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18 April 2011

Far the people, off the people and bye the people: We have a typical governance of a developing country…

Far the people, off the people and bye the people: 
We have a typical governance of a developing country… 

We are so very god-fearing people that we leave everything for the God to take care of. That means we need not work because there is God the almighty to bear our burdens. We do not believe in hard work since we love to work hardly. We are so very intelligent to discover many loopholes in our code of conduct in order to run the show ‘to the rule’ and well within the legal tolerable limits and look busy all the time. We make it sure that we never break any law and keep away from the clutches of the police and other law enforcement agencies. We enjoy our lives and earn fortunes that many others fail to do. 

Our governess  keep our electric supply at a low key because we have a huge Diesel (electric) generator DG industry and a world class power backup ‘inverter’ industry that runs in billions of rupees and provides employment to hundreds of thousands. We pay our taxes and revenues to the state and local bodies in the hope of getting uninterrupted power supply and drinking water. 

Nevertheless, we are so broad minded citizens that we do not mind opening our wallets for power backup facilities and living a peaceful civic life with our mouths shut.  
We do not know how the huge malls and star hotels keep their lighting and central air-conditioning switched-on all the time where we use to plug the power supply gap with power backup services, paying hefty charges for the same. 

We have discovered a gigantic infrastructure of ‘private security services’ for providing employment to the common people with or without education and with absolutely no restrictions on age for the employees. This huge sector is not a substitute to police. It is in fact the second line of security provided to the people of our country that shares the burden of our police force. We the large hearted people just do not mind paying for this unavoidable requirement in a country where lawlessness, crime and corruption is well known worldwide.  

           Adarsh Housing Society Scam

We believe in local self governance that’s why we encourage RWAs (Residents Welfare Associations) to work for the civic amenities rather than bothering the Municipal Corporations to provide civic utilities and amenities to the common people in their day-today life. These corporations are meant for collecting revenues for their survival, rather than providing services in exchange of the revenues collected by them. Sweeping roads, collecting trash, maintaining roads, drains, sewage wastes and water supply are not the jobs of the governance; because governments are not servants for providing services.   

Our judiciary is working overtime to attend to the ‘right to information’ RTI inquiries by activists and issue orders to the governments, police, CBI etc. The media usually overreacts by saying that the Supreme Court is literally doing the jobs that should have been attended to by the governments

Anyways, everything in our country has become so hotchpotch that we just cannot make out as to what is ones specified job and what all is being done by that organization. Now the governments and the local bodies have also discovered ways to delay or avoid replying to the RTI inquiries from common people. 

Anna Hazare has succeeded in getting a gazette notification published and a joint drafting committee formed for the Jan Lokpal Bill. We are watching the progress step by step with a hope that this series of relentless efforts will eventually bailout our country from the select club of the most corrupt nations in the world as declared by the Transparency International

From fodder scam to commonwealth games, 2G scam, the shameful Adarsh Society scam and many other corruption cases in tune of millions of billions of rupees are pinching our conscience all the time and killing our self confidence and sense of security. The politicians are not leaving any stone unturned in pursuit of stopping the formation of a ‘Jan Lokpal authority’ that might uncover the huge wealth acquired by many of them. 

Notwithstanding the fact that there are many honest politicians in our country who are keeping this nation intact and secured, rest of the crowd in the political field is full of corrupt and criminal characters. 

We hope that the lokpal bill is passed in the parliament and the Jan Lokpal Authority JLA comes into being. We also hope and wish that the JLA is not influenced and exploited by the bigwigs against whom it is formed to take actions and send them to jail.

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