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02 November 2013

How to remove hard water stains from bathroom fittings

- Harish Jharia

Photo by Harish Jharia: 
Sparkling clean tap after applying this procedure...

Hard water stains are also called lime scales. They are chalky white mineral deposits left behind, after evaporation of hard water drops from the surfaces of bathroom fittings like showers, faucets and taps etc. These stains are so strongly adhered to the surface of the fittings, that they cannot be removed by normal washing by soaps and detergents.

Hard water stains can only be cleaned with specific cleaning agents and of course by following an easy procedure. Bathroom fittings should be regularly cleaned at frequent intervals where there is hard water supplied to the bathrooms. Otherwise, the thin films of lime stains will develop into thick hard scales of the mineral deposits. These thick scales are very difficult to be removed and will also deteriorate the surface of the fittings. 

Here is a simple and easy way to remove hard water stains from bathroom fittings with the help of tools and material available at home. 

Materials and tools required:
  1. White Vinegar
  2. Dish cleaning powder (like Vim)
  3. Round brush or old toothbrush or sponge 
  1. Take some dish cleaning powder and mix equal quantity of white vinegar to make a thick solution
  2. Immediately after making the solution, smear the same generously on the surface of the bathroom fitting, with the help of brush / sponge, covering it with a thick layer of the solution.
  3. Leave it for about 5 minutes
  4. Then rub it gently with the brush or sponge thoroughly, adding additional cleaning solution
  5. Rinse the fitting thoroughly with normal water … You will get a sparkling clean surface 


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