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18 August 2013

Film Riew Chennai Express - Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone starrer comedy thriller

‘Channai Express’ film has broken all the records of Bollywood box-office? To know why, read this film review wherein an analytic study of this film has been presented.

- Harish Jharia 
Rating:  8/10

Chennai express is a comedy action thriller, starring Shahrukh Khan SRK and Deepika Padukone. It is produced by Gauri Khan, Ronnie Screwvala and Siddharth Roy Kapur. The credit for the success of this excellent creation goes to its director Rohit Shetty and the editor Steven H Bernard who eventually made a nonstop bonanza of multiple movie frames, filled with high voltage absolute entertainment. The next credit goes to its cinematographer Dudley who recreated the vibrant colors of nature, unbelievable bird’s-eye-views and breathtaking action shots on the silver screen. In all, it is a ‘complete in all respect’ film that is going to be written in the Indian film history with golden letters. 


Rahul (Sahrukh Khan) is the grandson of a millionaire confectioner (Lekh Tandon). Rahul is a vagabond and remained a bachelor until 40 years of age because of consistent interruption in his affairs by his grandfather. The real film takes off with the death of his grandfather. He was assigned with the task to immerse his grandfather’s mortal remains in the waters of Indian Ocean at the southern tip of Indian peninsula at Rameshwaram. 

Rahul, along with his rogue friends planned to immerse the mortal remains at the shores of Arabian Sea at Goa, rather than going all the way to Rameshwaram. Nevertheless, Rahul had to change the rout to Goa because his grandmother decides to see him off at the railway station.  He buys a ticket and boards a train to Chennai after taking leave of his grandmother. He alighted from the train at the next station where his friends were waiting for him for onward pleasure drive to Goa. 

At the time of leaving the train, Rahul forgot to pick up the urn containing mortal remains of his grandfather and reached to his friends. On noticing his mistake he rushed back to his couch, picked up the urn and tried to leave the compartment. By that time the train started moving and he saw that a girl Meena was running on the platform to catch-up with the train and climb to board it. Rahul helped her in boarding the train followed by helping a gang of her kidnappers. 

Rahul and Meena along with her kidnappers went ahead on the train Chennai Express’. The film moves on with fast and multiple twists and turns in the story, keeping the viewers glued to the screen. I would like to leave the story here for the readers to watch the film and enjoy the humor and thrill.  


My first comment about this movie is that it is a neat and clean Bollywood film. There were many shots portraying hi-voltage interactions between the gangsters and the lead characters, where the common Hindi Bollywood abuses like ‘kutte’, ‘kamine’ were in fact expected to be spoken. But, to the surprise of everyone, no abuses or vulgar talks were found anywhere in the movie. 

The visual parts of the film are also kept neat and clean with no vulgar shots or scenes shown on the screen that would have embarrassed parent viewers to watch it along with their toddlers. Rohit Shetty has even changed the definition of ‘item number’ by presenting a graceful item by Priyamani as dancer. 

By watching this movie, it is proved that another blockbuster Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s ‘Bhag Milka Bhag’ could also have been made without the prolonged kissing scene between Farhan Akhtar and Rebecca Breeds. That would have saved the parent viewers from an abrupt embarrassment they were slapped with, while watching the movie with their kids. 

Shahrukh Khan was superb in this movie unlike his performance in ‘My name is Khan’; wherein he looked uncomfortable with the character he was playing. Nevertheless, in Chennai Express SRK has completely merged with his character and his own persona hardly overshadowed the character of Rahul. Yet, at a couple of shots he looked overacting when he displayed his trademark posture of bending back with outstretched hands. He should definitely have averted to do so; because, that act did not match with Rahul’s character in he film at all. 

Deepika Padukone has portrayed the character of Meena, the daughter of a local Don (Sathyaraj). Her performance is excellent who dominated the movie along with Shahrukh Khan whom she marries at the climax of the film. All other characters have been overshadowed by Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. 

Deepika Padukone - Meena
Shahrukh Khan - Rahul
Sathyaraj - Meena's Father
Nikitin Dheer - Proposed groom for Meena
Kamini Kaushal - Rahul's Grandmother
Lekh Tandon - Rahul's Grandfather
Priyamani - item number 
Directed by: Rohit Shetty
Produced by: Gauri Khan, Ronnie Screwvala, Siddharth Roy Kapur
Screenplay by: Yunus Sajawal
Story by: K. Subaash
Music by: Vishal–Shekhar
Cinematography: Dudley
Editing by: Steven H. Bernard

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