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23 June 2012

The First Bollywood Super Star Looking Frail: Rajesh Khanna Admitted To Leelavati Hospital, Mumbai

Rajesh Khanna 69, has been admitted to the Leelavati Hospital. He has become frail and looking older than his age. His manager has stated that he has stopped taking food for the last 3-4 days... 

It appears to us that he might be suffering from some serious complications in his liver, resulting in loss of appetite and missing the intake of food... Nevertheless, the Doctors of Leelavati Hospital know better about the real ailment and treatment for the only real super star in the history of Indian cinema...

Rajesh Khanna's estranged wife Dimple and their son-in-law actor Akshay kumar brought him to the balcony of his bungalow yesterday. Rajesh waved to the fans and showed victory sign with his fingers...

Rajesh Khanna’s fans would like to know about his treatment and progress in his health through regular health bulletins from the Leelavati Hospital PRO.

We wish him fast recovery and send ‘get well soon’ message to him…

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