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17 August 2011

Anna Hazare on Fast against Corruption: Indian Minister Kapil Sibbal Calls the Lokpal Bill Crusader as an Outsider Viz-A-Viz the Parliament

Ashburn, Virginia, USA

- Harish Jharia

Kapil Sibbal the union law minister has emerged as the ‘face of the government’ as far as negotiations between the Indian government and Anna Hazare’s civil society is concerned. He appears to have been empowered by the union government to draft strategies, take spot decisions and implement the same in order to tackle the problems arising out of the difference of opinions between the two sides. It is obvious that Kapil Sibbal is taking actions in consultation with the Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh, Home Minister Chidambaram and Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi. 

                              Anna Hazare

Kapil Sibbal was also associated as one of the government members in the drafting committee for the ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’. He played an active role in order to uphold the Congress government’s policies and create situations to overshadow the draft proposed by the civil society. The drafting committee ended in an utter failure and the main points suggested by the civil society were kept out of the draft that was finally submitted to the parliament. The crucial points that were excluded from the final drat were keeping the Prime Minister, judiciary and the elite civil servants  out of the jurisdiction of the propose Jan Lokpal authority. 

This unilateral and authoritative action of government members in the drafting committee, for a powerful authority against corrupt politicians and civil servants, resulted in the ongoing people’s revolution across the country and in many cities world over.  This revolution was initiated after Anna Hazare announced to go for an indefinite fast from 16th August 2011 against the nondemocratic action by the Indian government. 

From this point onwards the Indian government committed multiple mistakes one after the other:
  • Refused permission to Anna Hazare and his followers in Janter Manter for staging protest
  • Proposed to permit Anna Hazare in JP Park for 3 days
  • Arrested Anna Hazare and his team of main civil society members
  • Arrested hundreds of his followers
  • Continued to be indecisive and inconclusive about the place where Anna Hazare and teammates should be kept under arrest
  • Kept escorting the arrested leaders from one place to the other for hours together 
  • Prime Minister declined to oblige on an appeal from Anna Hazare for his intervention and asked him to approach the Delhi police 
  • Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari hurled indecent comments against Anna Hazare  
  • Government issued release orders to the arrested activists unilaterally 
  • Government tried to remove Anna Hazare out of Delhi probably to some place in Maharashtra 
The members of parliament and the people of India were shocked to notice Kapil Sibbal advising the leaders in the parliament to get united across party lines for protecting the prestige of the house by opposing the moves of common people like Anna Hazare.  He tagged Anna Hazare as an outsider who was dictating terms to the apex house of representatives and damaging the prestige of the elected representatives

Right now Anna Hazare, after his release is lodged in a room in the administrative block of Tihar Jail. He has refused to leave the jail unless the government issues Witten permission for his fast in Ramleela Maidan for 30 days without any conditions and restrictions. Thousands of people continue thronging around the Tihar Jail, India Gate and at various other important places in Delhi in support of the movement against corruption, led by Anna Hazare. Similar protests are being staged in many other cities across India and abroad. Indian government has resorted to take defensive posture at back foot and using delay tactics in order to defuse the excitement spreading across the people like wild fire. 


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