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07 June 2010

Film Review Rakesh Roshan's “Kites”: Hritik Roshan, Barbara Mori


© Harish Jharia

Produced by: Rakesh Roshan 
Released by: Reliance Big Pictures
Directed by: Anurag Basu 
Music:  Rajesh Roshan, 
Cinematography: Ayananka Bose
Stunt coordination: Hollywood’s Spiro Razatos

• Hrithik Roshan 
• Barbara Mori. 
• Kangana Ranaut
• Kabir bedi 
• Nick Brown. 

Note: the English version is re-edited by Mark Helfrich with additional background score by Graeme Revell 

I have watched ‘Kites’ and here is my review after doing all sorts of analysis and discussions with other visitors to the multiplex. 

‘Kites’ has been the most awaited film for the young, old and children. Selective cine-goers who like to watch real quality on the silver screen will always keep watching for creative works by Rakesh Roshan, Amir Khan, Mani Ratnam, Subhash Ghai, Ramesh Sippy, Shekhar Kapoor (typed in random order and missed a few). ‘Kites’ was one such film for which millions of people were counting days for its release. 

Negative Publicity:

Nevertheless, the media and especially the over zealous writers jumped to conclusions even before the release of the film. Their first negative comment was that there are too very intimate scenes in the film and hence the film is not suitable for Indian audience. 

I would like to remind here that Indian people are used to yet more intimate scenes in there day-to-day life. In most of the metros in India you will have to turn your head away from the romance youngsters ‘perform’ on running bikes, cars, on the lawns and gardens of public parks. This comment was just for attracting readership and to some extent fabricated by the anti-Hritik prejudiced media writers. 

We have not yet forgotten the days when Roshans released Krish and the top most stars united together and indulged in negative publicity against the blockbusters of Roshans which overshadowed all other contemporary films released in that period. 

Here goes the story as visualized on watching “Kites”:

Hritik Roshan (Jay) was all alone in the world after his parents died and left him back in Las Vegas for an unending struggle against poverty and his survival in the most expensive city of United States. His struggle against poverty was so very intense and incessant that it was quite apparent in the film that he practically did not have time to breath. Every time a new problem appeared before him well before he could resolve any adversity of his life. 

He had limited resources for survival that he earned out of working as dance instructor in casinos. The other source of income was the common profession of unemployed American youths that is marrying illegal female Mexican immigrants for fees as low as 42 US Dollars per marriage. Such marriages helped the Poor Mexican girls for getting ‘spouse visa’ for entering the United States and eventually finding some job in the US for their survival. Such marriages longed just for few hours and the partners used to get separated from each other before even having introduced with each other.  

Barbara Mori was one such poor girl who married Jay just for entering the US and separated from him immediately after entering the US. Her father died when she was small along with her mother and six sisters. After marrying her and opening legal access for her to the US, Jay forgot about this girl and his life went on simply like that for years until he realized that such earnings would not rescue him out of poverty. With a changed attitude towards life he turned his attention from illegal emigrants to the girls hailing from affluent and wealthy background. 

His life took an unexpected turn when Kangana Ranauat the daughter of the richest casino owner Kabir Bedi attracted at him. It did not take much effort for Jay to impress upon Kabir Bedi and convincing him to get him married to his daughter in order to fetch a secured future and endless fortune.

 This was the point when Barbara Mori appeared in front of him from nowhere. For a moment he could not believe on his eyes that she was the same girl who was married to him earlier. Moreover there was a bigger shock waiting for him that Barbara was the fiancée of Kabir Bedi’s son Nick Brown. 

In fact Barbara and Jay were still husband and wife because they were not divorced. That bond of nuptial knot brought them nearer and eventually a feeling of possessiveness emerged between them. This feeling turned into intense attraction and they found themselves clutched into a state of inseparable bond of love. 

This was a new equation that unexpectedly emerges among Kabir Bedi’s son, Barbara and Jay. In addition to this triangle there was the poor girl Kangana Ranaut who was left all alone; discarded and dejected. She in turn earned tremendous sympathy of everyone and the support of deadly aggressive vengeful furor of her father Kabir Bedi. 

Kabir Bedi and his son came out in open to kill Jay and recover Barbara from him. They falsely accused Jay for stealing millions of dollars from their business house and all sorts of fabricated lies were given to the press and TV news channels. They booked complaints to the US police and joined the police in combing operations in search of the fugitives- Jay and Barbara. 

With this the high action drama, blasts, explosions and high speed chases were portrayed in their highest expertise. The story eventually had a sad end when both Jay and Barbara committed suicide for escaping from the police and the goons together. They embraced voluntary death for escaping from the forced marriages planned for them by Kabir bedi and did that of course for letting their soul to unite after death.  


Hritik Roshan: 
Looked outstanding with his chiseled body and unbelievable energy. He acted extremely well. His expression of pain and compassion were optimum when he was shot at his back and went immobile. 

Barbara Mori: 
Looked a complete woman. Her innocent tongue between teeth smile was right from the heaven as if made exclusively for her. She did not look like the white skinned foreigner and looked more like a girl from Indian places like Kashmere, Koorg, Garhwal etc. 

Kangana Ranaut: 
She looked like the right girl from India to show to the world the mesmerizing Indian beauty. She had very little to do in the film; yet, she did it very well.

Kabir bedi: 
He is as dashing as ever and looked fit for the role he did; as if it was written for him.

Nick Brown: 
He has acted extremely well and it is just impossible to point out any mistake in portrayal of his character.  

Stunt coordination: 
The ultimate job done by Spiro Razatos.

Extremely well done by Ayananka Bose except using very many close-up shots in continued sequence. The importance of close-ups is reduced if they are shown in bulk. 

Very good music by Rajesh Roshan. The composition of western songs is fabulous. He did a great thing by discovering a singer in Hritik Roshan

The 95% direction by Anurag Basu is outstanding; however, in the remaining 5% where he looked missing something, was the correlation between the 4 time slots shown simultaneously. The period when the film started and ended and the other three flashback periods in between were not properly linked together. The climax / end scene looked a bit confusing. 

Rakesh Roshan: 
He managed the show brilliantly; however, left a lot to be attended to. The prints released for showing in India should have been dubbed in Hindi. Dialogues could have been started in original language and after 1-2 seconds they should have been dubbed in Hindi. The subtitles should have been in Hindi / Devnagari. This can be done right now. 

Recommendation: Must see once
Ranking: ****

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