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22 September 2013

TV Review - Reality show Bigg Boss Season Saath 7 and the housemates

- Harish Jharia

‘Bigg Boss Saath 7’ ...the one of the most popular reality shows is already running on Colors TV channel since 15th September, 2013. There were 15 contestants as the housemates in the Bigg Boss house, one out of whom Hazel Keech has been evicted from the house on 21 September 2013.  

Following are the contestants in the Bigg Boss House locked under a virtual confinement for the next three months: 

Anita Advani, 50; an Indian Business-woman claims to be Rajesh Khanna's live-in partner. She had even sent a legal notice to his family members claiming a legal share in his property, after the death of the super star Rajesh Khanna. A soft-spoken, down to earth and straight forward person. She pays respect to others and expects the same from them.

Arman Kohli, 41 is an Indian Actor who acted in many films like Virodhi, Qahar, Dushman zamana, Anaam, Kohra, Juaari, Veer, Jaani Dushman(2002) etc. He is the son of producer, director Rajkumar Kohli. He made his acting debut as a child actor in his father's films Badle Ki Aag (1982) and Raj Tilak (1984). Eventually he was launched as an actor in 1992 in Virodhi. 

Pratyusha Banerjee, 22 is an IndianTelevision Actress who is famous for her role as Anandi in the popular TV serial Balika Vadhu on Colors TV.  She was born and raised in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and is now settled in Mumbai for the last 4 years. She is a short-tempered, and emotional person with reserved nature. 

Sangram Singh, 28 is an Indian Wrestler who came in limelight after he posed in his birthday suit with just a fig-leaf covering his body. He also heated up interactions on internet with a steamy photo-shoot along with Payal Rohatgi. Sangram Singh was born in Madina villageand later paralyzed for 8 years on a wheelchair. Nevertheless, with his will power has transformed him into a famous international wrestler. He won a Gold Medal in the Commonwealth Wrestling bout. He has also been a part of many TV reality shows like 100 percent, De Dhana Dhan, Big TOSS, Guinness World Records and Survivor India. He believes in "Efforts are never wasted" and "Nothing is impossible".

Elli Avram, 23 is a Swedish Actress, all set to make her Bollywood debut opposite TV anchor-turned-actor Manish Paul in Saurabh Varma’s upcoming flick, "Mickey Virus", a comic thriller. She is the daughter of the veteran Swedish actor Maria Granlund, who worked with Ingmar Bergman in Oscar winning film 'Fanny and Alexander'. Elli Avram has learned ballet, belly dance, Bollywood dance, kathak, Bharatnatyam etc. Elli feels attached to India and indian culture since her childhood and feels cofortable in Mumbai.

Rajat Rawail (Now Evicted), 42 is an Indian Film Producer, Actor and Director. He is the Producer of the Bollywood blockbuster movie 'Ready' and has also played a funny character of Tsunami Singh in 'Bodyguard'. He was born and brought up in Mumbai in a filmy family.

Kushal Tandon, 28 is an Indian Model turned Television Actor, known for his role as Virat Singh Vadhera in a television serial ‘Ek Hazaaron Main Meri Behna Hai’. He stood 6th in the ‘Eastern Eye’ a UK magazine's ‘The 50 sexiest Asian men 2012’ and was on the Top 20 in People Magazine. Kushal Tandon hails from Lucknow and is the runner's up of Grasim Mr.India contest. He has also walked on ramp for much fashion shows like  Provogue, Spykar, Giodarna and Lakme. He has featured in many ads with big brands such as Sony Ericsson, Skoda, Activa, Airtel, Dairy Milk, Reid & Taylor etc . Later on, he went to the United States for his studies in the New York Film Academy.

Kamya Punjabi, 35 is an Indian Actress, better known as Sindoora in a television show ‘Banoon Main Teri Dulhan’. She is in the industry for the last ten years. She acted in television shows like Kehta Hai Dil, Kyun Hota Hai Pyaar, Ret, Astitva-Ek Prem Kahani, Comedy Circus etc in addition to a few movies and music albums. 

Hazel Keech (Now Evicted), a British Actress better known for her supporting role in the Bollywood film Bodyguard. She grew up in a British & Indo-Mauritian home. She has always been attracted and attached to Indian culture. She has featured in a music video for the remix song 'Kahin Pe Nigahein' in 2007, remixed by DJ Shezwood.

Shilpa Agnihotri, 31 is an Indian actress / Event manager. She was a well-known face of television shows like Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi, nach baliye, saas vs bahu, pati patni aur woh, survivor India and many music videos. Being a naval officer's daughter she is an extrovert. When she was 15, she was spotted by someone at a mall outside her college who offered her an ad film that made her a famous Sunsilk face. She married Apurva Agnihotri at the age of 22 and living a happy married life. She is an actor by default, a housewife by choice and an activist working for animal cause. 

Apurva Agnihotri, 40 is an Indian Film and television Actor. He is considered as a shy and introvert person but sometimes thought to be arrogant by strangers. Apurva wants to be remembered as a creative professional behind the camera, creating wonderful films as a director and writer like his father.

Ratan Rajpoot, age not disclosed, is an Indian Television Actress, better known for her lead role in an Indian TV serial 'Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo' as Laali and a reality aired television show 'Swayamvar Season 3' (Ratan Ka Rishta). She is girl from asmall town carrying  very big dreams.

Gauahar Khan, 30 is an Indian Actress, better known for her dance numbers 'Jhalla' and 'Chokra Jawaan' in Ishaqzaade and 'Parda Parda' from Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. She was also featured in a Bollywood movie 'Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year' opposite Ranbir Kapoor. Gauahar was the Miss India international 2002 and started her career as a model. She was widely appreciated for her variety of dance numbers performed in the reality show Jhalak Dikkhla Jaa. Gauahar and her sister were featured in a reality show 'Khan Sisters' on UTV Bindass which turned her image into a celebrity. She has completed her first film as the lead heroine opposite Rajev Khandelwal titled 'Fever', scheduled to be released in January 2014.

VJ Andy, 32 is a British TV Presenter and Choreographer. He earned fame as a VJ With Channel V for the shows viz Dare to Date, Date My Folks, U R Fired, Bollywood Non-Sunsex, Get Gorgeous 5 & 6, Beauty and the Geek and others. He is also the choreographer of the hit music Video ‘Kaliyon ka Chaman’ etc. Andy also did a small role in Bollywood's “Yet another love story” and 'Bachna-E-Haseeno'. He is also the costume designer for some films like Tahsan, Bachna-E-Haseeno and Ghajini. He worked with the top Indian designers for Fashion shows for films and fashion shows.

Tanishaa Mukherji, 35 is an Indian actress, better known for her role in the movie Neal N Nikki and followed by Sarkar, Sarkar Raj, Sssshhh, Tango Charlie etc. She is the daughter of Shomu Mukherjee and actress Tanuja and the younger sister of film star Kajol. She hails from a family that dominated Bollywood since the 1940s. Tanishaa is also acting in a Marathi film titled 'Adhantari'. She has also been the co-producer of the Bollywood movie ‘Son of Sardar’.

10 September 2013

Why girls and young women are gang-raped in India

                  Utter failure of the system

- Harish Jharia

In the recent times there has been a steep escalation in the cases of gang rapes against girls and women in India. Such cases depend on the sexual attitude of male population towards their female counterparts in a particular society, place and region. It also depends on the careless and unsecured venturing out by girls and women at late nights and in secluded places.  

Following are the categories of sexual offenders who are suspected to commit gang rapes on girls and women: 
  1. The gang-rapists are usually found in the age group between 17 year to 35 year
  2. These sex offenders are usually unmarried men, separated married men or widowers 
  3. Most of these rapists are either illiterates or dropouts from schools 
  4. Most of these rapists are either unemployed vagabonds or unskilled / skilled laborers like drivers, cleaners, daily wage workers etc 
  5. These sex criminals usually hail from poor families living in slums 
  6. The Rapists plan and execute sexual crimes at their favorite places vulnerable for girls and women 
  7. Some of the sex criminals are suspected to be victims of child-abuse in their early lives
  8. Some of the rapists are suspected to be mentally abnormal like being short-tempered, insensitive, cruel, criminal minded etc 
                                Risky location  

Following are the vulnerable situations and conditions for gang rapes on girls and women:
  1. Girls and women who venture out all alone at late nights and to isolated places may fall prey to these molesters
  2. Girls and women connected to discothèques, and night clubs are more susceptible to  gang rapes, if they commute all alone at late nights, especially on taxies and other public transports   
  3. Gangs of sex offences also target romantic couples who find secluded places for their meetings. The goons first threaten the couple, overpower the male partner and then molest the female 
  4. Girls and women boarding empty taxis  auto rickshaws, buses or train compartments at nights are also vulnerable to sexual offences committed by vagabonds 
                        Rave Parties in India 

What the government and society should do to eliminate sexual crimes against girls and women:
  1. The local police should enforce law in such a way that girls and women become safe everywhere and every time, round the clock and no incident of molestation takes place
  2. The police and local administration should attend to the victims, file FIR, arrest the culprits and initiate criminal proceedings immediately against them 
  3. The society should develop a healthy social order that people stop treating girls and women as commodities for quenching their lust (हवस)
  4. Girls and women should also follow some code of conduct for ensuring their own safety
  5. Girls and women should not venture out to secluded places in day or night all alone or with a companion. 
  6. Girls and women should avoid visiting or working in discotheques or night clubs in nightshifts if they do not have their own mode of transport. They should also avoid attending such programs if they are not in a group of 4-5 friends
  7. Women organizations and overenthusiastic social workers should not criticize  intellectuals and senior citizens, calling them morale police,  who propose security precautions for girls and women 
  8. Cheap item numbers, filthy dialogues, rustic songs and erotic exposure of female bodies in films and television definitely pollute people’s attitude towards girls and women. Films and television programs are required to be drastically refined and made much decent
  9. Girls and women have recently started sporting western outfits like hot pants, skintight jeans and tops, thereby exposing cleavages, waistlines, legs and armpits. Indian common men are not used to watch such western avatars of Indian girls and woman 
  10. The boys and young men hailing from poor and illiterate families look at the girls and women in western outfits, as if they are item girls of films and TV commercials. That is the reason why they stare at them, stalk them and try to touch them 
  11. These vagabonds then set out for locating helpless girls or women after developing perverted sex desire and molest them on the first available opportunity

05 September 2013

What is the difference between Cheese (चीज़) and Paneer (पनीर)

- Harish Jharia

Cheese and Paneer are almost similar dairy products but quite different in taste, texture and other characteristics. The processes of preparation of cheese and paneer are also different. Paneer’s preparation is quite simple and it can be done at home with the tools and ingredients available in domestic kitchens; whereas, the preparation of cheese is a bit complex and needs specific tools, ingredients and expertize for making it. 

How is Paneer made: 

For making paneer out of 1 litre of milk, you need 3-4 spoonful of lemon juice, muslin cloth, strainer, and two- 2 litre cooking utensils (पतीले). 

Heat the milk in a cooking utensil, until it reaches its boiling point. Put off the fire and add 1 spoonful of lemon juice at a time and keep stirring the milk constantly. Add 2nd and 3rd spoonful of lemon juice at reasonable gaps and keep stirring the hot milk until the milk disintegrates into curds and whey (दूध का पानी).

Now, put the strainer on another utensil; spread muslin cloth on it and pour the disintegrated milk over it, straining out the whey into the utensil. Keep aside the whey and preserve it for future use in place of lemon juice.  

Then rinse the curds thoroughly with fresh water. Remove the curds along with the muslin cloth and wrap the cloth around the curds tightly into a desired shape and keep it pressed under a weight of approximately 2kg for 3 hours. Remove the weight when all the whey squeezes out and the curds become firm and solid. Finally, soak the block of curds in ice water for 5 minute and remove the paneer from the cloth. 

How is Cheese made:

There are many types of cheese and are prepared with as many methods. Although, cheese in its most basic form involves curdling milk and then separating the solids from the whey, some cheeses undergo additional steps and need more time for preparation. The variety of cheese, the taste, texture, color, and aroma depends on what process it goes through thereafter. 

1. Curdling:
Curdling (जमाना) milk is the first step for separating the milk solids from the liquid including whey protein and water. The milk is curdled by adding an enzyme (fermenter) such as rennet (जामन). 

Rennet is the oldest method of curdling milk as it is found in the stomach linings of ruminants (जुगाली करने वाले जानवर). Rennet is an enzyme that denatures the proteins in milk and forming curds (छैना). Curds formed with rennet have a gel-like consistency that allows them to be stretched and molded unlike curds formed as paneer. Cheeses with good melting qualities, such as mozzarella, are produced with rennet. Nowadays, rennet is produced in bulk by genetically modifying bacteria to produce the required enzyme. This allows for an unlimited amount of rennet to be produced at a much lower price.

2. Processing:
  1. After curds are separated from the whey, they undergo processing eventually producing distinct varieties of cheese sold in the market.
  2. Many cheeses are heated and salted for further squeezing out more moisture. The more moisture squeezed out of the curd, the harder would be the cheese. This also allows the longevity of cheese, when the salt will provide extra flavor.
  3. Some cheeses such as mozzarella undergo stretching process for aligning the proteins and developing fibers giving the cheese a stringy texture.
  4. Milder cheeses, such as Colby or Gouda are passed through several washings for reducing its acidity and proving mild and creamy flavor to shine through.
3. Ripening:
Ripening or aging process is applied to provide much different flavors for specific varieties of cheese. Cheese is stored under controlled environmental conditions in order to let natural microbes to transform proteins and other constituents into various highly flavored compounds. Many cheeses are applied with specific bacteria for producing desired flavor, color and texture. 

Gasses generated by bacteria in Swiss cheese get entrapped within the cheese and create the classic bubble texture. The distinct blue veining in blue cheese is also created by bacteria that get inoculated in the cheese.