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15 January 2013

Addicted Rapist-Killer Rapes and Kills another 9 Year Girl In Shirdi After Having Released From Jail

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Sunil alias Pappu Suresh Salve, 32 kidnapped a 9 year old girl on December 28 2012. He raped and killed the girl near Sainagar railway station in Shirdi and subsequently buried her body in earth. The police unearthed the girl's body after his arrest on 4 January 2013 for conducting postmortem and and initiating criminal case against Salve. 

The 32-year-old rapist and killer was acquitted last year by a higher court from charges of rape and murder of a nine-year-old girl at Sinnar in Nashik district in 2003. He was again arrested on Friday for committing a similar crime.  The rapist and killer, Sunil alias Pappu Suresh Salve, was arrested in 2002 for committing three more similar crimes. 

In the 2003 Sinnar case, Salve, who is from Nashik, was awarded death sentence by Nashik district court. Nevertheless , he was subsequently acquitted of his alleged crimes by a higher court. After completing his sentence in earlier cases he was released from Nashik central jail on May 28, 2012 after which he committed the latest similar crime.

After the gruesome gang rape and heinous massacre of a 23 year girl in Delhi, many rape and murder cases are coming to light every day. It appears as if Indian cities, town and villages are apparently unsafe for girls and women.  The most shameful aspect of this scenario is that little girls in the age group between 3 years to 13 years are most affected.

The following points come to our mind on giving serious thinking to this inhuman, cruel and barbaric attitude of us Indians towards our children:
  1. A 30 year married man, who lives in the holy city of Shirdi, selling religious pictures in the shrine, cannot be trusted against child abuses, rapes and murders of small girls.  
  2. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena MNS’s allegation that immigrants from northern states like Bihar are indulged in such sex-crimes is absolutely wrong, because, Sunil alias Pappu Suresh Salve is initially a native of Maharashtra. 
  3. Such sex crimes are more likely to be committed by natives of the particular place. 
  4. Migrants from other villages, towns, cities, metros or states cannot dare to commit such sex crimes in strange places.  
  5. Usually joint-family members, relatives, family-friends and neighbors are more likely to commit such sex crimes. 
  6. 3 to 13 year girls are the main victims of the rapists cum killers because these girls are soft targets that are easily accessible.
  7. Small girls obviously do not know anything about whatever is done to them by the rapist until they feel hurt and pained physically.
  8. Small girls can be easily lured by offering eatables or with emotional blackmail. 
The following precautionary measure may be taken to avoid cases of child-abuse and such sex-crimes against small children: 
  1. Keep your children in front of your eyes as long as possible.
  2. Do not let any outsider develop proximity with your children especially girls.
  3. Never leave your children unattended or alone in your house or out there on the streets.
  4. Instruct your children not to let anybody touch their body. 
  5. Children should know that the most forbidden portion of their bodies is between their knees and shoulders. 
  6. The children should shout in their highest pitch if someone attempts to touch or fiddle with the above forbidden portion of their bodies.
  7. Children should never hide anything abnormal, happened in their day-to-day lives from their parents,.
  8. Children should not develop friendship with anybody older than them in age or built.   
  9. Children should inform their parents immediately if someone starts taking extra interest in them. 
  10. Parents should never leave their children under the care of servants, neighbors, relatives or babysitters. 
  11. Parents should be careful in selecting dresses for their small girls. 
  12. Children should not wear dresses designed like film stars, models and stage performers. 
  13. Women activists should not make hue-and-cry if social thinkers advise girls to dress up in decent outfits. 
  14. Women activists should stop unilateral onslaughts against men and society and at the same time rubbishing every single reformatory advice suggested for girls and women.  
  15. We will have to bring overall reformatory changes in civic life and governance with an open mine and without any bias and prejudice in order to stop child-abuse, rapes and killings of girls. 

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