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27 January 2013

Editor’s Page: Comments Of Anonymous Visitors to Discover Life Site Are Filtered to ‘Spam Folder’ By Security Software

Dear Visitors,

Yesterday morning I was just updating my site ‘Discover Life’; doing some editing, corrections and removing digital trash as a regular exercise. I also checked the comments section in the dash board just to see whether any comments have been held back by the security software of the site. 

To my surprise I found that there were approximately 300 odd comments of anonymous visitors, out of the total 616, docked in the ‘Spam’ folder. On scrutinizing the blocked comments, I found that all those comments were genuine messages left by the visitors and not spams.

Now I have removed 'Spam' tags from all the blocked comments and started replying each comment one by one. I am working overtime for acknowledging and replying messages posted by all the 300 odd anonymous visitors to 'Discover Life' Site. 

I would like to express my regrets for not regularly checking the ‘Spam’ folder in the ‘Comments’ section, as a result of which the valuable comments of the visitors were blocked on ‘Discover Life’ Site. 

I request all my visitors to keep visiting ‘Discover Life’ site, more frequently and leave comments… as many as possible. 

I assure the visitors that their comments will not be blocked any more.

Thanks indeed.

Harish Jharia
Discover Life
27 January 2013


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