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15 January 2010

Is It Possible To Stop Graying Of Hair

Grey Hair

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The people having excessively thick / dense hair growth are usually more susceptible to early graying of their hair. Similarly, it is found that, the hairs of balding people with thin and scanty hair have ‘late and slow graying’ of their hair.

In some cases if you appear to have healthy, thick dense hair then chances of your balding are very rare; you don’t appear to lose hair if the above observations are any indications. Nevertheless early graying was expected in these cases.

It is a matter of disbelief that there is no medicine, hair-oil, other applications or therapies available in the world that can stop early-graying of our hair. It is better we should not waste our time, money and energy on any of such treatments that are not going to cure our ailment and initiate fresh growth of colored or black hair.

We should better resort to cosmetic coloring that has currently become fashion allover the world. We should not get tensed for this problem because this is genetic and cannot be termed anything like an ailment, deficiency or anything for which we need to feel depressed.

Let us get them colored and forget about it. In addition for controlling hair fall and proper maintenance of our hair we may follow the following guidelines:
  1. Don’t shampoo your hair frequently
  2. Don’t expose your hair to direct sunshine for prolonged periods
  3. Don’t expose your hair to dust storms for prolonged periods
  4. Wear cap in summers while venturing out in sun shine
  5. Don’t comb your hair carelessly and break them or uproot them
  6. Start combing with coarse comb first then go for fine comb
  7. Start combing at ends and then go towards the roots
  8. don’t experiment with different hair oils based on TV Ads
  9. Reduce the frequency of shampooing to maximum twice a week
  10. Apply conditioner after each shampoo and keep it for more than a minute before rinsing
  11. If you color your hair, then definitely use conditioner
  12. You must apply hair-oil on the previous night of the morning you plan to shampoo your hair
  13. Recommended hair oils are: Coconut oil, Almond oil, Amla oil, Olive oil.
  14. Apply lukewarm hair-oil on the hair roots and massage them with your fingertips in circular motion.
  15. Then apply oil to the entire length of your hair including the hair-ends
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