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26 August 2011

Trip to Niagara Falls, Buffalo, USA: A must see real natural wonder

Ashburn, Virginia, USA

- Harish Jharia

                    Panoramic view of Niagara falls      

We were filled with excitement when our SUV left for a seven hour drive from Ashburn, Virginia to Buffalo for seeing Niagara Falls, the greatest natural wonder on this planet.  We stopped once on the way for lunch and stretching out ourselves and eventually reached our destination at 5pm. 

We went directly to an Italian hotel Garden place in Buffalo, took evening tea, rested for a couple of hours and again left for Niagara Falls

I have seen many water falls in India like Dhuaandhaar in Bhedaghat, Jabalpur; the one at Mussorrie, Dehradun and a huge one at Pachmadhi, Piparia. But the magnanimity of Niagara falls outshined all of them. I would prefer to post pictures of this wonder on my site rather than writing anything. Because the pictures will tell all that cannot be expressed in words. 

I would like to enlist some basic information that might help the readers to my site getting answers to questions emergingin in their minds:
  1. Niagara falls have formed on the Niagara river
  2. There are three parts of Niagara Falls… American Falls, Bridal Veil falls and Horseshoed falls
  3. American falls and Bridal Veils twin falls are visible from American side 
  4. All three... Horseshoe, American falls and Bridal Veils falls are visible from Canada side
So here we go… …

           American falls and Bridal Veils twin falls

                                   Horseshoe falls

Here are other pictures that have been shot by me recently: 

                        A tunnel on way to Niagara Falls

              A quick bite on way to Niagara Falls

      Partial view of American falls (Niagara Falls)

Bridging across America and Canada (Niagara Falls)

              Garden Place Hotel where we stayed

                Toronto, Canada across Niagara falls

                   Partial views of Niagara Falls

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