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10 August 2011

Trip to Ashburn, Virginia, USA: IGI Airport Delhi looked a world class Airport like Heathrow, London

Ashburn, Virginia, USA

      Flying over Atlantic from London to Ashburn

Trip to Ashburn, Virginia, USA: IGI Airport Delhi looked a world class Airport like Heathrow, London

- Harish Jharia

I recently travelled from Delhi, India to Dulles, USA. I was literally overwhelmed on seeing the latest IGI airport at Delhi, India. I could not believe my eyes as the reconstructed airport in the Indian capital appeared to be the best in the world. On having taken off from Delhi airport I had to land at Heathrow airport at London for changing the flight for Dulles. For the last 12 years, I had been travelling through the Heathrow airport to Ashburn, Virginia, USA and considered Heathrow as the best airport, I had ever travelled through. Nevertheless, after moving around in the latest IGI airport Delhi, my thinking has changed as the IGI appeared to have outscored Heathrow London in all respects.

                         IGI Airport, Delhi, India

The exteriors, the interiors, the facilities, the services and the infrastructure… every single feature of this world class IGI airport, Delhi appeared to be an Indian landmark for which I felt real proud.  I spent about 3 hours in IGI and the stay was a real pleasure.

               Interiors of the British Airways flight

I was escorting a co-passenger who needed a wheel chair. To my pleasant surprise we got the wheelchair with an attendant at the arrival porch at IGI airport, where we alighted from our vehicle. In addition we were also approached by porter services for carrying our luggage around the airport up to the check-in counter. The wheelchair service was free of cost whereas the porter service was provided by a private company at the cost of INR 200/- per porter per cart.

We had registered online-request for wheelchair services with British Airways and the same was available at Heathrow airport as well as at Dulles at the time of disembarkations from the aircrafts. The passengers on wheel chairs were given priority by the airport staff on all the official desks / counters like customs, immigration authorities for completing the desired formalities.


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