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02 January 2013

Delhi Gang Rape December 2012: How to stop rapes and gang rapes in India?

Still image of the indecent rustic video of Celkon: See Sr No: 13 below

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Before exploring an answer for the question “What should we do to stop rapes in India?” it would be indispensable to explore another question that is “Who are responsible for rapes in India?” It would not be possible for India to stop rapes in India without hitting at these two entities that are the ‘disease behind rapes’ and the ‘treatment’ for the same. We cannot treat an ailment unless we diagnose the disease. 

Rape is the resultant indicator of perverted sex syndrome predominantly present in a huge population of Indian people. These perverts do not have any definite choice for gender or age of their prey. They would molest a girl or boy irrespective of their gender. These perverts are so very insensitive and hardcore rapists that they might molest women of any age. Not only teenager girls and young women are their targets, they would not even spare a few month young babies as well as ninety year old grandmas either.  They are real beasts and brutal dangers for women of India.  

The above introduction of the article is self-explanatory. Craving for rapes and the basic instinct of perverted sex is predominantly present in Indian people. Therefore, only sterner police action and speedy judiciary are not going to eradicate rapes from India. We will have to change the culture and psychology of Indian people who look at their female counterparts as sex symbols and not as other human beings.  

I do not mean that all Indian men are hawkeyed, craving for woman preys. The civilized people in India are as decent as their counterparts in other countries. They do respect their womenfolk, take care of their wellbeing and safeguard their modesty.  Nevertheless, quite a big population of men living in villages, small towns, downtowns and slums in big cities, suffer from perverted desire for eve teasing, touching and fiddling with women and molesting them.

These miscreants fiddle with women of all ages, indiscriminately whether they are strangers, acquaintances or even close relations. These inhuman beasts are as dangerous for cousins and nieces at homes as they are for strangers in public places. They do their heinous crimes anytime, anywhere and against anybody.

The recent Delhi gang rape committed on 16 December 2012 has caught the Indian government and Delhi Police at wrong foot. It has stunned and alerted all walks of civic life and the law enforcement agencies in India. It is the high time when we should explore ways and measures to eradicate rapes and gang rapes from India. 

The role of police and judiciary is to develop a sort of deterrent against occurrences of rapes and gang rapes and punish the culprits for their crimes with exemplary punishments. Nevertheless, they cannot eradicate the deep-rooted perverted sex syndrome present among the people. The people, including men and women, will have to come forward to overhaul the social fabric in order to remove this heinous criminal psych from our society. 

Men will have to change themselves and their lustful attitude against women. At the same time the women must also follow all the remedial measures for avoiding occurrences of rapes and gang rapes. 

Here are few points that could be considered for accomplishing this mission:
  1. Indian families should keep vigilant eyes on their children and ensure that they do not become preys to the perverted sexual advances of near relations, friends and strangers.
  2. Indian heads of families should also ensure that any family member does not develop perverted sex desires and eventually turn into rapists. 
  3. Heads of families should also take stringent safety measures for safeguarding their boys, girls and women against any probable fiddling, molestation and rape by insiders and outsiders. 
  4. Even homes are not safe for daughters and sisters in India. A 17 year young girl molested by bus crews on the new-year eve in Delhi, has revealed that she left her home after having raped by her brother. 
  5. In another case in Greater Noida, a handicapped girl has been sexually molested by her father.
  6. Girls and women should not venture out at night in secluded places where antisocial elements with perverted mindset might be waiting for their soft targets. 
  7. Women activists should remember that this mission is anti-rape and anti-molestation. Such heinous crimes are committed by certain categories of men that have perverted sexual craving. The entire male population should not be held responsible for that.
  8. The media and women activists should not overreact on certain comments and advices of some celebrities who are supporting this mission in their own way.
  9. Women and media are straightaway rejecting every single advice given for girls and women. They unilaterally want to change the menfolk and in no way prepared for any change for womenfolk. 
  10. Women activists even go to the extent to condemn the possessiveness and compassion of parents who are worried for their daughter’s safety and follow certain family discipline. 
  11. Families and parents should not be condemned for following codes of conduct for their children and blame them for following double standards for boys and girls. 
  12. TV channels are telecasting filthy advertisements of condoms, body sprays, and other utility items with visuals and messages showing intimate sexual visuals and low grade filthy dialogues. 
  13. Examples- 1: A mobile Advertisement featuring Virat Kohly says in a rustic language - “...मेरे पास लड़की पटाने के दो आइडियाज़ है...” (shameful…) this advertisement projects woman as a prey for flirting by men.
  14. Example- 2: In a body-powder Advertisement, a background voice says - “Just Zatak her…” (shameful…
  15. Such advertisements should be taken off from the media and be censored well before clearing for telecast. 
  16. Bollywood celebrities are posting messages on internet and telecasting comments condemning the Delhi gang rape. On the other hand, film makers do not stop featuring women in highly reveling outfits, singing and dancing in indecent manners in item numbers in their films. 

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