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01 December 2009

eNovel: Patthar Kii Ibaarat (Script of Stone): Opening Page

Patthar ki Ibaarat cropped

Exclusively written for “Discover Life”
Copyright © 2009 [Harish Jharia] All Rights Reserved

उपन्यास: पत्थर की इबारत : 
“Patthar kii Ibaarat” (Script of Stone)

© Harish Jharia
We usually discuss about human life. We strive to solve our day-today problems. We investigate and uncover secrets of the complex phenomenon of human nature. We scan our present days, we stir our future and turn back the pages of our past to reveal hidden treasures of our civilizations.

Yet, we just forget about the human life that survived for centuries, before the days recorded in our history books and religious scriptures.

Let us not ignore those prehistoric days when the human race learned to live a life that was different from their primitive days and that eventually laid-down the foundations for the civilization that we inherited.

Let us visualize the life, thinking, feelings, sufferings and struggle and the environment in those days well before the institution of religion came into being and the contemporary holy god-men discovered the entity of God the almighty in different divine ways at different places on this planet.

Come along, mount on-board the time machine and get navigated to the ages as far back as 2500 years from now...

उपन्यास: पत्थर की इबारत (eNovel: Script of Stone)
"Discover Life" पर पेश है यह उपन्यास जो सीरियल में प्रकाशित किया जा रहा है…
© हरीश झारिया
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