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05 February 2011

Transparency International: The Global Coalition against Corruption… India’s ranking in the Global Corruption Barometer

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Transparency International: The Global Coalition against Corruption… India’s ranking in the Global Corruption Barometer... 

- Harish Jharia

Transparency International have published global Corruption perception index (CPI) 2010 Results on their website. Please click the title above to see for yourself as to which country has been placed as the most corrupt, the least corrupt and where does our country stand in this global corruption index. In my case I am interested to see my country India’s position in this Index that has been evolved after intensive surveys done by ‘Transparency International’ across the world.

    2G Spectrum Scam, New Delhi...

Transparency International has evaluated the countries across the globe by carrying out intensive surveys for finding out the level of corruption prevailing in each country. They specified ‘10’ points for the least corrupt country or we may say for the most honest country and ‘0’ points for the most corrupt country that we may call the least honest country. 

I have found that India has been awarded 87th rank with 3.3 points out of 10. The index is consisting of 178 ranks where India stands 87th in the descending order in honesty. The 1st rank has been awarded to the most honest country Denmark with 9.3 marks out of 10 and the 178th rank to Somalia with 1.1 points out of 10.

    Corruption in organizing Commonwealth Games, New Delhi... 

I find my country India sharing the 87th rank with Albania, Jamaica and Liberia with 3.3 points out of 10. Whereas, Pakistan stands at 143rd position with 2.3 points in descending order of the CPI Index.We have been talking about entering the Security Council of the United Nations as the permanent member and hold the veto power in the global organization.  In spite of having full respect to all the countries in the world, on finding India along with these countries in CPI index I wonder how our country will figure among the five super powers in the world that are- China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States.
  1. 20 United Kingdom 7.6
  2. 22 United States 7.1
  3. 25 France 6.8
  4. 78 China 3.5
  5. 87 India 3.3 (We hope to enter)
  6. 154 Russia 2.1
The above are the positions of the five super powers of the world in the global CPI index. If we consider the above ranking as authentic and real; then, India with 3.3 points at the 87th rank cannot be considered so very bad. If elected as the permanent member of the UN Security Council, India will stand below China and above Russia and in a broad perspective India will deserve the permanent membership in the UN Security Council.

    Adarsh Society, Mumbai scam...

In spite of my comments in the above paragraph, the score of 3.3 points out of 10 is a shameful statistics for India who boasts of being the ‘Jagat guru’ (means the ‘global teacher’) and it does not suit to the intellectual status, this country commands in the global perspective. 

India will have to wipe out corruption running in the tune of millions of billions of dollars at the top most levels of governance rather than catching petty crimes of hundreds and thousands and giving exaggerated publicity for the same. 

Corruption that has been unearthed about commonwealth games, 2G Spectrum, black money hoarded by Indians in foreign banks, Adarsh society scam, fodder scam, and very many other condemnable corruption cases have been committed by ministers, Civil Servants, police officials, army officers and other people holding highest key-positions with enormous financial powers and administrative hands of steel that penetrate into deep vulnerable areas, mostly commit these financial crimes. 

We will have to keep in mind that the ratio between the corrupt and the honest bosses is also discouraging. The numbers of corrupt people are more as compared to that of the honest civil authorities.


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