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09 April 2011

Anti-corruption Lokpal Bill: Anna Hazare’s struggle against corruption records its first achievement

Anti-corruption Lokpal Bill:  Anna Hazare’s struggle against corruption records its first achievement

Anna Hazare was on a fast unto death for the past 96 hours that he broke at 10:53am at Janter Manter by taking a glass of lemon water offered by a 6 year girl present in the crowd on 9 April 2011.  Before breaking his own fast the soldier turned Gandhian social worker Anna Hazare offered lemon water to some of the 20 plus volunteers observing similar fast along with him.

He concluded the first step of struggle against corruption after receiving a gazette notification published by the Government of India, constituting a committee for drafting anticorruption laws and the ways to enforce the same. The proposed 10 member committee will have 5 members each from the government and from the public side.  Prnab Mukherjee is proposed to be appointed as chairman of the drafting committee from the government side and farmer Law Minister Shanti Bhooshan as the co-Chairman representing the public. Anna Hazare has also been included as a member of the drafting committee. 

Anna Hazare ends fast with lemon water offered by a little girl

Anna Hazare declared that this is not the final victory of the people of India; it is rather the beginning of a long struggle that should completely eradicate corruption from the basic fabric of the republic of India. He stressed on his demand that the anticorruption Lokpal bill should be passes in the monsoon session of the Indian parliament and the final gazette notification should be published before 15th August 2011 pronouncing it as a law.  
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