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31 August 2011

Trigeminal neuralgia: A nerve disorder Bollywood star Salman Khan is reported to have been suffering from

Ashburn, Virginia, USA

- Harish Jharia

What Is Trigeminal Neuralgia? 

Trigeminal Neuralgia is a nerve disorder that causes severe stabbing and  electric-shock-like pain in parts around jaws on human face.

What Are the Causes, Incidence, and Risk Factors?
  1. The pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia is initiated from the trigeminal nerve. This nerve carries sensations of pain, touch, feelings etc from human brain to the skin / surface of face. It may affect partly or allover the face, including the region of eye.
  2. Trigeminal Neuralgia conditions usually affect older adults, but it may affect anyone at any age. 
  3. Trigeminal Neuralgia may be caused by Multiple sclerosis Pressure on the trigeminal nerve from a swollen blood vessel or tumor and often, no specific causes are found. Doctors are more likely to find a cause if the patient is younger than the age of 40.
What are the Symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia?
  1. Very painful, sharp electric-shock like spasms that usually last a few seconds or minutes, but can prolong for quite some time. The pain is usually on one side of the face, often around the eye, cheek, and lower part of the face. Pain may be triggered by touch or sounds. Painful attacks of Trigeminal Neuralgia can be triggered by common day-to-day activities, such as Brushing teeth, Chewing, Drinking, Eating, Lightly touching the face and Shaving etc.
Get well soon Salman Khan...
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26 August 2011

Trip to Niagara Falls, Buffalo, USA: A must see real natural wonder

Ashburn, Virginia, USA

- Harish Jharia

                    Panoramic view of Niagara falls      

We were filled with excitement when our SUV left for a seven hour drive from Ashburn, Virginia to Buffalo for seeing Niagara Falls, the greatest natural wonder on this planet.  We stopped once on the way for lunch and stretching out ourselves and eventually reached our destination at 5pm. 

We went directly to an Italian hotel Garden place in Buffalo, took evening tea, rested for a couple of hours and again left for Niagara Falls

I have seen many water falls in India like Dhuaandhaar in Bhedaghat, Jabalpur; the one at Mussorrie, Dehradun and a huge one at Pachmadhi, Piparia. But the magnanimity of Niagara falls outshined all of them. I would prefer to post pictures of this wonder on my site rather than writing anything. Because the pictures will tell all that cannot be expressed in words. 

I would like to enlist some basic information that might help the readers to my site getting answers to questions emergingin in their minds:
  1. Niagara falls have formed on the Niagara river
  2. There are three parts of Niagara Falls… American Falls, Bridal Veil falls and Horseshoed falls
  3. American falls and Bridal Veils twin falls are visible from American side 
  4. All three... Horseshoe, American falls and Bridal Veils falls are visible from Canada side
So here we go… …

           American falls and Bridal Veils twin falls

                                   Horseshoe falls

Here are other pictures that have been shot by me recently: 

                        A tunnel on way to Niagara Falls

              A quick bite on way to Niagara Falls

      Partial view of American falls (Niagara Falls)

Bridging across America and Canada (Niagara Falls)

              Garden Place Hotel where we stayed

                Toronto, Canada across Niagara falls

                   Partial views of Niagara Falls

24 August 2011

Indian Government Plays Delay Tactics: Jan Lokpal bill drafted by Team Anna has been sent to the Parliamentary Standing Committee

Ashburn, Virginia, USA

- Harish Jharia
Anna Hazare leading the anti-corruption movement in India

The Indian government is playing tricks with Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption in deceptive and shrewd way. The Congress ministers and spokespersons were issuing irritating statements in rustic and indecent language. They were making fun of the people’s movement and that of the fast unto death being observed by Anna Hazare. 

Their conduct from the very beginning of the Lokpal talks has been in the negative. Following were few of their negative activities:
  1. The congress members in the Lokpal drafting committee took non-cooperative attitude throughout its drafting activities
  2. The Prime Minister indirectly criticized Anna Hazare’s movement in his address to the nation on the Indian Independence Day
  3. Congress spokespersons Manish Tiwari, Digvijay Singh, Rashid Alvi, Kapil Sibbal and the non-Congress MP Lalu Yadav made public statements that exhibited their refusal to eradicate corruption from the higher places of governance
  4. Prime Minister refused to intervene in the affairs of the Delhi Police in a reply to a letter addressed to him by Anna Hazare. Anna wrote to the PM, requesting for seeking a venue for his fast in New Delhi
Government spokesmen even went to the extent of saying that this agitation had got support from communal forces and from the United States (looks so very funny). 

In a post all party meeting Pranab Mukherjee lead Government team told the civil society team that fasting is a unilateral matter of the civil society and the government has nothing to do with that 

Indian government has succeeded in the diplomatic salvo of calling the all-party meet as the outcome of this meet ended up in sending the Jan Lokpal bill to the parliamentary standing committee prior to submitting the same in the parliament. 

This proposed official formalities recommended by the all-party meet will end up in indefinite delay in the process and non-acceptance of the Jan Lokpal Bill in the parliament. 

These are clear indications of the fact that most of the Indian politicians, irrespective their party affiliations are in support of corruption and the majorities in the house of such politicians will not allow the Jan Lokpal Bill to pass and let it become a law. 

23 August 2011

5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits the United States’ East-Cost: my Ashburn trip becomes unforgettable experiencing the live tremors…

Ashburn, Virginia, USA

New York office workers gather on a sidewalk after their building was evacuated... 

Today on Tuesday, 23 August 2011 an earthquake of 5.9 magnitude struck the seismically tranquil mid-Atlantic states on the eastern coast of the United States at 2:00 pm. The epicenter of the sequential vigorous jolts was Virginia, 135km southwest of Washington DC. It is amongst the strongest tremors striking the eastern state after 1897.

Incidentally, I am also staying in Virginia State more precisely at Ashburn. It was approximately 2 pm on 23rd August 2011. I was taking a post-lunch nap and was awoken by my terrified daughter, shouting for immediate evacuation out of the house. I was shocked to find my bedroom jolting due to strong tremors. I, along with my wife, daughter and a 7 year old grandson rushed out of the house and stood in the front lawns. We did not understand for quite some time as what might have happened. 

We however realized that it must have been an earthquake. We tried to call my son-in-law for inquiring his wellbeing and whereabouts. But to our surprise we found the telephone lines and mobile network completely jammed. Neither we could call anybody nor could we receive calls from our curious friends and relatives. 

At 2:10pm we went inside the house and switched on the TV. We came to know the details of the earthquake from the news bulletin that has been described in the opening paragraph of this post. The news bulletin also said that there were chances of aftershocks within the next hour. We felt a bit scared and kept ourselves dressed-up and ready to rush out in case of any probable aftershocks. 

Thank God we did not experience any after shocks there after. Strong tremors were felt in the entire eastern coastal region of the US including Washington DC, New York, adjacent parts of Canada, Maryland, Baltimore, Columbia, Atlanta, Georgia, and all other places in the east. No major damages to people or property have been reported except minor damages from a few places in central Virginia only, including a water-pipe damage in Pentagon.