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10 April 2012

Crazy ideas: How to wipe body after bath without slipping our palms over towel

Towel wipes the body with ease in the beginning

© Harish Jharia 

Wiping body with towel is a daily routine; yet, there a couple of effective ways of using the towel, that we do not know or miss to follow. We just manage to wipe our body with a towel as fast as possible and come out of the bathroom in fresh air. 

I always wonder about the behavior of my towel whenever I wipe my body after bath. The towel wipes the body with ease in the beginning. But, thereafter it starts sticking to the skin, my palms slip over it and I have to clutch the towel with my fingers to move it over the surface of my body.  

In fact in the beginning of the wiping process our skin and palms both are equally moist after the bath. But the palms get dry by the time we finish wiping our head, hands and torso. And when we wipe our lower half of our body, especially legs… the palms get completely dried by then; whereas the skin of our legs remains profusely wet. Resultantly, the towel sticks to the skin and we need to clutch the towel and rub it on the legs. 


Before starting wiping our legs… we should move our palms on the wet surface of our remaining body and drench our palms. We may even drench your palms with tap water available in the bathroom.

Eventually, we would be able to wipe the wet body with towel without slipping our palms or clutching the towel with fingers.  

Mothers might have faced the same problems while wiping their children’s wet bodies with dry hands. They may also drench their hands before this.


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