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28 April 2011

This happens only in India: Police grills victim, not the culprit… Arunima Sinha refutes UP Government Railway Police’s (GRP) allegations against her…

Read: "Arunima Sinha disputes GRP findings"

Arunima Sinha being shifted to Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University. Lucknow - PTI

This happens only in India: Police grills victim and not the culprit… 

Yes indeed, this happens only in India. Here police have investigated against Arunima Sinha who was a victim of chain snatching, physical manhandling and hurling her out of a running train. The police however, did not do anything for arresting the culprits who committed the ghastly crime. 

If robbing, molesting and attempting to kill a young woman is not considered a crime in Indian republic than what else the law enforcement organizations expect to be committed by criminals, adequate for nabbing them and sending them to jail. 

Running trains in India are safe heavens for unruly youths doing all sorts of unlawful acts onboard like, eve teasing, boarding ladies’ compartments, molesting them and in some cases rob them of their belongings, including cash and jewelry. These youths are mostly less educated and unemployed ruffians roaming around on railway platforms and trains and doing petty crimes like pick-pocketing and lifting belongings of passengers. 

Indian express trains are briefly converted in ordinary passenger trains in the morning hours to facilitate daily commuters who travel on up-down basis for attending their jobs and educational institutions on monthly railway passes. Most of these daily commuters break-in to reserved compartments and forcibly invade the seats and berths of genuine passengers who pay for their reserved accommodations. 

Some of these daily commuters are also found in indulging in unlawful activities like eve teasing and passive molestation of women and girls. Railway protection forces have no control over such activities. This failure of the railways results in misfortunes like that faced by Arunima Sinha.
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26 April 2011

Poem: The first beam of the day


Poem: The first beam of the day

©Harish Jharia

We are right from this planet
Born and counting down for the cycle to end
Carrying dreams and desires to excel 
Yet, all things don’t go as we wish
We suppress them 
To make ways
For the nears and dears 
With smiles
Smiles without choked throats
Smiles without sustained tears
Smiles with giggles 
Aloud on full throttle
With a dance of cheer 
Feeling cool breeze of fresh waves
Touching tender petals of fresh blooms
Inhaling fragrant gentle winds 
With a glance at the horizon 
At the first beam of the day
Just for those we love


24 April 2011

India, the largest democracy and contender for UN Security Council seat display low grade crude politics against civil society in Jan Lokpal Bill Drafting Committee

Anna Hazare: The crusader against rampant corruption in India

A joint drafting committee for Jan Lokpal Bill has been constituted through a Government of India Gazette Notification. There are 5 members of congress (Cabinet Ministers) and five members from the civil society (Social activists and legal experts) have been officially nominated. 

Leader of the ruling coalition Sonia Gandhi has supported the formation of this committee and the Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh has also expressed faith in the philosophy of Lokpal and promised the country that the Anticorruption bill will be passed in the monsoon cession. 

In spite of all the positive statements of the topmost congress leaders in the government and the gazette notification published by the union government, a parallel negative campaign of senior congress party office bearers has created a state of uncertainty about the whole issue. Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh has been the most vocal critic of a couple of members of the civil society. 

In addition to the above there have been reports of similar negative outbursts of frustration by leaders of the opposition parties also. These politicians have gone to the extent of questioning as to how Anna Hazare can call all the Indian politicians as corrupt. They said that Anna Hazare has exploited the Gandhian system of protest of nonviolence (Satyagrah) via a fast unto death. 

They accused Anna of supporting communal forces because he appreciated the rural development brought by Narendra Modi the Chief Minister of Gujarat and Nitish Kumar the Chief Minister of Bihar. This arrogant reaction obviously appears to have been aired for the simple reason that both of the chief ministers belong to non-congress parties. 

Politicians, crossing party lines, have joined hands in maligning the images of the civil society members of Jan Lokpal bill drafting committee. They are also targeting the leaders who are extending support to the civil society members. These Indian politicians have even raised doubts against the basic structure of the committee. There has been a demand from a non-congress chief minister that the Joint Drafting Committee should have a member from dalit community.  

There is an obvious unrest among Indian politicians and some business houses due to the revolutionary progress in the direction of bringing the anticorruption Jan Lokpal Bill to reality. Now the mammoth question today is whether these politicians will let the bill passed in the Indian Parliament


19 April 2011




Please go to the CBSE website to know your result instantly:

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Arunima (Sonu) Sinha has been shifted to AIIMS , New Delhi by flight from CSMMU, Lucknow:

Arunima (Sonu) Sinha being shifted to AIIMS, New Delhi

Arunima (Sonu) Sinha has been shifted to AIIMS , New Delhi by flight from CSMMU, Lucknow:

National level volleyball player Arunima (Sonu) Sinha, had lost her leg in a train robbery bit by goons onboard a train near Bareli, Uttar Predash, India. She was sent to the Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University (CSMMU) in Lucknow for advanced treatment. The doctors at CSMMU further referred her to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences AIIMS, New Delhi.  

She has since been brought to AIIMS by a special aircraft arranged by the Uttar Pradesh government. Earlier the sports authority of India had paid `2,00,000/- to her mother through their officials Sanjay Saraswat and Rachna Govil. Union Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Ajay Maken also visited Sonu at the trauma centre at CSMMU in Lucknow and issued orders for shifting Arunima to AIIMS, New Delhi.

It is reported that Arunima’s amputated left leg had been infected and doctors at AIIMS have advised surgery for removing the infected tissues. Multiple fractures have been found on her right leg also that has been plastered. The case study by the AIIMS says that Arunima’s condition is stable and she will be able to walk after her treatment.

The bad part of this progress is that the hooligans who pushed Arunima out of the running train on the adjoining track in front of another running train are still absconding. Uttar Pradesh police and Railway police have not yet succeeded in nabbing them. 

Arunima has been provided financial relief and best treatment; but she is still being denied justice

18 April 2011

Far the people, off the people and bye the people: We have a typical governance of a developing country…

Far the people, off the people and bye the people: 
We have a typical governance of a developing country… 

We are so very god-fearing people that we leave everything for the God to take care of. That means we need not work because there is God the almighty to bear our burdens. We do not believe in hard work since we love to work hardly. We are so very intelligent to discover many loopholes in our code of conduct in order to run the show ‘to the rule’ and well within the legal tolerable limits and look busy all the time. We make it sure that we never break any law and keep away from the clutches of the police and other law enforcement agencies. We enjoy our lives and earn fortunes that many others fail to do. 

Our governess  keep our electric supply at a low key because we have a huge Diesel (electric) generator DG industry and a world class power backup ‘inverter’ industry that runs in billions of rupees and provides employment to hundreds of thousands. We pay our taxes and revenues to the state and local bodies in the hope of getting uninterrupted power supply and drinking water. 

Nevertheless, we are so broad minded citizens that we do not mind opening our wallets for power backup facilities and living a peaceful civic life with our mouths shut.  
We do not know how the huge malls and star hotels keep their lighting and central air-conditioning switched-on all the time where we use to plug the power supply gap with power backup services, paying hefty charges for the same. 

We have discovered a gigantic infrastructure of ‘private security services’ for providing employment to the common people with or without education and with absolutely no restrictions on age for the employees. This huge sector is not a substitute to police. It is in fact the second line of security provided to the people of our country that shares the burden of our police force. We the large hearted people just do not mind paying for this unavoidable requirement in a country where lawlessness, crime and corruption is well known worldwide.  

           Adarsh Housing Society Scam

We believe in local self governance that’s why we encourage RWAs (Residents Welfare Associations) to work for the civic amenities rather than bothering the Municipal Corporations to provide civic utilities and amenities to the common people in their day-today life. These corporations are meant for collecting revenues for their survival, rather than providing services in exchange of the revenues collected by them. Sweeping roads, collecting trash, maintaining roads, drains, sewage wastes and water supply are not the jobs of the governance; because governments are not servants for providing services.   

Our judiciary is working overtime to attend to the ‘right to information’ RTI inquiries by activists and issue orders to the governments, police, CBI etc. The media usually overreacts by saying that the Supreme Court is literally doing the jobs that should have been attended to by the governments

Anyways, everything in our country has become so hotchpotch that we just cannot make out as to what is ones specified job and what all is being done by that organization. Now the governments and the local bodies have also discovered ways to delay or avoid replying to the RTI inquiries from common people. 

Anna Hazare has succeeded in getting a gazette notification published and a joint drafting committee formed for the Jan Lokpal Bill. We are watching the progress step by step with a hope that this series of relentless efforts will eventually bailout our country from the select club of the most corrupt nations in the world as declared by the Transparency International

From fodder scam to commonwealth games, 2G scam, the shameful Adarsh Society scam and many other corruption cases in tune of millions of billions of rupees are pinching our conscience all the time and killing our self confidence and sense of security. The politicians are not leaving any stone unturned in pursuit of stopping the formation of a ‘Jan Lokpal authority’ that might uncover the huge wealth acquired by many of them. 

Notwithstanding the fact that there are many honest politicians in our country who are keeping this nation intact and secured, rest of the crowd in the political field is full of corrupt and criminal characters. 

We hope that the lokpal bill is passed in the parliament and the Jan Lokpal Authority JLA comes into being. We also hope and wish that the JLA is not influenced and exploited by the bigwigs against whom it is formed to take actions and send them to jail.