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12 July 2010

3-hour Rains in Delhi Resulted in 5 Hours of Traffic Jams and 11 Deaths:

Review of The News Item Published in The Times Of India: 

3-hour Rains in Delhi Resulted in 5 Hours of Traffic Jams and 11 Deaths:

Three hours of heavy rains in Delhi left 11 people dead and resulted in 5 hours of traffic jams, submerged roads with knee-deep water and traffic lights blinking. Hundreds of trees uprooted and rainwater entered right inside homes.

A sudden downpour began in central Delhi and subsequently spread towards east, south and north of the NCR. The city recorded 51.4mm rainfall and wind blowing at 82-90 kmph between 5.30pm to 8.30pm. 

Rains are natural calamities but the traffic jams and deaths of innocent citizens are not. They are the results of irresponsible attitude and carelessness of the civic authorities. Let us discuss about them in brief:

11 Deaths: 
As reported in the press these deaths have resulted out of electrocution of the victims when they came in contact with necked live electric wires left unattended on the roads by civic authorities. A couple victims died when high-tension live electric cables fell over them. All of these 11 deaths could have been avoided and the victims would not have been trapped in the deadly accidents had the civic authorities maintained the electric lines and kept them ‘safe’ for the people moving around in those public places. 

5-hour Traffic Jams:
Expect for a couple of incidents of uprooted trees and fallen branches on the roads the traffic jams that prolonged for full 5 hours in many parts of Delhi were due to stagnated water that inundated the roads above knee depth. At some places there were incidents of caving-in of roads as a result of widespread water clogging. 

This water clogging has simply resulted due to clogged drainage pipes that were laid for carrying rainwater to the main drainage system of the city. You may look at any drain ports provided at the sides of Delhi roads and you will find that they are blocked with garbage, soil and rocks. 

The civic authorities should come together and make sure that all the public utility systems are made up-to-date and subsequently maintained properly so that such stalemate can be avoided in the time to come.  


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