Anantpur, India
23. Ancaster, Canada
24. Anderson, USA
25. Angul, India.
26. Ankara, Turkey
27. Arbor, United States.
28. Arlington Heights, USA
29. Arlington, United States
30. Ashburn, USA
31. Asheville, United States
32. Ashtabula, United States.
33. Athens, Greece
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35. Auckland, New Zealand
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37. Avon, United States.
38. Baguio, Philippines
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40. Ballarat, Australia.
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45. Barnoldswick, United Kingdom
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213. Ibadan, Nigeria 
214. Ijsselstein,  Netherlands
215. Indialantic, United States
216. Indianapolis, United States
217. Indore, India
218. Iselin, USA
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220. Istanbul, Turkey.
221. Jabalpur. India
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227. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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232. Jiddah, Saudi Arabia
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236. Kalpakkam, India
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238. Kandy, Sri Lanka
239. Kannur, India
240. Kapellen, Belgium
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244. Kaul (Kulu), India
245. Kazan, Russian Federation.
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251. Kitchener, Canada
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334. Nagari, India
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337. Naperville, United States
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340. New Delhi, India
341. New Heaven, United Sates
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352. Oak Forest, United States
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378. Penfield, United States
379. Peoria, United States 
380. Perth, Australia.
381. Petersburg, South Africa
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384. Phoenix, United States
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402. Rabat, Morocco 
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447. Sault Sainte Mary, USA
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450. Seekonk, USA
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469. State College, United States
470. State College, United States***
471. Stockholm, Sweden.
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473. Surat, India
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475. Sydney, Australia
476. Tallahassee, United States.
477. Tambaram, India
478. Tanzania, URT
479. Taunton, United States.
480. Tempe, United States
481. Thane, India
482. Thessaloniki, Greece 
483. Thiruvananthapuram, India
484. Thornhill, Canada.
485. Thrissur, India.
486. Timmins, Canada 
487. Tipton, United States
488. Tiruchirapalli, India
489. Tiruppur, India
490. Tokyo, Japan
491. Toronto, Canada***
492. Toronto, Canada
493. Towson, United States.
494. Trichy, India
495. Tulsa, United States
496. Tunisia
497. Turin, Italy.
498. Tuticorin, India
499. Udaipur, India
500. Udupi, India
501. Ujjain, India
502. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
503. Umea, Sweden
504. Unknown, African Continent
505. Unknown, African Island 
506. Unknown, Asia/Pacific Region
507. Unknown, Australia 
508. Unknown, India
509. Unknown, India 
510. Unknown, Indonesia 
511. Unknown, Philippines 
512. Unknown, Saudi Arabia 
513. Unknown, United Kingdom
514. Unknown, United States
515. Unknown, Asia Pacific
516. Unknown, Australia
517. Unknown, Brunei
518. Unknown, Finland
519. Unknown, Greece
520. Unknown, India
521. Unknown, Nigeria
522. Unknown, Philippines
523. Unknown, Poland
524. Unknown, Saudi Arabia.
525. Unknown, UK
526. Unknown, Ukraine.
527. Upon Tyne, United Kingdom.
528. Vadodara, India
529. Valenzuela, Philippines
530. Van Nuys, United States
531. Varanasi, India.
532. Vélizy, France.
533. Velluru, India
534. Verdun, Canada
535. Versailles, United States.
536. Verwoerdburg, South Africa.
537. Veyangoda, Sri Lanka 
538. Vienna, Austria.
539. Vijayawada, India
540. Villupuram, India
541. Vilnius, Lithuania.
542. Virginia Beach, USA
543. Visakhapatnam, India
544. Vra, Denmark
545. Waddy, United States
546. Waipahu, United States
547. Wallingford, United States.
548. Walpole, USA
549. Warangal, India
550. Warrington, United Kingdom 
551. Warsaw, Poland
552. Washington, United States
553. Waterloo, Canada
554. Watford, United Kingdom
555. Weatherford, United States
556. Westmead, Australia 
557. Weybridge, United Kingdom
558. Wheaton, United States 
559. Wichita Falls, United States
560. Wichita, USA
561. Windang, Australia
562. Winston Salem, United States
563. Woodbridge, Canada
564. Woudenberg,  Netherlands
565. Yaba, Nigeria
566. Yakima, USA
567. Yarramalong, Australia 
568. Yerevan, Armenia
569. Zagreb, Croatia
570. Zambia, African Continent
571. Zoetermeer, Netherlands