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06 November 2012

Single Unit Electric Geyser (Electrical Water Storage Heater): Used in Indian Subcontinent and Asian Countries…

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Wide range of ISI marked storage water heaters are manufactured in India and used by Indian consumers in their day-to-day life. ISI is a standardization mark allotted by The Bureau of Indian Standards for its quality, reliability and safety. 

In western world central heating system is used for heating water and supplying warm water to different parts of houses, factories and offices from a centralized water heating plant. On the other hand single unit of water heaters are installed in India for the same purpose because, expect in the Himalayan hilly areas, the temperature does not go below 0 degree Celsius and the duration of winters extends between 40days to 90days. 

Single unit water heater can be used on "as required"  basis for saving electricity and using it only at places and times where and when they are required. Rest of the water heating units can be kept put-off when they are not required.   

These water heater are available in many sizes and capacities like of 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 25, 35, 50 liters. High capacity units like 100 liters & above can be manufactured on special orders. Manufacturers / dealers offer these water heaters in various colors and models. 

Some of the features of single unit electrical water heaters are as follows: 
  1. Metal or Plastic outer body: Plastic / Fiber Glass body lasts longer whereas metal body has a shorter life as it perishes as a result of rusting and physical damages.
  2. Copper or Steel inner tank: In high rise building of 10 floors or more, the water pressure in lower floors is extremely high as compared to the water pressure in the top floors. Water heaters fitted with Copper tanks should be used where there is high water pressure. Metal tanks are suitable for normal water pressure and will develop cracks when water at high pressure is heated inside the tank
  3. Pressure Valves: In addition to Copper tanks the water heaters used under high water pressure should also be provided with additional safety device called ‘Pressure Valves’, obviously for reducing the water pressure before its entry inside the tank.  the
  4. Heating Element: Heating element is fitted inside the water tank and connected to power. The element gets heated when connected to electric power.
  5. Thermostat: Thermostat is fitted on water heater for controlling temperature of water at which it should be heated. The maximum temperature range provided on thermostat is 65 degree Celsius. We should make it sure that the maximum temperature of 55 degree Celsius should be adjusted at the time of installation. This temperature suits to the synthetic hose pipes and washers used in the valves and taps. At higher water temperature these components and other synthetic accessories in the pipeline will perish faster. 
Why do Single Unit Electric Geysers blast: Deadly accidents my take place if proper care/precautions are not taken...

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