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14 January 2010

Winter Care for your skin:

Winter Care for your brilliant glowing skin: 

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We usually scare from winter for its chill that makes us shiver and ask for many additional commodities like heat convectors, central heating in cars, homes and in offices and the warm clothing that are too very costly and go out of fashion in the next season. Winters comes in our life with inflated bills from credit card banks, power supply agencies and last but not the least from doctors and their friendly associates like diagnostic centers and medical stores.
In addition to the above there are many other problems that can be solved and addressed without spending money or to the most with a negligible expense.  Yes, I am initiating talks on our skin care that does not need excessive money for maintaining brilliantly glowing skin and avoiding dry and scaly patched outer covering of our body.
Brilliant Glowing skin
Dry air:
The worst change that takes place in our environment is that the humidity in the atmosphere around us just vanishes with the onslaught of chilly winters. As the temperature dips down in the winters the relative humidity (RH) also diminishes drastically rendering the air completely dry.
We were taught in our school days that weather of any place depends on temperature and humidity in the atmosphere of that place. That means if we use our own commonsense we may live comfortably as long as the temperature of our place continues to remain at 30 deg C approx and the humidity (RH) at 60% to 70% approx.
During winters the temperature goes down from the ideal 30 deg C to 10 deg C and even less; whereas, the RH also goes down to 10% and 5% approx. this drastic change results in dry skins of humans in addition to dry throats  and dry bleeding nostrils. In addition to all that the sweat pores of our skin also close-down resulting into stoppage of the release of natural oil from our skin that keep our skin nourished, soft and smooth in normal weather conditions.
Cover Yourself
What to do for dry skin:
It is as simple as 2+2 = 4… that means id the skin has gone dry… just add moisture to it. Yes friends that are the remedies for dry skin. If you moisturize your skin your problem is solved by 50% and for the remaining 50% you need to provide nutrients for the skin. These two are the ways to address the skin care problems in winters.

Let us enlist the remedies for addressing the problems that are faced by our skin in the harsh, chilling dry winters. They are as follows:
For moisturizing the skin:
1.       Take warm water bath daily and let the skin absorb as much moisture as possible on regular basis
2.       Use humidifiers in your home or at your work place or alternatively keep water in wide shallow pans at various places in your house
3.       Spread we t towels in rooms on hangers for increasing the RH in air
4.       Use moisturizers immediately after bath and washing your face and hands
5.       Use full sleeved tops and cover your legs for protecting your skin from dry air
6.       Using hand gloves is a good idea for protecting your skins of your hands / palm backs
7.       keep most of the doors and windows of your home closed for conserving  the default indoor humidity initially present in your home
8.       drink as much water as you can for providing moisture from within your body
9.       Do not use excessive soap for bathing and washing your face
For nourishing the skin:
1.       By taking warm water bath your sweat pores will also open for the period your skin remains warm and release vital natural oils for nourishing your skin
2.       use proper skin nourishing lotions having vital nutrients like almond oil, cold cream, aloe Vera etc
3.       grandmother’s beauty tips applying milk or fresh cream is also effective
4.       massage your face skin with a good massage cream that will activate the sweat pores and rejuvenate the skin
5.       skin of rest of the body cab be massages with vegetable oils like, coconut oil, olive oil, groundnut oil etc
6.       body skin can be massaged and applied with body lotions available over the counters
7.       oils should be applied on the body immediately after bath when the skin still well before the moisture of the skin dries up and the sweat pores close down
8.       you get the maximum benefit from ‘facials’ in the winter season as you get the most needed nourishment for the skin
9.       It is better to use glycerin or cold cream soaps in winters

This article / Story / fiction is written based on my personal observations. My intention for publishing the same is to provide healthy reading and intellectual entertainment and not for educating the visitors. Names of people, societies, communities and description of faiths, beliefs, incidents are imaginary and fictitious. They have neither any relevance to the prevailing entities and traditions nor have any similarities with ongoing lifestyles, political ideologies and legal doctrines. The contents of this creative work has not been written with any intention to criticize, condemn or oppose anything what-so-ever present in reality in any country in the world. No literature or authentic books have been referred for writing the contents of this article. The visitors are advised not to refer the contents of this article for any research or testimony on scientific, geographical, political, civic, social or legal purposes. The visitors are further advised to consult relevant experts before adapting any information from this article. The author or the website are not responsible for any errors, mistakes, or omissions there in.
 - Harish Jharia

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