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15 January 2010

Children Fall In Bore Well Cavities

Why Children Fall In Bore Well Cavities:

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There have been many incidents of children falling in the deep cavities of bore wells under construction. Kids of the laborers, working on the sites, usually end up as the victims in most of the cases. In other cases children roaming along hoards of animals for grassing fall in these unattended bores. Such cases happen one after another, yet, neither the law enforcing authorities nor the people connected with the bore well projects take any remedial or precautionary measures in order to avoid recurrence of such deadly incidents. 

It appears as if everyone among authorities, common people like us from public and other social service NGOs wait for such incidents to happen for them to showoff their concern, sincerity, dedication and hard work by planning and implementing rescue operations. The media also do not waste time in reaching to the site and start telecasting live coverage of the rescue operations. We at our homes glue our eyes at the TV screens and follow the successive progress of the operations.


Such operations sometimes have happy conclusions whereas in some cases they end up in losses of lives of the victims. The entire activities by authorities, rescuers, media and the TV viewers meet an abrupt end when the activities at the site pack-up.  These incidents also happen and subsequently are forgotten by everyone including us.  The forget-it attitudes of all of us cap the assortment of problems closed to come out later when the lid is blown open.  

This is not the right way for dealing with the problems where the innocent lives are exposed to avoidable dangers just because of the negligence of the party who gets the bore-well drilled as well as the contractor who implements the drilling operations. Both of these two parties should be punished and the media should also cover the process of punishment for the public to learn lessons out of the legal proceedings. 

In addition, the local authorities should also be held responsible for such incidents and should be instructed to keep vigil on proper safety measures taken by the drilling contractor and the client in whose land the drilling is conducted. 

Before starting any bore-well drilling operations, some preparations should be made. The area around the spot for drilling a bore-well should be cordoned off before starting the operation and should be kept intact until the end of the operation and covering the cavity or fitting the motor-pumps and constructing the water outlet. There should be a clear display of warning for people to keep away from the site. 
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- Harish Jharia

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