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28 June 2013

What is normal Blood Pressure BP - depending on Age

- Harish Jharia 

Human blood pressure, commonly known as BP is an important characteristic that is invariably measured by doctors at the very first medical examination. There are two values that are measured and recorded at the time of measurement of blood pressure BP. They are Systolic BP and diastolic BP. 

Systolic pressure is the pressure at which the blood is pumped with the contraction of heart's ventricles for pushing-out the blood through the veins.  The diastolic pressure is the pressure of your blood when your heart is idle and not pumping out blood. 

The normal blood pressure BP of a healthy young human being is considered to be 120 / 80. That means the Systolic BP should be 120 and the Diastolic BP is expected to be 80. The scale of measurement of BP is mmHg that we are not going to discuss in this article. 

High blood pressure can result in damage to heart and other vital organs of human body, if left unattended. Therefore, monitoring of BP is essential for humans, especially after the age of 40 for detecting any health hazards well in advance and avert loss of life. 

Here are the approximate normal ranges of blood pressure BP* specified for different age groups:

Age 15 to 19: 105 / 73 min; 120 / 81 max
Ages 20 to 24: 108 / 75 min; 132 / 83 max
Age 25 to 29: 109 / 76 min; 133 / 84 max
Age 30 to 34: 110 / 77 min; 134 / 85 max
Age 35 to 39: 111 / 78 min; 135 / 86 max
Age 40 to 44: 112 / 79 min; 137 / 87 max
Age 45 to 49: 115 / 80 min; 139 / 88 max
Age 50 to 54: 116 / 81 min; 142 / 89 max
Age 55 to 59: 118 / 82 min; 144 / 90 max
Age 60 to 64: 121 / 83 min; 147 / 91 max

*(For BP monitoring only)

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- Harish Jharia

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