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18 April 2011

Crazy Ideas: How to manage 10 to 15 small cosmetic items in a bathroom

                                     Green Bathroom

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We usually have large ‘family size’ cosmetic items in bathrooms that are arranged on shelves, racks or on the washbasin sill. Nevertheless, there are small packs of cosmetic items like face creams, shaving accessories etc that are usually hard to arrange and locating when required.

   Small cosmetic tray in a typical Indian Bathroom

It would be a better idea to have a tray on your washbasin sill and keep all the small cosmetic items right in it. 

The tray will facilitate moving all the items at a time from one place to the other on the sill itself. It would also make it easier to remove and replace them from the sill-top while you clean or wipe the sill.


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