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27 December 2012

Gang Rape in Delhi, India: Indian government disrupts protest using water cannons, teargas shots and lathi charge

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Indian government has used Delhi police to disrupt the people’s movements and peaceful protest of youth activists demanding Death sentence for the culprits of the gang rape and removal of the Delhi Police Commissioner. It is claimed by some of the TV channels that before the police action some aggressive activists of rival students union intruded into the huge crowd of the peaceful agitators. These intruders along with some antisocial elements turned the peaceful agitation into crowd violence.  

The Delhi Police took advantage of this violent turn of the agitators and started using force to disrupt the agitation.  The police used lathi charge (beating the agitators with sticks), opening water cannons on the boys and girls in extremely cold weather and forcefully evacuated the young agitators out of the India gate area. 

This forceful undemocratic action was taken by the Congress lead central (federal) Government, nevertheless, the Congress Government of Delhi state openly opposed this action of Delhi Police and the Delhi Chief Minister demanded immediate removal of the Delhi Police Commissioner. The Delhi Chief Minister, of course, supported similar lathi charge on the youth activists when they tried to march towards her residence for meeting her on the previous day. 

Meanwhile, the agitators assembled at the residence of Sonia Gandhi (leader of the UPA coalition government at the center) who promised them to bring suitable legislation for amendment in the constitution and make stringent law in order to create deterrent against such heinous rape crimes.  

On the following day the Indian Prime Minister telecasted a 5 minute message to the nation appealing to all sections of the society to maintain peace and help the government in their efforts. He assured the nation for making all possible efforts to ensure security and safety to all women in this country. The PM readout a five minute address, written in a common official language and lacked the expected feelings, sympathy and compassion suiting to the highly emotional environment across the country.

By the hasty police action the Indian government has landed itself in an unprecedented critical situation when the Congress in particular is passing through its lowest profile. This undemocratic blunder resulted in confusion across various segments of the governance like political circle, Ministry of Home Affairs, Delhi Police and the concerned hospitals were the victim was admitted.

The Delhi Police:

In addition to the above one more controversy surfaced when Delhi Police booked 6-7 youth activists on the charges of murder of a police constable who died at the place of agitation out of cardiac arrest. Nevertheless, the arrested young men were released on bail on the next day. 

The police claimed that the police constable got the fatal heart attack after serious injuries on his chest, stomach and neck. The police stated that these claims were based on the postmortem reports. However, the medical superintendent of the hospital where the constable was admitted for treatment has given different observation. He stated that the constable had a severe heart attack and he did not inflicted with any serious internal or external injuries. 

The police then cremated the body of the constable on the next morning putting a final stop on the case and any possibilities of repeat postmortem for conformation of correctness of the first postmortem report, if any. 

The victim:

Meanwhile the gang rape victim was struggling for survival in the hospital and was undergoing multiple surgeries, hi-tech tests and most advanced medications. In spite of all that treatment the victim of inhuman deadly multiple rapes, cruel beatings, injuries to her vital organs and slitting allover her body by the rapists continued to hang between life and death. She continued to be admitted in the ICU throughout her stay in the Indian hospital. 

One fine morning, the Indian government shifted the rape victim from the Indian Hospital in New Delhi to the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore. It is believed that the victim’s certain vital organ was malfunctioning and a major portion of her intestine was removed in the Indian hospital; eventually,   she was shifted to Singapore for multiple organ transplant surgeries. 

This gang rape case is going to be recorded in Indian history books for the brutal sexual assault and murderous attack on the helpless victim. It will also be remembered for the peculiar behavior of the Indian Government and Delhi Police. 

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