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25 August 2012

Clogged Drains in Delhi Result in flooding water, Traffic Jams and deaths:

     Flooding rain-water on roads of Delhi

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This happens year after year in the Indian capital city of Delhi. Whenever it rains in Delhi… water stagnates, traffic jams and the life of people becomes hell. 

I do not want to write an article on this ongoing problem because I have already written a couple compositions, the links for which have been given at the end of this post.

           Traffic Jam due to rains in Delhi

I would rather like to list out the following points for the information of the readers and of course for the authorities to follow and get rid of this shameful catastrophe: 

  1. The main reason for water logging, flooding and traffic jams is CLOGGED DRAINS.
  2. Clogged drains do not drain out the rain water and accumulate on the roads and in the low-lying areas. 
  3. The main authority responsible for this catastrophe is the MUNICIPAL CORPORATION who is meant for providing effective drainage system for draining-out rain-water and waste water.
  4. Municipal Corporation or Committee, who-so-ever it is, should immediately clear the garbage from the drains in Delhi.
  5. Municipal corporation should have periodical inspection teams to inspect drainage system and maintain the same properly.
  6. Municipal Corporation is collecting compulsory Taxes / revenues from the citizens and it is their basic duty to provide services in return.
  7. This problem of ‘GARBAGE IN DRAINS’ exists across the country, all over India. I browsed across the internet and found that all the cities in India are extremely dirty.
  8. India should not expect effective tourism in this country, unless we learn to live in neat and clean environment. 
  9. A dedicated action plan is required to be chalked out and implemented sincerely and effectively to remove TRASH from DRAINS.
            Trash and garbage in drains
          Trash and garbage in drains

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