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02 February 2013

Kamal Hasan's Mega budget film on global terrorism 'Vishwaroopam' released across the world except in Tamilnadu State of India:

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Vishwaroopam is a 2013 Indian spy thriller film written, directed and co-produced by Kamal Haasan with his brother Chandra Hasan. The lead tole has been played by Kamal Hasan that also has Pooja Kumar, Rahul Bose, Andrea  Jeremiah and Jaideep Ahlawat in supporting roles. Vishvaroopam has also been made simultaneously in Hindi with the title Vishwaroop.  The music of Vishvaroopam has been composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, with lyrics written by Vairamuthu and Haasan himself while Javed Akhtar translated them for the Hindi version.

Vishwaroopam is the first Indian film and second film worldwide after Red Tails (2012), to using the latest hi-tech Auro 3D sound technology. 

(Auro-3D is a revolutionary means of delivering audio that wraps you in a cocoon of life-like sound. For the first time, you will experience the sensation of sounds coming from around as well as above you.)

The film has been released on 25 January 2013 worldwide (except in Tamil Nadu). It is reported that some Tamil Muslim groups have protested against the reported portrayal of Islamic terrorist outfits like Al Qaida in the film.  Subsequently, the Tamilnadu government imposed ban on its release. 

Subsequently, Kamal Hasan has criticized the government for their unjustified ban, without watching the movie. Many film fraternities from Bollywood and the Central Board of Film Certification have come out openly in criticizing the Tamilnadu government’s undemocratic ban on Vishvaroopam in spite of having certified as ‘fit for screening in Indian cinema theaters’ by the Indian Censor Board.  

Story of Vishvaroopam:

The story (as understood from the information collected from internet) of Vishvaroopam has been set in the Unite States, where a nuclear Oncologist Nirupama, (played by Pooja Kumar) consults a psychiatrist about her tough relationships with her husband, Viswanath (played by Kamal Haasan). 

Nirupama’s husband Vishvanath is a Kathak dancer by profession. In fact she married to Vishvnath with a dedicated aim of getting immigrated to the US and gear up her career in nuclear science. 

Meanwhile, after marrying Vishvnath and shifting to the US, she starts developing romantic relations with her boss Omar, (played by Rahul Bose). In fact, Omar is a terrorist having strong links with Al-Qaida, having deadly terrorist plans against the United. 

The story moves on with the love triangle of Nirupama, Omar and Vishwanath in the backdrop of an international terrorist network and a determined fight against the global threat against humanity.  

What is the justification for banning the movie?

The following points come in our mind in response to this question:
  1. State government’s ban is not justified when the movie has been certified by the Central Board of Film Certification as ‘suitable for public viewing’ in India. 
  2. This point cannot be discussed here anymore because the case is under consideration in  the court of law. 
  3. It is hard to understand as to how the Muslim organizations came to know about the anti-Muslim shots and dialogues in the film without watching the movie. 
  4. The Tamilnadu Chief Minister mentioned about a dialogue, in the film, expressing possibilities of the opposition leader Karunanidhi becoming the Prime Minister of India. This political crossfire might have prompted the ruling party politicians to oppose the movie Vishvaroopam. 
  5. Indian Muslims and the Muslims across the world neither support the terrorist organizations like Al-Qaida, nor do they like to be parts of them. The reason behind this is that the followers of all the religions are attacked and killed by Islamic terrorists, including innocent Muslims.
  6. This is a coincidence that the global terrorist organizations are dominated by Islamic radicals. That doesn’t mean that the world is looking with suspicion at Muslims in general. 
  7. It has been proved that Afghanistan was dominated and governed by Terrorist organizations headed by Osama Bin Laden. The common people of Afghanistan were prisoners in their own country. They were exploited, killed and molested by the dominating radical groups.

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