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09 February 2012

Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh diagnosed malignant tumor near lung: Gone to US for treatment of this curable ailment

'Discover Life' wishes Yuvraj... "Get Well Soon..."

Based on a Times of India report 

- Harish Jharia 

Yuvraj had earlier been detected with a tumor between his left lung and heart, which has since been diagnosed as malignant. Yuvraj has been in the US since January 26, 2012, for chemotherapy at Cancer Research Institute, Boston on the malignant Tumor. 

Going by the line of treatment he is receiving, doctors here in India said that Yuvraj is likely suffering from a rare condition called lung seminoma, in which chances of recovery are more than 95%. This condition has no relations to excessive smoking or alcoholism. 

Family sources said Yuvi, who has made many comebacks into the Team India, is determined to overcome the disease and make a comeback again. They said the chemo sessions had begun and he is showing the side effects of this treatment. "He is showing common after-effects of the treatment like loss of appetite and nausea. He is anxious but also keen to fight the ailment," a family source said. 

Sources said BCCI would bear the expenses for Yuvraj's treatment in the US and his IPL franchisee, Sahara India, would release $1.8 million that the player would have received had played in the IPL this year. 

Nevertheless, the family considers all these matters as secondary issues at the moment. Before leaving for the US, Yuvraj's mother Shabnam Singh had told the press that, "For me, the health of my son is more important than his career in cricket at this stage." 

His father Yograj Singh said with prides that, "Yuvi is a 'sher' and all I can say is that he will make a comeback". 

Medical Marvels: Comeback Heroes 

Cancer is a disease that does not discriminate among the fit, the unfit, the skilled or the average. Yet, in sports there are some who have returned completely cured after treatments or surgery to and excelled in their field:   
  • Eric Abidal: The Barcelona left-back was diagnosed with liver tumor. He underwent immediate surgery. Just two-and-a-half months after undergoing a three-hour operation, the Frenchman recovered fully. 
  • Simon O' Donnell: Simon O' Donnell was celebrating Australia's first cricket World Cup win when he was diagnosed as non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He staged a remarkable recovery to return to the Australian one-day team. 
  • Dave Callahan: The South African cricketer's best moment of his international career came right after he recovered from testicular cancer. 

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