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04 June 2010

National Defence Academy, India:

National Defence Academy, India: 

Introduction as described in their official website: 

During the 60 years since its inception, NDA has steadily grown both in stature and élan. The alumni of this institution constitute the core Leadership of the Indian Armed Forces. Commencing 1991 when all three Service Chiefs were First Course NDA, it has over the last eighteen years maintained an impeccable track record. Indeed as we stand today the three Service Chiefs, three Vice Chiefs and majority of Commander-in-Chief’s besides many others senior officers in the three services are Alumni of NDA. 

The intrepid cadets of yesteryears have not only proved their mettle as military leaders in combat, but also blazed a trail of glory in several other fields across the national firmament. NDA today symbolizes excellence in every pursuit. The tidy 8022 acres of its vast estate reflects the highest standards that the institution has embraced as the foundation and core of its beliefs. Of what it is, and what it aspires to be, all of us, you, I and indeed all our countrymen can be proud of. As Commandant of this great institution, I am delighted to welcome you to the NDA’s website

We in the NDA provide the highest standards of focused training in the professional intellectual, physical, and leadership spheres as also moral and ethical grooming to cadets, using innovative concepts, technologies, corporate and modern practices with a view to providing the Armed Forces, competent potential junior leaders with a high standards of integrity, equipped to function in the battle field of the future and capable of leading troops to victory.

During your visit, you will journey through some eloquent periods of the Academy’s history. This is to give you a sense of the past which has moulded what we see of the NDA today. You will catch glimpses of the multifarious training activities which convert young boys, some still wet behind the ears at the time of joining, into professional Military Leaders of Character and Integrity. You will see our young Cadets vigorously pursuing their dreams with great motivation and apt guidance. The Academy bubbles with their enthusiasm. In documenting these activities, the purpose is not to focus merely on the processes but also the ideas which anchor them.

One of the thoughts behind creation of this web-site is to help keep the bond of kinship amongst all ex-NDAs alive and strong. Many of us have not been able to keep track of our mates with whom we broke bread for three wonderful years of our young lives. This site provides an ideal platform to re-establish connection and exchange notes and experiences. It is also an ideal meeting place to discuss ideas on how to propel this great institution to ever higher trajectories.

NDA is not just about men who have achieved greatness in peace or war. It is also about the indomitable spirit of all those who have been enriched by its ethos and who in turn have left behind a part of their souls to make it the wonderful, vibrant and a much admired entity that it is today. Pages of this website would hopefully reflect all that and more.

Visit their official website: http://nda.nic.in/ 

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