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21 February 2012

Crazy Ideas: Indian Bathrooms the Common Deathtrap for Senior Citizens

Colorful bathroom floors may turn fatal if we skid over them...

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In western countries the bathrooms in the residences are mostly dry-floored and some are even carpeted whereas in India and in other countries in the Indian subcontinent the houses are wet-floored. 

That means the water released from showers or after bucket-baths, eventually flows over the main floor of the bathrooms leaving it totally drenched, wet and slippery. Resultantly, the floor that is made of smooth tiles becomes highly skidding and dangerous for aged people. 

There are reports about senior citizens skidding in the bathroom floors and succumbing to the injuries. They, fracture their bones, inflict head injuries and in some cases die of cardiac arrests.

They slip or skid whenever they use the bathroom with barefoot. Nevertheless, such slippages or skidding can be easily avoided if they wear slippers or ‘chappals’ with rubber-sole,  because, rubber-soles will provide strong grip to the feet of the user on the slippery floor. 

However, these slippers should be well designed for fitting with the contours of the soles of the user's feet especially the toes, heels and the arches.  The feet of the users hold the entire weight of the users' bodies. It becomes more risky when the user has a heavy body of 70-80 kg or more. The user would skid if he loses balance of his / her body and does not have proper footwear with strong grip on the floor. Once the body starts falling it keeps falling on the slippery floor and and the entire incident happens within a fraction of a second. 

Therefore it is essential for the bathroom users especially the elderly people to keep wearing slippers with rubber-soles as long as they are in the bathrooms. 

Here is a suitable design of slippers / Chappals for the senior citizens:


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