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09 November 2012

Use Switch-Less 5 Amp Wall Sockets: Suitable For Cordless Telephones, Laptops, PSPs, Computers and Other Delicate Electronic Appliances…

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 I had a bad experience with electric wall sockets when I used them for operating cordless telephones. I have been using cordless phones for almost last 12 years since the days this appliance entered the Indian markets. I usually had problems with the adapters that are used for specified power supply from the house wiring to the base units of cordless phones. These adapters are meant for converting 250 Volts electric supply to the specified input voltage of 6 Volts or 9 Volts, depending on the capacity of the particular base units or the charging cradles for cordless phones.

I had mainly two problems with the wall sockets at my home. The first one was the poor longevity of the adapters that used to breakdown within months. The second problem was the interference in the wireless reception as there was audio interference while talking on the phone.

I have recently experienced that these two problems were due to the switches provided with the wall sockets at which I used to connect the base units and chargers of the cordless phones. It is known to most of us that that whenever an electric switch is operated like putting it on or off a spark is generated at the time of each operation that results into many problems like sudden voltage upsurge and interference in radio frequencies. These are the two reasons that result in breakdown of adapters and disturbance in audio output that affect the quality of voice heard on the cordless phones.

Eventually I removed switches from all the 5 Amp wall sockets and connected the base unit of my cordless phone to one of the switch-less wall sockets. Now my new cordless phone is working fine with the new configuration, giving crystal clear audio output and prolonged life to the adapter.

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