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25 January 2012

Discover Life Wishes: Happy Republic Day 2012

Discover Life Wishes: 
Happy Republic Day 2012...

India got independence from British rule 
and a new sovereign nation India was born on 15 August 1947
within three years of its independence
the newly independent India enforced its constitution
and became a truly sovereign state on 26th January 1950

Today is the 63rd Republic day of India 
It is the most important national festival for us Indians
it’s a day when we should go for serious resolutions
swearing to do something worthwhile
something different from the monotonous deeds
as politicians and celebrities did
for more than six decades

eradicating poverty
providing food to everyone
ensuring safety to daughters
promising security to mothers
extending supports to fathers
justice to helpless victims 
guarding our territories
eliminating terrorists
removing corruption 
safeguarding the public money

and showing the bright beams of light
and fresh breeze of new environment
a new real independent India
a new real savarin republic
to the ever exploited people of India

Swearing to do something worthwhile

© Harish Jharia                             


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