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07 April 2011

Anti-corruption Lokpal Bill: Anna Hazare blows bugle of revolution against the rampant corruption prevailing in India

                              Anna Hazare

Anti-corruption Lokpal Bill: Anna Hazare blows bugle of revolution against the rampant corruption prevailing in India

Soldier-turned-social reformer Anna Hazare, has grabbed national headlines in the last 24 hours with his campaign for bringing out an effective law against corruption in India. His demand is for official introduction of an effective Anticorruption Lokpal Bill for detecting corruption among politicians and government officials and eventually punishing them, in order to root it out from this country. 

His crusade is for an official gazette notification by the government for constituting a drafting committee for Anticorruption Lokpal Bill and then getting it approved by the parliament in order to make it a law. 

Anna Hazare's fast unto death against corruption in India... Kiran Bedi also seen with him

Anna's historic crusade was for the introduction of the Right to Information (RTI) Act in Maharashtra. Anna felt that the Official Secrets Act of 1923 imposed by the British was used to loot the country. He led a protest to force the government for removing the Official Secrets Act and replace the same with transparency in the government that would have been possible by introducing the Right to information act.

In order to seek rights to know as to what goes on in government offices and ministries, he undertook a fast unto death at Azad Maidan, Mumbai in 2003. This protest resulted into implementation of state RTI Act. Nevertheless, the legislation passed by the Maharashtra Government was ineffective because of any loopholes in it. Subsequently, he resumed the campaign and succeeded in setting up an expert citizens' committee to strengthen the toothless law. Eventually, this act became the main theme of the national Right to Information RTI Act that came into force on 12 October 2005. 


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