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15 February 2016

JNU becomes a traitors hub: some elements chanting anti-India slogans

By - Harish Jharia

9th and 10th February 2016 have been recorded as black days in the history of India as anti-India slogans were shouted in JNU and Delhi's Press Club of India like:
  1. "Bharat kii barbaadi tak Jang rahegi... jang rahegi"
  2. "Go back India"
  3. "Hindustan murdabad"
  4. "Pakistan zindabad"
  5. "Afzal Guru amar rahe"
  6. "Kashmir lekar rahenge"
  7. "Kashmir ki azadi tak... jang rahegi... jang rahegi"
  8. "Afzal ki hatya nahin sahenge"
  9. "Kitne Afzal maroge... Har ghar se Afzal Niklegaa"
  10. "Kashmir mange azadii... lad kar lenge azazdi"
  11. "Keral mange azadi"

1 comment:

  1. The reality is that Indian forces should stop their brutality in Jammu and Kashmir. They are killing innocent citizens, children and women alike which should be stopped otherwise they have to face such opposition.