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18 August 2009

How to have a pimple-less face…?

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Pimples that are also called acne are found on the faces of youngsters who have oily face. On the other hand, the boys and girls who have dry skinned faces do not have pimples. The oozing natural body oil deposits over the face-skin and clogs the sweat glands, entrapping inside foreign particles like dirt and microorganisms. This mess-up results in formation of inflamed pimples that subsequently form pus and later end-up in white / black heads.

One of my friends used to say about the amount of oil oozing out of his oily skin that “look, you can make an omelet with this much of oil”. Such people suffer with severest type of red big pimples all over their faces.

There might be some exceptional cases where such skin ailments do not depend on oiliness of their face. The reasons of those cases happen to be some other skin diseases.

How do pimples form and spread

Deposition of excessive oil on the skin of your face block the sweat pores and while blocking the pores some foreign particles like dust, dirt, sweat etc are trapped along with micro-organisms underneath. These microorganisms and dirt result in inflammations and pimples. They subsequently they form pus inside the boil that later bursts and spread the infection wherever the discharge spreads.

What are the ways to prevent pimples

We have to check the formation of pimples at its root-cause that is deposition of skin oil on the surface of our face. And that is as simple as our daily routine Just wash your face with a mild soap or a good face wash for 2 to 3 times a day and most essentially two times; firstly in the morning you when you wakeup and secondly at the time of your going to bed.

What medication / makeup should be applied

You have to be extremely careful in selecting cosmetics for your face because of the oily skin you have on your face. However you may consider the following points:
  1. Calamine is considered one of the best medicines for skin problems. There are many compositions of Calamine available over the counter as cosmetics for application on face as well as foundation for makeup. Recently a composition of Calamine with Aloe Vera has also been launched in the market.
  2. Soft moisturizers are only will do for oily faces. You should avoid any other cosmetics, as that will accelerate oozing of fatty oils from your skin. 
  3. Blood purifiers (Ayurvedic or Unani) will not work on pimples because pimples are superficial inflammation / infection (surface ailment) and are not anything deep-rooted problem due to impurity of blood. Blood purifiers are not for pimples.
  4. Diet regime has to be followed by the people who have oily skin and pimples. Do not eat saturated fats, sweets, deep fried food, fast / junk food, spicy food, red meat etc. They should drink lots of water; eat fresh fruits, salads of fresh green vegetables with a fresh lemon juice squeezed. Drink ‘Neemboo-paani’ made of one glassful of filtered chilled water + sugar to taste and a pinch of table salt.
  5. Sleep and exercises are also essential for you. Have an 8hrs sound sleep and do 45min brisk running in the morning.
  6. Cleanliness: Keep your body, clothes and surroundings neat and clean

Homoeopathic Medicines :
  1. Heper Sulf- 200: Take 3 – 4 times a day will add to your benefits yet more.
  2. Merc Sol- 200: Take 3 – 4 times a day (if there is pus formation) followed by Heper Sulf, once pus formation stops.
All the very best for spotless, smooth & beautiful faces…



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