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02 June 2016

Discover Life: The Most Beautiful And Heaviest Flying Bird: Great...

Discover Life: The Most Beautiful And Heaviest Flying Bird: Great...: © Harish Jharia

Indian folklore about the great Indian Bustard (Son Chiraiyya) सोन चिरैया:
I still remember my childhood days of early 50s when I used to hear about Son Chiraiyya in folk stories, folk songs and village life. I remember mothers crying at the time of their daughter’s departure after marriages and whispering the words “My Son Chiraiyya has fluttered away..!” (मेरी सोन चिरैया उड़ गई रे..!). Son Chiraiyya was extensively loved and remembered among common folks as well as in contemporary literature including novels, stories and poems. But, I never saw the bird in my life in its natural habitat. I, of course, had a chance to see this wonderful bird in the national zoo in Hyderabad... Read more... 

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