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28 April 2011

This happens only in India: Police grills victim, not the culprit… Arunima Sinha refutes UP Government Railway Police’s (GRP) allegations against her…

Read: "Arunima Sinha disputes GRP findings"

Arunima Sinha being shifted to Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University. Lucknow - PTI

This happens only in India: Police grills victim and not the culprit… 

Yes indeed, this happens only in India. Here police have investigated against Arunima Sinha who was a victim of chain snatching, physical manhandling and hurling her out of a running train. The police however, did not do anything for arresting the culprits who committed the ghastly crime. 

If robbing, molesting and attempting to kill a young woman is not considered a crime in Indian republic than what else the law enforcement organizations expect to be committed by criminals, adequate for nabbing them and sending them to jail. 

Running trains in India are safe heavens for unruly youths doing all sorts of unlawful acts onboard like, eve teasing, boarding ladies’ compartments, molesting them and in some cases rob them of their belongings, including cash and jewelry. These youths are mostly less educated and unemployed ruffians roaming around on railway platforms and trains and doing petty crimes like pick-pocketing and lifting belongings of passengers. 

Indian express trains are briefly converted in ordinary passenger trains in the morning hours to facilitate daily commuters who travel on up-down basis for attending their jobs and educational institutions on monthly railway passes. Most of these daily commuters break-in to reserved compartments and forcibly invade the seats and berths of genuine passengers who pay for their reserved accommodations. 

Some of these daily commuters are also found in indulging in unlawful activities like eve teasing and passive molestation of women and girls. Railway protection forces have no control over such activities. This failure of the railways results in misfortunes like that faced by Arunima Sinha.
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