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23 June 2013

TV Review of Uttaran – how a Bengali family speaks UP dialect

Ichchha / Meethi (double role of Tina Dutta )

- Harish Jharia 

Story until now:

Uttaran is a story of a domestic maidservant Damini (Vaishali Thakkar) and her offspring Ichchha (Tina Dutta) who eventually transformed into the owners of the household where they were employed. Damini became the owner of a catering firm and Ichchha got married to a Bundela family. The story revolved around Ichchha who faced many adversities of her life and kept moving frequently from one place to the other. 

During one of her destinations, Ichchha happened to stay with a Bengali family of Chatterjees. In frequent turns of events Ichchha committed murder of Avinash Chatterjee who was a rogue and the only son of the Chatterjee family.  Avinash Chatterjee died leaving behind his wife Ekadashi Chatterjee (Krutika Desai) and a son who grownup into Akash Chatterjee (Mrunal Jain). These two characters appeared in the serial when the third generation began in the story and Ichchha’s daughter grew up into a young woman Meethi (double role of Tina Dutta ) . 

The story takes a dramatic turn when Akash Chatterjee (Mrunal Jain) fell in love with Meethi (double role of Tina Dutta as Ichchha and Meethi). At this juncture there are two lead families portrayed on the screen and they are Damini’s family and that of Ekadashi Chatterjee’s (Krutika Desai) Bengali family. 

Akash Chatterjee (Mrunal Jain) 

Observation and Review:

There is a serious fault in the story and that is the language spoken by the Chatterjee family. In spite of being a Bengali family the members of Chaterjee family speak a UP Hindi dialect rather than interacting in Bengali language. Bengalis basically feel pride in speaking in their own language ‘Bengali’. Therefore, it looks odd when a Chatterjee speaks a Hindi dialect like Bundeli, Awadhi or Braj Bhasha.

It appears that the makers of Utaran have resorted to use Hindi dialect with Chatterjees just to justify the aggressive attitude and revengeful cruel activities of that family. They might have used some twists in between the episodes; nevertheless, Chattejees speaking Hindi dialect like Bundeli, Awadhi or Braj Bhasha looks a dedicated attempt to hit higher TRP. 



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