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10 June 2012

Manglik Syndrome: Unconvincing Basis of Manglik Tag for Matrimonial Purpose

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There are many superstitious beliefs prevailing among Hindus across the world and ‘Manglik Syndrome’ is one of them. I earlier believed that Manglik Syndrome was only rampant among the Hindus living in India. Nevertheless, I recently received a message from a reader from United Kingdom, commenting on my article on the same subject published on this site ‘Discover Life’. The anonymous visitor has expressed anguish over the Manglik Syndrome that is also prevalent among Hindus migrated to other lands like US, UK and Europe. 

Manglik tag is attached to those Hindu boys and girls who are born on a specific date, time and place when planet mars (मंगल) sets in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house / zodiac sign / rashi (राशि) on their birth chart / janma kundli (जन्म कुंडली). Indian astrology claims that the Manglik people are born on inauspicious time and place and are dangerous for themselves and for those to whom they are married to. 

I have suspicions on this theory because the question of being Manglik comes only at the time of marriage of the Manglik person. The so-called Manglik people do not pose dangers to the people in their society, family and relations as long as they remain single. They are only believed to become dangerous once they are married to someone and after becoming spouses. This theory does not appear to be convincing. 

What are the houses / rashies (राशि) where the planets use to set-in?
The 12 Houses (राशि) in Indian astrology are the Locations of planets in the Sky / Zodiac. A house is an imaginary slot where the planets are positioned at different times during their journey in the sky (on their orbits across the space....?).  

For calculating the houses (राशि), with respect to a particular point on the earth surface at a particular date and time, the 360 degree sky / Zodiac is equally divided into 12 houses of 30 degrees each across the earth surface (flat and horizontal). 

In the Hindu system of astrology, each house from the 1st house to 12th house is represented by a specific zodiac sign called Raashi (राशि). These 12 zodiac signs, called 12 Raashis (राशि) are considered for making birth charts / janma kundalis (जन्म कुंडली). These houses / raashis (राशि) have seven celestial bodies as their ruling planets (including Sun and Moon). All these 7 celestial bodies viz Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn (including Sun and Moon) are called planets in Hindu astrology. 

The 12 houses are calculated / drawn relatively for a particular person born at a particular time and place on earth. Accordingly, for that particular person the relative position of the above 7 planets in each of the 12 houses / rashies (राशि) are also calculated. That is the reason why Date of birth, time of birth, time-zone and place of birth (latitude and longitude of the place of birth) are considered for generating birth charts / janma kundalis (जन्म कुंडली).

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The Manglik character of a person is identified from the presence of Mars (मंगल) in one or more of the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses / zodiac signs / rashies (राशि). The severity of the Manglik syndrome मंगल दोष is calculated arbitrarily considering the character and nature of that particular house, the planet present at that moment and of course on the number of houses where planet Mars is present simultaneously. 

Brief description of various houses / zodiac signs / rashies (राशि) is furnished as follows: 

Note: You will find red entries under the following houses राशि where the presence of Mars मंगल  will attach Manglik Syndrome मांगलिक दोष to the person born under that constellation of planets and stars.  

1st House (मेष / Aries): 
Represents SELF of the person that includes appearance, nature, personality, reputation and status. 
In Vedic astrology this is considered as an important house and called lagna /ascendant (उदीयमान). This is the house out of which the physical characters like looks, health, physical structure, complexions of the individual are predicted.
Manglik Syndrome: Indian astrologers claim that a person is attached with a Manglik tag if planet mars sets in this house at the date, time and place of his / her birth.

2nd House (वृषभ / Venus): 
Represents PROPERTIES that includes wealth, livelihood, professional position, possession of precious stones & metals, money in cash, earning capacity etc.
This house is considered as the house of wealth. This house denotes predictions about the financial status like profits, gains, wealth, properties resources about the individual.

3rd House (मिथुन / Gemini):
Represents brothers & sisters.
This house is known as the house of courage and siblings in Vedic astrology. Fortune readers predict about the mental strength, intellect and courage to attain goals. It is also believed to give information about brothers and sisters of individuals.

4th House (कर्क / Cancer):
Represents MOTHER that includes upbringing, basic education, domestic peace, righteous conduct, country of birth etc.
This house is considered house of the mother. Astrologers predict about the characteristics, like behavior, nature, culture, temperament and mental health related or inherited from mother. 
Manglik Syndrome: Indian astrologers claim that a person is attached with a Manglik tag if planet mars sets in this house at the date, time and place of his / her birth.

5th House (सिंह / Leo):
Represents INTELLIGENCE that includes intellectual & mental talents, memory etc.
This house is about education, career and struggle for progress in the life of an individual. By analyzing this house the fortune tellers calculate about the academics, education and performance in interviews and competition by the individual. 

6th House: (कन्या / Virgo):
Represents ENEMIES that includes all negative aspects like theft, fear, doubt, diseases, worries, weaknesses, debts, enemies, competitors etc.
This house is called house of enemies and diseases and also called ‘ripu sthanam’ means ‘the place of enemies’. In Vedic astrology, predictions about enemies, diseases, losses, debts etc are made out of the constellation in the 6th house.

7th House: (तुला / Libra):
Represents MARRIAGE that includes spouse, fertility etc.
This house is also called JAAYA STHAN means house of marriage and reproduction. Predictions about marriage, children, legal bondage and all about soul-mates are made by studying the position of planets in this house.
Manglik Syndrome: Indian astrologers claim that a person is attached with a Manglik tag if planet mars sets in this house at the date, time and place of his / her birth.

8th House: (वृश्चिक / Scorpio):
Represents DEATH
This house is called house of death, longevity and accidents. Predictions about the span of life, inheritance, accidents, criminal cases, suicides, fire, delays and other negative aspects in life are calculated from the position of planets in this house.
Manglik Syndrome: Indian astrologers claim that a person is attached with a Manglik tag if planet mars sets in this house at the date, time and place of his / her birth.

9th House: (धनु / Dhanus):
Represents SPIRITUALITY that includes spiritual learning , religious inclinations, meditations etc.
This house is also called ‘house of faith and fortune’. In Vedic astrology religious and spiritual qualities like faith, wisdom, spirituality, yoga, charity etc are predicted by studying the constellation of planets in this house. 

10th House: (मकर / Capricorn):
Represents PROFESSION it includes power, fame, honor, authority etc. 
Predictions about profession, dignity, honor, job promotion, business, success, political power, ranking through this house high posts li post of presidents , prime minister can be seen through this house .

11th House: (कुम्भ / Aquarius)
Represents PROFIT that includes prosperity, gains etc.
This house tells about income and achievements in life, friends, society, gains, wealth, elder brothers, prosperity, illness, success. 

12th House:  (मीन / Pisces)
Represents EXPENDITURE it includes expenses, loses, loss of life etc. 
Fortune tellers predict for losses, expanses, misfortune, sorrows, sins, enemies, unlawful affairs, insults, court cases etc out of the constellation of planets in this house.
Manglik Syndrome: Indian astrologers claim that a person is attached with a Manglik tag if planet mars sets in this house at the date, time and place of his / her birth.

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