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24 August 2011

Indian Government Plays Delay Tactics: Jan Lokpal bill drafted by Team Anna has been sent to the Parliamentary Standing Committee

Ashburn, Virginia, USA

- Harish Jharia
Anna Hazare leading the anti-corruption movement in India

The Indian government is playing tricks with Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption in deceptive and shrewd way. The Congress ministers and spokespersons were issuing irritating statements in rustic and indecent language. They were making fun of the people’s movement and that of the fast unto death being observed by Anna Hazare. 

Their conduct from the very beginning of the Lokpal talks has been in the negative. Following were few of their negative activities:
  1. The congress members in the Lokpal drafting committee took non-cooperative attitude throughout its drafting activities
  2. The Prime Minister indirectly criticized Anna Hazare’s movement in his address to the nation on the Indian Independence Day
  3. Congress spokespersons Manish Tiwari, Digvijay Singh, Rashid Alvi, Kapil Sibbal and the non-Congress MP Lalu Yadav made public statements that exhibited their refusal to eradicate corruption from the higher places of governance
  4. Prime Minister refused to intervene in the affairs of the Delhi Police in a reply to a letter addressed to him by Anna Hazare. Anna wrote to the PM, requesting for seeking a venue for his fast in New Delhi
Government spokesmen even went to the extent of saying that this agitation had got support from communal forces and from the United States (looks so very funny). 

In a post all party meeting Pranab Mukherjee lead Government team told the civil society team that fasting is a unilateral matter of the civil society and the government has nothing to do with that 

Indian government has succeeded in the diplomatic salvo of calling the all-party meet as the outcome of this meet ended up in sending the Jan Lokpal bill to the parliamentary standing committee prior to submitting the same in the parliament. 

This proposed official formalities recommended by the all-party meet will end up in indefinite delay in the process and non-acceptance of the Jan Lokpal Bill in the parliament. 

These are clear indications of the fact that most of the Indian politicians, irrespective their party affiliations are in support of corruption and the majorities in the house of such politicians will not allow the Jan Lokpal Bill to pass and let it become a law. 

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