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10 September 2013

Why girls and young women are gang-raped in India

                  Utter failure of the system

- Harish Jharia

In the recent times there has been a steep escalation in the cases of gang rapes against girls and women in India. Such cases depend on the sexual attitude of male population towards their female counterparts in a particular society, place and region. It also depends on the careless and unsecured venturing out by girls and women at late nights and in secluded places.  

Following are the categories of sexual offenders who are suspected to commit gang rapes on girls and women: 
  1. The gang-rapists are usually found in the age group between 17 year to 35 year
  2. These sex offenders are usually unmarried men, separated married men or widowers 
  3. Most of these rapists are either illiterates or dropouts from schools 
  4. Most of these rapists are either unemployed vagabonds or unskilled / skilled laborers like drivers, cleaners, daily wage workers etc 
  5. These sex criminals usually hail from poor families living in slums 
  6. The Rapists plan and execute sexual crimes at their favorite places vulnerable for girls and women 
  7. Some of the sex criminals are suspected to be victims of child-abuse in their early lives
  8. Some of the rapists are suspected to be mentally abnormal like being short-tempered, insensitive, cruel, criminal minded etc 
                                Risky location  

Following are the vulnerable situations and conditions for gang rapes on girls and women:
  1. Girls and women who venture out all alone at late nights and to isolated places may fall prey to these molesters
  2. Girls and women connected to discothèques, and night clubs are more susceptible to  gang rapes, if they commute all alone at late nights, especially on taxies and other public transports   
  3. Gangs of sex offences also target romantic couples who find secluded places for their meetings. The goons first threaten the couple, overpower the male partner and then molest the female 
  4. Girls and women boarding empty taxis  auto rickshaws, buses or train compartments at nights are also vulnerable to sexual offences committed by vagabonds 
                        Rave Parties in India 

What the government and society should do to eliminate sexual crimes against girls and women:
  1. The local police should enforce law in such a way that girls and women become safe everywhere and every time, round the clock and no incident of molestation takes place
  2. The police and local administration should attend to the victims, file FIR, arrest the culprits and initiate criminal proceedings immediately against them 
  3. The society should develop a healthy social order that people stop treating girls and women as commodities for quenching their lust (हवस)
  4. Girls and women should also follow some code of conduct for ensuring their own safety
  5. Girls and women should not venture out to secluded places in day or night all alone or with a companion. 
  6. Girls and women should avoid visiting or working in discotheques or night clubs in nightshifts if they do not have their own mode of transport. They should also avoid attending such programs if they are not in a group of 4-5 friends
  7. Women organizations and overenthusiastic social workers should not criticize  intellectuals and senior citizens, calling them morale police,  who propose security precautions for girls and women 
  8. Cheap item numbers, filthy dialogues, rustic songs and erotic exposure of female bodies in films and television definitely pollute people’s attitude towards girls and women. Films and television programs are required to be drastically refined and made much decent
  9. Girls and women have recently started sporting western outfits like hot pants, skintight jeans and tops, thereby exposing cleavages, waistlines, legs and armpits. Indian common men are not used to watch such western avatars of Indian girls and woman 
  10. The boys and young men hailing from poor and illiterate families look at the girls and women in western outfits, as if they are item girls of films and TV commercials. That is the reason why they stare at them, stalk them and try to touch them 
  11. These vagabonds then set out for locating helpless girls or women after developing perverted sex desire and molest them on the first available opportunity

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